Thursday, July 23, 2009

History must be told that the infamous Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a Nazi collaborator!

Picture taken in 1943 showing teh Grand Mufti of Jerusalem inspecting Bosnian Muslin recruits by the Nazi!

Hitler greeting the Grand Mufti in Berlin.

When Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu gave the green light for more Jewish settlement to be built in East Jerusalem on a land owned by the family of the infamous Mufti of Jerusalem Haji Amin al-Husseini, he did not give any thought on what the Arab world would or might say. Why should he!
He is the PM of one of the most powerful countries in the world with 280 nuclear warheads ready to exercise that dreaded Samson Option (look it up okay)!
For our information the Mufti was a close collaborator of the Nazi he even okayed the building of the gas chambers that saw the death of six millions human beings for what?! Read more here....
As for me personally I have no sympathy of the Arab world, majority they may be but each goes on their own greed course, never mind the plight of the Palestinians.
If you asked me I say well done Netanyahu you deserve the whole of the Arab world and you must thank your ever united Jewish people for it and without a united Jewish people you and your Israel will vanish! I salute you and Shalom from my kind! Though many will oppose you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"I would have abolished ISA": Says this gutless wonder named Dollah Badawi!

My pet peeved: A gutless wonder named Tun Abdullah, and his second wife Tun Jeanne!

I admire the Tunku for being a man of reasons and truly our first father of a multi-racial family. I adore Tun Razak for bringing the Malays out of their doldrums by creating many reforms and introducing many systems that have benefited them, and of course for many others too.

I have great respect for Tun Hussein for being a sober and fatherly PM for the country during his tenure. Most of all I have great respect for Tun Mahathir, for what ever his shortcomings were, for what he had done for this country's development.

I will support Dato' Serti Najib as this country sixth PM and for the gargantuan task that lies ahead of him, such as bringing this country back together again and to repair the image that this country has suffered under his predecessor Pak Lah!

Unfortunately, I have no respect for our fifth PM Pak Lah, who have brought nothing but misery and hardship and a notorious son-in-law to this country when under him even his own state went to the opposition, apart for the other four states that BN lost.

Recently this moron said if had more time he would have repealed or abolished the country's proverbial Internal Security Act (ISA). THis is the man who let Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim out of prison when his infamous son-in-law went to his house to give him his international passport so that he can inflict more damage to the country overseas!

He has the audacity to say recently: "During my term I had other things to focus on".
Well mo, you could have done it if you had the guts to do it, in hindsight anyone can say anything!! But in you case Pak Lah you should not have opened your mouth at any given time!

Yeah, like allowing others to run the country and sleeping. There was an incident at one Umno Supreme council meeting where he fell asleep chairing the meeting. Tengku Adnan Mansor told everyone to go out for a smoke and let the bugger sleep.

Hey Pak Lah, even in you after thought you sickened me as a Malay leader, so just shut you gap at any function that people have the pity to invite you, do not make my life to be more miserable then it is now just look at the mess you have left behind.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ancient Mariner may you rest in peace bro!

Capt Yusof Ahmad

This is what he wrote in his blogsite read more here: A former pilot superintendent of the Klang Port Authority and pioneer general manager of West Port, I am semi retired, whatever that means. Currently freelancing as a port & marine consultant and maritime arbitrator.

Although I knew him briefly but during the last few meetings we had at Maria Samad's mee rebus every Tuesday we truly were connected. I found him to be with a good sense of humour.
The last thing he told me was that many who used his expertise on ports did not pay their consultancy fees to him, you see he was the guy who exposed the Port Klang Free Zone (PKA) fiasco that left "RM12 billion hole in the rakyat's pocket".
He also wrote in his posting how one of the director of a the PKA was also a director a now defunct Bumiputra Malaysia Finance or BMF who was jailed in the famous BMF cheating case that saw a now defunct Bank Bumiputra's accountant, Jalil Ibrahim, murderedand hios body was found in a banana plantation near the Tao Pu Kao district in the then British held Hong Kong. Jalil was murdered for far less. I just hope the untimely death of Ancient Mariner had nothing to do with his bigger expose', about RM12 billions!.
With the death of another person involved in an investigation of a possible involvement of the underworld with the Selangor State government, I cannot help but to think whether Ancient Mariner died of a natural cause. The last time I, we, saw him he was healthy except for his grieving of his mother's death two weeks ago.
Whatever it is I now believe he has found eternal peace wherever he is and hope that there is a port there where he can manage without political interference and that he can do the job to manage it well, cheers mate! I just realised just now that this is truly a fucking time that we are living in!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lies that need to be corrected....once and for all!

The most uninspiring former Malaysian PM and his second wife! What did we do to deserve that!

The young Maria Hertogh with her Malay parents

There were two news items that caught my eyes and to the best of my knowledge they were untrue, which also means lies and a total sad and pathetic fabrication.

One is the news on the death of Maria Hertogh, a Dutch girl who was given by their Dutch parents to a Malay couple for safe keeping during the war.

The other was when ex-prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who was quoted by the Star as as saying: "Alhamdullillah (thank god), I am grateful to Allah that the person I chose to replace me has carried out his job well."

Let us keep the record straight here, Abdullah took long while to name his successor after he was made the 5th prime minister after Tun Mahathir. He did and never wanted Najib to be his deputy. He went against his word to take Najib immediately as his deputy upon being appointed as the prime minister to succeed Mahathir.

Well I beg to differ, he did not want to choose Najib to succeed him if he had his way. He was forced by Umno leadership, especially Tun M, to name Najib as his deputy and later his natural successor.

By far Najib is a better leader compared to Abdullah, and Najib with or without Abdullah's blessing can do a better job of managing the country well. Abdullah cannot take the credit for what he imagined the person he chose, has done his job well.

You can tell by this blog that I have no desire to respect Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as one of the ex-PMs of Malaysia, as I have my respect for Tunku, Tun Razak, Hussein Onn, Tun Mahathir and now Najib, why should I lie to myself, I have to live with me.

On the same note I do not see why his second wife had to be conferred the country's highest honour of Tunship?! What has she done for this country to deserve such honour except for marrying an ex-PM who has brought problem for my beloved country during his tenure as PM?

I am speaking from my heart and if any one find this posting to be a bit harsh I suggest he or she can go somewhere else. Thank you!

On Maria Hertogh, when I was in Amsterdam in the early 70s I was approached by Maria Hetogh's grand children, (and later saw her in her pathetic person she was an unhappy frail woman who has nothing in common with her "adopted" country Holland)

They were asking me to write a letter to the Dutch authority to ask for a better accommodation for their grandmother (Maria). You see Maria Hertogh was nevcr happy as reported in the NST and she was living in the home of the age in Holland.

Then the NST wrote about Maria Hertogh who died a happy woman, but the other fact is she was never happy in the country where her natural Dutch parents came from.

Monday, July 06, 2009

By this time next month the NST suits against the two bloggers will be dropped!


I firmly believe that my beloved Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak must find it in his good self to nudge the New Straits Times to withdraw its suit against Ahiruddin Atan aka Rocky or Rockybru, who is also The Editor of The Malay Mail, and against another blogger Jeff Ooi, who is also the DAP member of parliament.
I also firmly believe the suit against these two bloggers were made with malice intended and one, or the whole country, can see that if the NST prolonged the siege it is not really good for the paper and will also make the job of running The Malay Mail more daunting for Rocky, not that he cannot handle it.
The chairman of NST Jawhar must also not to be too vindictive and in the spirit of unity, the proverbial word being bandied about, he must initiate the dropping of the suit against these two prominent member of society.
Najib, you have all the power in the world to help, well at least Rocky, if you think Jeff being a member of the DAP does not deserve your help, to be spared all the mental anguish by asking NSTP to drop the charges against these two who are friends of many in this country.

Thank You

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Are we a caring and a humane society.....I wonder sometime!

This picture has been haunting me for many nights..
(TV Smith thank you very much!)

And this is one of the many Malaysians hedonistic traits that will eventually forced this country to be loathed and hated further by the rest of the international community is our.
I am beginning to hate this system myself for appearing to be uncaring, and while fighting among each other for power we have forgotten what it is like to be caring and forgiving.
Hundreds of helpless dogs have been dumped into one of the many deserted mangrove and swampy islands near Pulau Ketam, in Klang read more here, and these canine species have to fend for themselves to live in this harsh and cruel environment for dogs and yet the elitist and uppity Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has yet to take action, or the government has yet to take action.
We must not only take preventive measures to show to the world that we are not involved, among other things, in human trafficking but we must also demonstrate to the world that we are also a caring society where we also take care of our animal friends.
Islam, for example, requires all living things to be protected, Islam also requires the umah to care for the planet. I am sure other religions also require to do the same.
Yet, the plight of our canine species on a mangrove island near Pulau Ketam has not been taken notice while we are busy with our stimulus package, economic recovery, and for our quest to acquire more. I hope our OneMalaysia concept also encompasses our affinity with other living things and the preservation of our environment!!
I urge the government to pause for a moment and someone has to address the problem of our animal friends.
We all should get rid of our proverbial blinker and try to imagine we are one of those poor puppies about to be eaten by other adult aggressive dogs. Until then and if we cannot resolve the fate of our own stranded on this mangrove swampy island, we have to stop imagining we are caring society. We must stop lying to ourselves that we are decent and humble human being when we cannot even save our animal friends.

P.S. Please refrain from sending nasty comments for this posting, please don't! Think of the poor animal!