Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey guys there is a new kid in town....Malaysian Mirror!!

A breath of much needed fresh air!

I was going through the blogsite and lo and behold I found a new site called Malaysian Mirror and you know what it is so refreshing and so upbeat.
A story on our First Lady Rosmah Mansor, in this new site, is being given a new perspective or a new angle. Finally Rosmah is portrayed as a progressive person rather than a man eater, murderer and many more negative adjectives about the wife of our Prime Minister. Read more here if you want.....
The other day in a cafe I was with Rocky (a friend, could be anybody) I overheard a group of somewhat middle age women talking about "Rosmah tu terok kesian Najib" , well I had to ask them whether they were referring to Rosmah Mansor and one very rich looking woman, obviously a parvenu, said "Yes!".
Then I asked whether anyone of them knows Rosmah personally or having a personal contact with her for them to come out with such a comment, and they all said, almost unanimously "No we have not!".
So I asked why are they attacking her as though they know her well, they said "actually we don't know, we are sorry if she is your friend". So I told them I do not know Rosmah personally and I can never said bad things about people that I do not know!
Rocky was kicking me hard under the table, because knowing me, he said, he was afraid I was going to tell them "old female goats" to go to hell. No Rocky I am not that bad, just piss off with people and their inability to think rationally.

Friday, June 26, 2009

US President Barack Obama phoned Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.



US President Barack Obama telephoned Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak tonight at his private residence at No 11 Langgak Duta and spoke for more than half an hour. Among others Obama praised Malaysia for being a progressive and modern Islamic country.

He said Obama praised Malaysia as an example of a modern and progressive country where the multi-religious and multi-ethnic make up has made Malaysia the envy of other countries with a similar make up, but living with brutal ethnic tension.

Obama also told Najib that the US wants Malaysia to play a pivotal role in trying to open up a meaningful dialogue between the US and Iran. "He wants Malaysia's help in persuading Iran and North Korea to adhere to the United Nations policy of non-proliferation in so far as nuclear technology is concerned,"said Najib.

Najib also said Obama has agreed to consider Malaysia's request to extradite the two Malaysian citizens detained in Guantanamo detention camp saying he would have to discuss the security repercussions with his security advisers.

On the US insistence that the two countries should now sign the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Najib told Obama more discussions were needed before any agreement or final decisions were to be made. To this Obama agreed.

Malaysia was also asked to play a major role in Afghanistan's recovery and Obama suggested Malaysia could help development in the much needed housing development sector. On the current world economic downturn, Najib told Obama that Malaysia would be able to ride the storm and inspite of it, Malaysia would show a positive economoic growth in the 4th quarter of this year's GDP.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My headline for this one is: What The Hell Is Happening To This Country!

Director of IT in the PM's Department, Puan Rosni (inset), on the left, Datin Che Mah, the mother, and Ikmal (inset) on the right.

I found this posting in a probably an Umno-friendly-website or may be it is not, but the story is interesting it is about a video u-tube that appeared in Malaysia depicting the wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak as a "monster" and a "black-magic dabbler" that was produced by, from what logic dictates, the brother of a woman by the name of Rosni bt Abdul Malek.

She is also believed to be the Director of Information Technology (IT) in the Prime Minister's Department??!! Then them morons in the PM's Department should initiate some house investigation to get to the bottom of this. Or even better, the Prime Minister himself should asked the woman to come forward to explain if it is true.

I sure would if somebody were to do this to my wife, and the least I could do is to call this woman and ask her "what he hell is wrong with your brother?!"

Well, Malaysia Instinct did write "given our new lead, we hope that Pn Rosni will be able to shed light on who and what are the objectives of the video concerned" read more here.

If it is true Rosni is the sister of Ikmal, the guy prominently featured in the video, she should be asked to explain what in the hell is her brother thinking when he produced the video. Just some explanation that is all?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and his paranoia!

rain·mak·er (rnmkr) - Its meaning below!
1. Informal One who is known for achieving excellent results in a profession or field, such as business or politics. (may I add: bullshitting)
2. One who is believed to be capable of producing rain, as through magical or ritual actions.

The definitions of the word Rainmaker above describe Bother Anwar Bin Ibrahim most aptly!
He wants, really wants, the whole world and Malaysians to believe that our Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is a murderer or being involved in a murder. He goes all out telling the international community and the international press spewing them with innuendo pre-supposition, and sometimes just plain outright lies and accusations about the country that he supposedly love and will die for, or at least that was what he said when he was an Umno big honco.

The only difference is he IS being charged for alleged crime against the natural order of things when someone accused him, AGAIN, for buggering. Well that is what sodomy is, buggering. But yet it is a known fact that Najib is not even being charged for any crime and that those accused of the murdere have been found guilty and sentenced!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim now hurled many accusations about how the judicial system of the country is corrupt and off, he said things like his forth coming court case is just a political ploy reeks with false evidence being introduced. This ploy, he claims, is design to get rid of him.

He also harps on his believe that that his upcoming court case where he is, again, being charged for sodomy, as a government conspiracy, when he claims that the so-called "medical experts" also said there was no sodomy being indicated when the accuser was examined and so on and so forth.

He also gives veiled threat that if he was jailed that it would incur the wrath of the rakyat, whom he believes are solidly behind him thus his sole supporters and that they will go on the street ala Tehran to demonstrate.

Why is it that he will want people to believe him when he made unfounded accusation against others, and that when it came to him he cries conspiracy?!

Yet when someone accused him of bribery he cries foul and sue the guy for RM100 million via a judicial system that he finds to be flawed and corrupt?!!!!. What the heck is this Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim I would want you to be found not guilty if you are not guilty, but you should have at least shut up until your case is up, and stop destroying the country with your rabble rousing!

I tell you what Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim if you are found not guilty I will publicly apologise to you, but if you are found guilty you have to suffer the consequence quietly like any other criminals, because personally I am fed up of your obsession with becoming the prime minister of this country when I know in my mind, yes in my mind and can only speak on my behalf as a Malay and a Malaysian, that you are not fit to be one!

So I sincerely bid you and your family good luck in your upcoming court case!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Malaysia has 90 days to comply with the US request...!

Chect out: for the reports!

Malaysia has ninety days to correct the problem faced by the country on human trafficking.
The United States government has placed Malaysia on a Tier 3 of its Trafficking in Persons blacklist. We are placed or lumped together with 16 other countries, including six newly listed African countries for being notoriously not doing really much to combat slavery and the scourge of human trafficking.

Sources at the US Embassy said there is a need for the Malaysian government to do more than just lip service in so far as combating human trafficking problem is concerned .

While acknowledging past efforts to combat the problem, reports that the US government received has placed Malaysia in jeopardy and has since inadvertently being lumped into the list of notorious countries involved in human slavery.

Sources who insisted on remaining anonymous said Malaysian authority cannot come out with press statement such as " we are doing all we can on human trafficking" but must be seen doing it".

"I has to be more than that. We know that there is money involved in such trafficking but to be a credible and respectable country we must also be able to be seen as a compassionate nation. What we read in the media about arrest and such is just the tip of the iceberg," added the sources.

It appears that the US government is bent on stamping out slavery and human trafficking as one of its priorities and being this country's biggest trading partner we must be aware that being blacklisted as a human trafficker country we also run the risk of being placed under US strict trade sanction and other sanctions on other bilateral agreement between the two countries.

The Third Tier placement on Malaysia was based on a report made between March 2008 and March 2009, before Najib Tun Razak became the country's sixth prime minister.

It was also learnt that the US government has forwarded a letter of request to Najib urging him to use his office to instruct relevant authorities and ministries to be more diligent in combating human trafficking in 90 days or forever we will be condemned!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If Umno is racist, then what about racist MCA, Gerakan, DAP and Chinese Educationist?!

Blast from the past, Najib flanked by Nazri Aziz and another Umno Youth member before entering TPCA

Lee Kim Sai told to be sacked, he must have done something really bad to multi-racial Malaysia, in fact I know he did and I support Umno for its stance on the issue!

Did anybody ever bother to ask why Umno Youth, or the Malays behave the way they did in 1987. It was triggered by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, who was a Minister of Education at that time, whose policy on the Chinese education issue where non-Malays were to teach at Chinese school on certain subject (correct me if I am wrong) which had led to a massive friction in the country that also led to a massive rally at a Chinese temple attended by all the CPM or Chinese Party of Malaysia -- that is MCA, DAP and Gerakan and the Chinese educationist??!!

During that meeting, the police have the transcript, you should hear what racist Lee Km Sai among them, who was MCA Youth leader (correct me again if I am wrong) had uttered so many racist remarks about the Malays and the Sultan and the whole Malay system.

Lee Kim Sai was equally racist and for that reason he was stripped of his Datukship. No racists remarks were started by gthe Malays it has always been started by the Chinese. Again the Malays can never started anything so despicable as to create chaos in the country, we must always remember this, and I challenge anyone to say that the Malays were always the one who started any racial sentiment that led to bigger problem.

So in the case of 1987 at the Chinese temple, what were they (Umno leaders to be specific) to do in view of racist remarks made about the Malays? But to hold another rally at TPCA, of course.

I am pretty sure it was Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who recommended the rally at TPCA when Najib took over as an acting Umno Youth leader.
My point is this, it was always Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who had caused all of these political commotions and upheavals that have led the country to be astrayed from its original aim, that is to live peacefully and harmoniously among races.

My point is, it has always been this man Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, who creates havoc when he was in and when he is out. Don't ever forget this!

Nik Aziz, a senile old man, is clouded by his own brand of Islam!

Melayus have always been perpetually tricked by the "smarter" Chinese!

Beware of the mullahs!

Sarong clad Nik Aziz is a senile old man who think he is Ayatollah Khamenei, Mustaffa Ali is an Afghan (not a Malay and no wonder his is blurred with what being a Malay mean in this country), Husam is confused Islamic-Malay intellectual but can be corrected, Mat Sabu had a personality bypassed him (just look at his Tancho vegetable-oil smeared hair), Hadi Awang is married to one of my kinfolks as one of his many wives, we know what to do with him if he thinks he is an Arab, and not a Malay!

Nashrudin, Pas deputy president, is the only Malay leader in Pas who has seen the light at the end of the tunnel in so far as Malay unity is concerned!

The fact the matter is the opposition party, led by the DAP not the PKR as far as I am concerned, now sees the Malay "upper-hands in the country" is breaking up. Thus, the talk of a Malay unity between Umno and Pas is a pretty big threat to their Malaysian-Malaysia agenda. I am not at all shock if LKY visit to this country recently was in fact to give a moral support to the opposition for them not to give in their struggle towards the achievement of a warped sense of a "Malaysian Malaysia" concept, in view of the Malay unity talk. In fact I am sure LKY told Nik Aziz, Malay unity is against Islam, and Nik bought it again .

In his famous book titled "Blood and Belonging: Journey Into New Nationalism" author Michael Ignatieff wrote about how the Kurds, the Irish, the Serbs, the Bosnians, the Kosovars were and are scrambling and willing shed their blood for the sake of nationalism, yet we have the Malays here giving theirs away to trickery, cheats, and empty promises.

I will say Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is one man who is so convoluted with his ideals and goals of what he wants for his country and people, is the latest to fall prey to this warped Malaysian-Malaysian concept. Or is he really blinded by hatred and rage that he will get rid of Malay nationalism if that hatred and anger will make him happy?? If it is then he is one very sad and pathetic man!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Lee Kuan Yew asked to meet Rosmah!

An emancipated woman of substance meets a respected great statesman!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor have been warm and forthcoming beyond Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s expectations.
He asked to see her, and PM Najib made arrangements for them to meet.
Lee said he found the Malaysian prime minister and his wife “warm, positive and, more than I had expected to find them, forthcoming”.
“They spoke frankly to me and I spoke frankly in return,” he said.
Lee visited Rosmah at her home in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday afternoon. They spoke for an hour over satay and Malay kueh.
They were joined by the three ministers accompanying Lee on his Malaysia trip: Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Education Minister Ng Eng Hen and Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Lui Tuck Yew, as well as Senior Parliamentary Secretary Masagos Zulkifli.
Lee and Rosmah exchanged notes on their families.
She expressed interest in Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme and said she hoped there could be cooperation on that front. Lee also spoke about bilateral cooperation. He made the same point that he had earlier conveyed to Najib.
“I emphasised to both that cooperation has to be long term, not chop and change, and it has to be across the board, you can’t just pick and choose,” he said. –The Straits Times

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nurul Izzah worries of political interference in her father's impending sodomy trial!



*news update*

Meanwhile Zaid Ibrahim has joined PKR, as announced by Anwar Ibrahim. This is well and good for a politician like Anwar to prepare himself for the inevitable. If Anwar Ibrahim is jailed I am sure Zaid will be made the PKR de facto leader. Assuming BN loses the next general elections, which I doubt it will, so theoretically Zaid will then be the next PM?! Ssshuddddder!

On the front page of a Malay tabloid, Sinaran Harian, the daughter of the country's opposition leader Anwar Bin Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah, expressed her fear that her father might not get a fair trial come this July. The fear is unfounded.

It is only fair and natural for he children to be concerned about their parents well being and vice versa.

Her father is to stand trial on charges of sodomy brought on him by the accuser Saiful Bahari. It is also natural Anwar may not have faith in the Malaysian judicial system, well we cannot really blame him for what he believes that he went through.

My only concern is that Anwar may have a selective conviction with his frame of mind, in so far as the Malaysian judicial goes. For example, when foreign minister Anifah Aman who said in Washington in front of the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that Anwar had offered him a DPM post if he would join the opposition, and Anwar retaliated by suing Anifah for RM100 million.

Tell me does Anwar really believes that he could or would win if he thinks Malaysian judicial will be unfair to hear his suit against Anifah? Or may be in his mind he still believes that our judicial system is really not all that bad compared to other countries in the region.

But then if he does not have faith in Malaysian "crooked" judicial system he should have taken his case to the World Court, but he filed his suit with the "flawed" Malaysian judicial system..sigh!

In his up coming sodomy charge in July I believe the court has every right to hear what the VICTIM Saiful Bahari has to say and what proof he has to implicate this "very respectable and well known internationally a politician" on a sodomy charges.

Likewise Anwar has the right to defend himself with proof that he did not do what he was accused of doing. But until then I don't think any Malaysian, Nurrul Izzah included, who loves the country should be making disparaging remarks about the country and its judicial system. Such remarks, at the end of the day, can only damage the country.

If the court found him guilty he will be punished, if not it is well and good for him and his family. If he is found innocent may be he can find it within his heart to reapir the damage that he has done to the country and to the Malay unity! I am being sincere here!

Meanwhile, the High Court judge, Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah, has set the date for the sodomy trial from July 1st until July 24th. Meanwhile our prayer is to you Nurul Izzah for you have every right to be fearful of your father. And to you Anwar good luck!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I will from now on not use the acronym YB BABI, I apologise.

I rest my case!

Yes I have decided upon consultation anonymously on the internet with friends, like Rockybru! (he still does not know my real identity, although we have spoken over the phone, that is using other people's phone so that my number will not be detected by him, you know you can never be too careful nowadays!)

Rockybru contacted me through this blogsite and he said my suggestion to refer to Anwar Ibrahim as just Saudara Anwar Ibrahim could also fall prey to attacks since that initial would be SAI, and I said what was that and Rockybru replied "SAI means in Chinese something not good"

Okay I said no SAI no YB BABI then what?! You see my problem is I cannot refer to the former deputy prime minister with all the Malay titles such as Datuk Seri!!! To me such title can only be for a real Malays who believe in a Malay cause and not having to sleep in bed with the chauvinist and racist DAP! Now do you see my problem!

So I have decided to refer to him as just only Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and and will not use acronym in subsequent mention of him. I don't mind typing the four words to describe him. I am not trying to be funny here. We all know when he was just a plain person they refer him as just Saudara Anwar Ibrahim, so Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim it will be from now on.

I also apologise to all his followers and supporters for causing such anguish by calling their leaders as YB BABI, in retrospect I have to agree it is not nice to call people pig, but you know Malays when they get really, really angry they will call people such as as "Babi sial" or worse "Babi puki mak" or just plain "Babi".

Rest assured Malays will only call someone else that because that is when they get really really angry. So I apologise for the stress and anguished caused to you and your supporters.
From now on it will be just plain Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, but you will still cannot get my respect and forgiveness for abandoning the Malay cause you once expound! That was a big con Bro!


It would have been easier to call him Datuk Seri, but personally I believe the government or the state governments should stripped off his titles. Personally I believe he has sold his Malay cause by not being able to sniff the rotten things that the DAP has planned for this country and what DAP, like PAP did, will do the Malays if it is in power.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Betrayed by her adopted brother!

Hi below is what has been posted by a news portal Malaysian Instinct (MI)! If what Malaysia Today published in its news portal is "correct" here is, the rebuttal, fair is fair! I didn't even know Rosmah Mansor has a brother, an adopted one that is! I hope MI does not mind publishing the posting! to read the original MI posting please go here!


"We were tipped off this morning on a purported exclusive video that was shown in Malaysia Today, one that is anti Prime Minister and all associated with him.It was no easy task, first to track down the people in the video, and to attempt to reach the subject accused in the same.As it involved the Prime Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah, we naturally got in touch with her aide. Being told of the extent of the video, Datin Seri Rosmah had initially tried to avoid our direct question, and the most notable one was “Datin, can you confirm that that there is one, Rosmanuddin Mansor who is a subject in the video accusing you of murder?”

And here is the answer.

‘Yes, Rosmanuddin is my brother. I have not seen the video, and am disappointed that these baseless accusations have been hurled to me.’Can you describe your ties with the subjects in the video, namely Mohd Arshat – Your cousin, Induk Leha – An aunt, Datin Che Mah – Adopted Family and Neighbour and Ikmal Hisham – Datin Che Mah’s son?‘I do not have any cousin named Mohd Arshat, or an aunt Induk Leha, Datin Che Mah or even Ikmal Hisham. They could be my mother’s neighbours, but if indeed they were, I wouldn’t know them as I never grew up in my mother’s kampong in Seri Menanti. From a very young age, I was taken to Rembau by my father’

We traced Rosmanuddin’s address to your house address in Langgak Duta. Can you elaborate on this?

‘As he is my adopted brother (adopted by my parents since he was 12 days old, as he was a baby handed to my parents in the estate clad in a batik cloth), I took it on myself to help him as much as I could. I loved him. My husband even loves his children as his own, so much so that we extended our home to him and his family due to his inability to offer the same to his family. In fact I even gave him an apartment behind the mall. I cannot explain these accusations, and I am deeply hurt that this has come from someone whom I consider very close to me’Has Rosmanuddin profited from your name or Datuk Seri Najib’s position and why did he claim that he had to leave the country fearing your backlash?‘I have never got myself involved in whatever accusations these people continue to hurl at me. And finding out that Rosmanuddin had in fact used our names, I continued to try to help him, but by manipulating our reputation, he has crossed the line.In his endeavours, he has also crossed many people and these people now know that my name as well as Datuk Seri’s has been made used off. I cannot help him now and have told him so.’

In the video, you have been accused of abandoning your children from your previous marriage, what do you have to say to this?

‘(Heavy sigh) Rosmanuddin is responsible for spreading these lies, and this has caused a wedge between my daughter and I. I do not wish to elaborate on this as it involves the very people I love and respect. All I can say is that it is untrue (about my abandoning my children). A mother never leaves her own. I am sorry, but I think I have tried very much to help you do your job (in answering these questions) and I hope you respect that these are very personal matters, and very disturbing developments to me. Thank you.’Naturally, the questions and answer came to an end amidst the heavy air of betrayal.

The continued demonizing of both the Prime Minister and his wife seem to emerge one after another.

Our efforts also got us in touch with an aide of the Prime Minister. Preferring to be unnamed, she elaborated on the use of Datuk Seri’s personal house address as Rosmanuddin’s own, as well as numerous occasions when Rosmanuddin was the reason for certain unwanted visitors.

What good journalist do is to continue to search for the truth. And we aim to do that.

- Janie G / PJ Moorthy – Malaysia-Instinct"

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mr Rusdi Mustapha we apologise to you and your family from the bottom of our heart!

I was alerted by a friend on my posting being re-produced by Malaysia Today (MT) but citing one Mr Rusdi Mustapha as the writer and MT, also without thinking, had used picture of what we believed to be of Mr Rusdi and his family.

Now, MT has done something that I don't think serious bloggers should do. I was also alerted by a friend that another blogger had also assume I Pasquale of Barking Magpie is Mr Rusdi. There was a picture of him by a river. Let me again say that Pasquale is not Mr Rusdi Mustapha and I apologise to you sir for being dragged into this insane ""whirlpool.

Now as a blogger I have also received many tips and pictures, and testimonials that I find to be very personal and I was not be tempted to use them for the sake of a few extra hits.

I also have testimonies from different people who claimed about how a very famous blogger had brought them to his house to have sex with his wife. In the fit of my anger I could have reproduced the testimonies but I did not.

A warden of a prison in Negeri Sembilan also called me and said a son of this famous blogger who is a leader of a gang, even in prison, is also a hired killer. This blogger's son also comes with many tattoo on his body and that I should expose this blogger complete with the many pictures of his son given to me, and I on both occasion I said "No I will not do it, it is not fair!"

If anyone wants to bring some young boys to his house to have sex with his wife while he watches that is what he had to do in private I will not interfere. (Pasquale can still write and reproduced the testimonies but that will be just like MT, and I will not go that road).

When Raja Petra son was sentenced to jail many anti-RPK friends smses me or called me to go out to town with severe postings on him and I said "No we must not gain from other people's misery, we may also have our own children " and Pasquale did not exploit the situation.

But when MT owned by RPK published a picture of Mr Rusdi and his family (I have to assume the picture is indeed of Mr Rusdi) with so many disparaging comments made on the family I thought to myself "RPK you and your family probably deserve all the bad luck that you will get or already have!"

Mr Rusdi Mustapha I, and my staff, apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and your family. Thank You!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

There is hope yet for a total Malay unity, and with that we can check DAP trickery!!

Nash, he is concerned with Malay unity!

Husam he is Anwar Ibrahim's wannabee! A convoluted Malay intellectual!

Alhamdullilah! Syukur! While I am sure it is a blow to PKR over the victory of incumbent PAS deputy president, Nasharudin Mat Isa, in keeping his post, it is also a victory for a lot of Malays who want to see a semblance of a total Malay unity when facing a common enemy, is in the making.
Let this be the beginning or a reminder that the only way for the Malays to have an upper hand in this country while trying to safeguard their rights is for Umno and PAS (for now, late on may be PKR?) to unite.
Personally I was quite anxious to see the end of the PAS election hoping Husam Musa not win, this Malay man with such convoluted Malay mind who did not see the danger if Malays lost the upper hand, like to see YB BABI , another Malay traitor, run the country as PM?
I hope Nasharudin will continue to influence younger PAS members to have interaction with UMNO. Listen there is not other way! If any PKR led and DAP influence government govern this country there will be total chaos, a sample is Perak!

Valentine Willie's art gallery has seriously breached the norms!

A piece of real art work exhibited by a respectable art gallery?

When a friend showed me a picture of a huge piece of "art" work by Fahmi Reza depicting "Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak at a scene of a crime", complete with a yellow police lines, I said to myself I better go and check it out. I thought it was crude for the owner to allow it!
True enough when I went over to Valentine Willie art gallery in Bangsar and I was agape and stunned. There in front of me in a room against the wall was a picture of Najib with his body drawn or fixed to the floor where you stepped on and was told the piece had nothing to do with the PM but rather the piece is about vandalism, so the sketchy explanation went on by one of the gallery's staff.
Art expression is one thing but for a respectable gallery not respecting the present prime minister by exhibiting the smut disguised as an art piece is another ! Come on Valentine Willie you can do better than that!
I just hope the piece has been taken down because I really like that gallery! Read more here..

Friday, June 05, 2009

When will the Malays learn!!! The Chinese will and can never share power once they ARE in power!




Tell me why is this Lee Kuan Yew coming here to meet Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, YB BABI and Nik Aziz and other mentris besar and then meeting other opposition leaders! Why are we allowing this and is not there any Wisma Putra protocol that applies to this grand old Chinaman from ther Red Dot?! He didn't even put visiting TDM as part of his itinerary, betul betul kurang ajar punya China!

When Lee Kan Yew's PAP wanted Singapore for the Chinese, he used everyone towards that goal. He used every known political party including communist, any organisation and the trade unions.
He succeeded. Once he did he proceeded to put away all those who helped him and the PAP, to form a Chinese government in Singapore, to either in detention or being exiled to a far far away land.
One Malay founding members of PAP, the late great and influential man named A Samad Ismail, was mistreated by LKY that he was detained and then shoved to Malaya.
Now Lim Guan Eng 's DAP (offshoot of the PAP when Singapore being kicked out of Malaysia) is doing the same in Penang. When in power the DAP starts to ostracize its coalition member, namely the Malay majority PKR from getting involved in a decision making process in that opposition run state. Below is a news report of what happened when PKR members boycotted what was supposed to be a "brotherly" event of a council president swearing in:

Friday, 05 June 2009 08:35

Divisions within the state Pakatan Rakyat widened today when almost all Parti Keadilan Rakyat representatives in the Seberang Perai Municipal Council boycotted the swearing-in of the new president.

Only Farid Arshad was present while eight others kept away to make good on an earlier threat to stage a boycott if Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng went ahead to appoint Mokhtar Mohd Jait.

Councillor Johari Kassim critisised Lim for not keeping his word on appointing a PKR leader to the post.

"Lim is not being transparent in the matter as he did not respect the spirit of cooperation within Pakatan Rakyat component parties in the state.

"Where is the state government's much-talked about competency, accountability and transparency policy?" he asked, adding that the state PKR leadership was not consulted on Mokhtar's appointment.

Johari was prepared to face the consequences from PR and PKR for boycotting the event.

In January, the state PR council decided to appoint politicians to helm the MPSP and the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) on the rationale that it would be a step forward towards restoring the third vote - local government elections which had been suspended since mid-1960s.

"No doubt, it is his prerogative to decide on the candidate but Lim should have been more transparent and respect the cooperation spirit among Pakatan Rakyat component parties in the state.

"This is not the first time he had done such a thing to PKR. If PKR Selangor can give due respect to other Pakatan components before making a decision, I wonder why the DAP cannot practice a similar spirit in Penang," Johari said when contacted.

Johari added that he had no personal problems with Mokhtar, who takes over from Farizan Darus who has since being appointed state financial officer.

He said his objections were merely aimed at protecting PKR's interests in the state government.

"I have known Mokhtar for a long time and I have made the situation clear to him today," he added.

The MPSP has 24 councillors who include 10 from the DAP, two from Pas and three from Non-Governmental Organisations.

Meanwhile, DAP Member of Parliament for Jelutong, Ooi Chuan Aun, said PKR councillors who defied outright Mokhtar's appointment should resign from their posts immediately.

He said the council president's position was not to be misconstrued as the fiefdom of PKR or any political party.

In KEPALA BATAS, state opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim described the disunity as no “pakatan (cooperation) in the entity.

He said the incident was proof that the DAP called the shots in the state PR and and state government.

"The state PKR and Pas have been taken for a ride as the DAP is only interested in using them to get votes from supporters. The DAP is sidelining the two parties after assuming power.

"With power, Lim Guan Eng has made himself King. It’s not ‘Singh is King’ but “King is Lim”," he told Pressmen after handing over electrical and other equipment to petty-traders at the Kepala Batas MP service centre.

Azhar, who is also state Umno secretary, said PKR and Pas had to ‘kowtow’ to Lim.

He added that Lim was also good at manipulating things to work on his way, pointing to the reshuffle in the portfolio’s of state executive councillors.

He said new Deputy Chief Minister I, Mansor Othman, was given the industrial development, international trade, cooperatives and community relations portfolio while Lim appointed himself the chairman of InvestPenang just two weeks after awarding the post to Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim.

"Lim fears that he will not be able to attract foreign investments as promised. So, wants to claim credit from work done by InvestPenang," Azhar said.

He added that PKR and Pas supporters should see for themselves how their respective party and leaders had been “played out” by the DAP.

So when wiill the Malays learn? Never, but instead they will forever and knowingly be following their great leader YB BABI to be made used of for his own ends! Second great leader in PKR Azmin Ali also condemns his own race so just he can become a leader! He said it is better to trust the DAP to look after the Malays than from "Umno racists"! I will leave you Melayu to decide on this crucial psychological Malay dillema!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Malaysian Insider posting is filled with malice intended! For sure!

Manipulated statistics, but then what do one expects from such news portal!

Malaysian Insider's headline and posting on recent poll on Najib's popularity conducted by Merdeka Survey centre leaves much to be desired. The manipulation of the statistics reminds me of statistics shown at the height of the US affirmative action(AF) program in the 70s when a government directive was given out to major companies.
It said , under the AF program it is incumbent upon a company to hire, black, woman and physically challenged people. Many companies easily complied by the directive and they hire gave jobs to physically challenged black woman! All in one
For those who are slow, here is the reason: instead of hiring three member of the minority who is either black, a woman or a physically challenged person, companies just hire one with the attributes! Just to show how statistics can be manipulated for what ever reason!
Malaysian Insider's headline should have been, "Only 16% unhappy with Najib" instead of "Only 46% of Malaysians are happy with Najib" implying the other 54% did not suport Najib, read more here and here.
Meanwhile read and do your own thinking! I am sick of you morons!