Tuesday, September 29, 2009

While we may have the urge to do it, but remember the law of the land stands paramount!

Roman Polanski. Charged for statutory raped for sex with a 13 year old girl about 30 years ago in the US, he thought he could get away with it thinking he was a hot shot film producer, until he was arrested in Switzerland where this country has an extradition with the US!

A Gobalakrishnan, and opposition MP, who is basically a very sad Indian man with a volatile temper who thought he could go through life punching people, policeman included...a serious deterrent must be made when sentencing him!

The truth of the matter is Waythamoorthy is just a wee bit afraid of his own shadow...nobody is stripping him off his citizenship...just go to the Malaysian High Commission in London they will give you your passport and you can come home to face the music as you said...but then again I have the sneaking suspicion you are not interested in coming back?!

For this uncouth politician, he is still not aware that he is under a restrictive order not to leave the country for what ever reason?! If this government relented to his kind of a mental blackmail we might just as well pack up and look for another country that uphold the laws! However I suspect he will not see Tanzania!

Four items in the news caught my eyes once again: Oa ne about famous film director Roman Polanski, who was arrested in Switzerland and to be extradited to the United States for a crime he committed 30 years ago - he was charged with statutory rape for having sex with a thirteen year old girl in the US.
Another news is about a Malaysian opposition lawmaker, M Manoharan, who was not allowed to leave the country to attend a conference in Tanzania simply because he is still under a restricted order not to leave the country until the end of the year. Manoharan broke the law and he has to suffer the consequences since the law is very clear.
Then there is this two-bit opposition MP by the name of N Gobalakrishnan, this guy thought he could just go around punching our boys in blue well, he was arrested and I am sure he will be found guilty, and if so a still sentence must be imposed to act as a deterrent for further moron of a politician to take the law into their own hands.
The last bit of a new item that caught my eye again is about a "fugitive" P Waythamoorthy who claimed his passport was impounded by the British immigration.
The thing is, for everyone to understand, the Malaysian passport is not your property but that of the Malaysian government. He was not stripped of his citizenship as implied, and he will most definitely not be tortured once he comes home to face the music.
Waythamoorthy must face the music for the false allegations he made against the Malaysian government thus placed the country in a very bad light. For this he must face the music!
Yes Malay Mail is trying to play to the sympathy tune for this man Waythamoorthy by placing his and his daughter's picture on the front page. And trust us Malaysian lot that we do emphatised with his predicament, and missing his daughter and all.
But the fact remains he broke that basic tenets of our Malaysian conventional wisdom, in other words he fucking lied to the world about Malaysia and therefore he must own up to the bullshit!
For Roman Polanski, Manoharan, Gobalakrishnan and Waythamoorthy?! Well you guys cannot be above the law or there will be chaos.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Give him back his passport and let him return!

P. Waythamoorthy and his daughter in Singapore last week! He mises his kampung in Kelantan!

He was just like you and me, when push comes to shove you just want that simple justice that you are entitled to right!?
Okay, may be he went a bit far with his allegations, deemed serious by the Malaysian government, but he already said he wants his passport back and a simple apology from the Malaysian government, and willing to come back to face the jury.
Hey why not eh! I believe Prime Minister Najib Razak is a magnanimous man and so is his home minister, just un-revoke his passport.
Let's have a conciliatory tea party and to forgive and be forgiven.
Najib sir, just look at his beautiful daughter, and according to Waythamoorthy, who pines for him every day and night and he needs to go home "to face the music" including being detained, I believe you as our leader can do better than anyone else by responding positively!
We salute you sir!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim protected Haji Abu Bakar Bashir!

Right under the nose of the then PM of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad, Abu Bakar Bashir was given protection in 1984-85 by the then deputy prime minister Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

Man responsible for indoctrinating the two Malaysian terrorists, Azahari and Nordin Mat Top, killed in Indonesia is Indonesian Hj Abu Bakar Bashir.
Abu Bakar Bashir is a Muslim jihadist preacher with dream of forming a caliphate covering Indonesia, Phillipines, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.
He was wanted for arrest by the late Indonesia's Suharto regime. He escaped to Johore, and was allowed to live in Malaysia and he started his religious school in 1984 - 85.
It was believed Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) gave him protection as he has given to many jihadist from Libya to Mindanao who sought a legitimate existence at the International Islamic University (UIA).
To many people like me, but only after Al Maunah and Jemaah Islamiah surfaced did I hear of Abu Bakar Bashir. So, as much as Malaysia had "exported" terrorists to Indonesia, that country had exported the mentor and the spiritual leader of jihadist terrorists who is at large in Jakarta inspiring new recruits. Both Azahari & Nordin Mat Top were disciples of this Abu Bakar Bashir dubbed as Osama Bin Laden of Asia.

Dollah never ruled and Najib is in total charge now...make no mistake!

Najib and his able deputy Muhyiddin...headaches..but in control!

Pak Lah failed, Najib striving not to follow( Malaysian Insider headline and excerpt below)

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 — By consensus, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has failed miserably and squandered Barisan Nasional's historic 2004 mandate because he became a prisoner to Umno. His successor is trying hard to cut free from the party.........

But, if I am in charge of this biased Singapore Chinese newsportal, Malaysianinsider, my suggested headline would have read "Pak Lah is a Narcolepsy (sleeping sickness), Najib is in charge and (like Mahathir) is a workaholic!"
The evil Malaysian Insider has never ceased to amaze me since day one for its biased reporting that is so blatant that it did not even pretend to shows that it loves Malaysia. Malaysian Insider rabid anti-Umno and anti Malay reporting thus far has remained unchecked, unfortunately!

The latest is its implication that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is a prisoner of Umno-warlords, well to begin with the words are oxy-moron, there is no possibility of any Umno leader within Umno to consolidate power to become a crackpot warlord.

There is, however, anger and tantrums within this Malay party, but warlords formation from within? Nah, never! The only time when there was a warlord controlling, or rather giving headache to the Umno hierarchy, was our one and only human live portal Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).

When he was in power, short lived thanks to our brave former PM Tun Mahathir, BABI dished out contracts and money to his enslaved supporters.

The way I see it, Dollah Badawi did not rule the country when he was the PM. He allows his son-in-law, dictated by his son to his son-in-law on what to do and what big huge government contracts to be swallowed by him and his crony.

Under Dollah Badawi, the once loyal members of the BN component parties began to flex their muscles.
Lets us make no mistake about the last general elections. The reason why BN lost was because BN component parties thought they can finally break the Malay rules of the country. Well, when push comes to shove the Malays saw the non-Malays shenanigans..

Najib also saw this but he is not stupid, he believes things can go back to normal or semi-normal. He knows the support of the non-Malays is crucial. But, always remember this, and I will quote someone very powerful and I will not say it is Najib who said this, but here goes: "Since time immemorial the Malays have been bending over backward for the non-Malays, there will be time when pushed too far, the Malays will expressed that proverbial amok syndrome, lets hope we will not have to walk that road."

As a Malay I personally do not want to walk that road, for it will be bad for everyone.

So, what's left for the Chinese/Singapore biased Malaysian Insider, just do not carry that stupid adage of " more than one way to skin a cat" news reporting style, we can see what you are trying to do!!

P.S. The Penang Umno members who did not vote for Umno during the last general elections thought by supporting BABI and they thought they could rule the world, and now they found out they are being rule by Singapore proxy DAP instead....padam muka!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't cane Kartika Sari! A reality television show deal has been struck between her and a neighbouring country's television network!

Kartika insisted on being caned!

There is more to it than meets the eyes in the saga of the first Malaysian Muslim woman sentenced to be caned. It"s show business! And it is a sham!
It is reliably learn that the "impending" insistence of wanting to be caned, the case of Kartika Sari Dewi is not that cut and dried! She wants it because it is believed she has struck a deal with a television station of a neighbouring country down south that shall remained nameless, to record her "inhumane experience", a program that will be syndicated around the world!
The moment she is "caned" she will already be making hundreds of thousands in royalty over her story, and Malaysia will perpetually be condemned forever as an Asian country rules by "Taliban".
I will say this woman, who is married to a Singaporean, is not as "stupid" as she looks. Once caned Malaysia will forever be politically incarcerated as a country rules by Islamic fundamentalist ala Taliban in Afghanistan!
My suggestion is to deny her the "pleasure" of being caned and by that it will also deny her calculative capitalistic intention! Very evil and shrewd intentions I must say that if succeed will see her rich and famous and Malaysia....sigh....condemned!
So Malaysian government are you still insisting on being stupid as to go ahead with your archaic Islamic law? And be condemned as a once progressive nation sliding into a 15th century euphoria!? Read below:


KUALA LUMPUR: Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, the part-time model who was fined RM5,000 and ordered to be given six strokes of the rotan after pleading guilty to drinking beer at a hotel in Cherating, Pahang, has given notice not to be disturbed.

Kartika, who is resigned to the sentence and wants it to be carried out quickly, said too many individuals, politicians, government organisations and non-governmental organisations had met her and her family lately.

This, she said, had occasionally disturbed her and her family's life and she had been urged to do things she did not want to do.

"As such, I give notice that I do not want to be disturbed by any individual, politician, government organisation and non-governmental organisation and any meeting that has, is and will be planned, and any communication with me and my family should be stopped immediately," said Kartika in a statement issued through the legal firm of Adham and Associates here yesterday.

Kartika said she would not hesitate to take legal action against any one who had disturbed her peace and that of her family. In her statement, she said she very much regretted the offence and was remorseful.

"I will not hold anyone responsible for carrying out the caning."
Kartika said she had received advice from several civil and syariah lawyers on the carrying out of the sentence and she was satisfied.

She had also appointed several civil and syariah lawyers from Adham and Associates in Ipoh to look after her interests and that of her family.
Kartika was sentenced by the Kuantan Syariah High Court on July 20 after pleading guilty to drinking beer at a hotel in Cherating on July 11 last year.

On Aug 24, the caning was postponed by Pahang Syariah High Court judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Yunus out of respect for the month of Ramadan. -- Bernama

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why don't we do the same to Indonesians here...if we are capable and united that is!

We have never, never consciously or subconsciously maligned our great neighbours, especially Indonesia! We take great pain to even give Indonesian economic illegal immigrants, and others, shelter by closing, sometime both eyes and yet their citizens want to skewered our citizens there!! Enough of this shit!

Our citizens are being threatened to be skewered with sharp punji (bamboo) sticks and why are we not doing the same to Indonesians living in Malaysia?
Because we are too "nice" (read scared) as a nation and also not quite united: Malay, Chinese and Indian, well three major races which I considered now to be an anomaly in this land where going at each other throats is the name of the game everyday, lets us not pretend we are solidly united.
But wait! We did at one time in an instance when Malaysia was threatened by President Sukarno during the confrontation with Indonesia, with his famous cry to "squish Malaysia" or "ganyang Malaysia". That was the only time when I saw all the races banded together to tell Indonesians to come and try at their own peril.
I would like to see all the major races in this country to set up a similar "Indonesian sweeping" just to show how we are not so like to be treated as a proverbial softie when our people are being treated like animal to be hunted with sharp bamboo stick!
While we are at sweeping Indonesians in the city we must also check and stop: Africans running prostitution rings in the country, South American citizens running a hustle con game and stealing handbags from customers at such places as the Swensen, Chinese prostitutes from China plying their trade here, illegal Bangladeshis, Myanmarese, Vietnamese, Cambodians and to send them back where they come from....I can go on and on!
But we will not do all of the above, if the Indonesian government can stop its own blood thirsty vigilante groups going after our own!
If the Indonesian authority can assure its vigilante group will be dealt with harshly we will be happy. Meanwhile the other stuff that I mentioned above "while we are at it" the Malaysian authority can deal with them. It must be said that our government must "refreshed" the3 country to at least with a memory of how safe Malaysia once was, at least!

P.S. Meanwhile the "dalang", or the puppet master, here who paid the thugs in Indonesia to harass our citizens there into into cowering with so much fear must be dealt with quickly before more damage inflicted!

Thank you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fabian Dawson scores another!

Fabian Dawson, a man of integrity. A former Malaysian journalist who made a name for himself in Canadian journalism! Bravo my man!

Fabian has been nominated for yet another prestigious Canadian journalism award, not his first for he has many. Why? This former Malaysian is trusted by the system there, so he gets more and more exclusive for his paper because his sources trust him. Fabian was with the New Straits Times Press and broke many stories before he migrated to Canada with his family. For being a dedicated journalist with integrity, Fabian is again being awarded with yet another prestigious award by his peers, read below:

Vancouver: Province deputy editor-in-chief Fabian Dawson and columnist Ethan Baron have been nominated for a prestigious Jack Webster award for an investigative series on a highly controversial RCMP undercover tactic. Dawson and Baron spotlighted the “Mr. Big” technique after obtaining unprecedented access to police officers involved in these investigations, in which Mounties pose as criminals to trick suspects into confessing to unsolved murders. “This series was of vital interest to our readers as British Columbia was home to many of the Mr. Big stings,” said Wayne Moriarty, Province editor-in-chief. “It was here that the program was born. “It was also here that it had its harshest critics.” The work of Baron and Dawson was nominated in the category “Excellence in Legal Journalism,” as the Province nomination for a Webster award was joined by six from the Vancouver Sun and two each from the Victoria Times-Colonist and Global B.C. “I’m humbled by the nomination,” said Dawson, who has been nominated for the Jack Webster trophy six times and won it three times before.
Dawson, who moved to Canada in 1988 from Malaysia, has also won several other international journalism awards, while being declared an unsung hero of Canadian journalism by a panel of his peers from the National Newspaper Awards committee.
Dawson also advises several publications in Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , India and England . He is frequently asked to be a media commentator on organized crime/terrorism and has been called on to speak to Members of Parliament in Canada 's House of Commons on matters pertaining to crime and national security.
His investigative exposes and news stories have led to the production of four documentary films. He also helped develop a Canadian made-for-TV movie that was inspired by his reporting.
In July 2006, the investigative team led by Dawson won the prestigious Daniel Pearl Award for outstanding story about South Asia and the Rolls Royce award for best reporting in the Commonwealth.
This latest series, Dawson said took about two years to come to print.
Using real life cases to illuminate the Mr Big investigational tool, the series was designed as a public service project aimed at providing a platform for critics and supporters to debate the constitutionality of the Mr. Big technique.
“Writing about the Mr. Big method gave me an opportunity to reveal to the public an area of police operations that had previously been shrouded in extreme secrecy,” Baron said. “And because Mr. Big is used mainly against suspects in difficult-to-solve murder cases, I found no shortage of dramatic and compelling stories to illustrate every aspect of the technique.” The Jack Webster Foundation, named after the late B.C. broadcaster, was established in 1986 to recognize excellence in journalism. Winners will be announced Oct. 20.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Two prominent companies will try to take over Proton.

Not just a cash cow, but our pride!

IN an attempt to salvage the good name of Malaysia's automobile giant Proton, two companies Yasmin Holdings and Naza Holdings are teaming up to buy over Khazanah Holdings' majority shares in Proton to make them have a say on how the company is to be managed.
The majority stake is to ensure a say and to save Proton from further sliding into the industrial abyss.
Sources say Yasmin Holdings vice chairman, Datuk Kisai Rahmat, is instrumental in the venture and possibly with the blessing of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is said to be not happy with how Malaysia's premier auto giant is being managed.
Kisai was personally picked by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he was the prime minister, to take charge of Proton at its infabct stage until Proton was butchered by the following administration.
It was also learn that billionaire Mokhtar Albukhary is also in the running of trying to gain control of a majority share in Proton.
Industry sources agree that after the previous administration of Dollah Badawi, a lot of healing process has to be conducted and one is to revive Proton by the right people.
"Currently Proton is managed by a bunch of hypocrites with no balls, " said a source.

A Terrorist by any other name: Or the difference between Osama Bin Laden and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?!

Well, it is very simple really. The difference is no one knows where Osama is so that he can be caught and brought to justice and be put away for good for all the mayhem in the world that he has help perpetrated.
However, we know where Anwar Ibrahim is and and where he lives and yet why are we, meaning the government, not able to just put him away for all the damage that he has inflicted against Malaysia and the Malaysian people.
I will not list out all that he had done but I am sure the spat between us and our Indonesian brothers is not by any mean spontaneous.
Yes the "claws" are out to destroy Malaysia's social fabrics, and I am damn sure Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim has a lot to do with it. We do know that his "connection" with Washington has weakened and he owes a lot of people money for empty promises.
Now that his influence within Washington power broker has waned, he is now looking towards trying to destroy goodwill within the Asean nations vis-a-vis Malaysia.
The man is dangerous and irresponsible and I just hope that the Attorney-General (AG) Gani Patail or Chief Justice (CJ) Zaki Azmi can hastened the process to prosecute Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim on his sodomy charges.
On the other note, the guy who claimed to have been sodomised said there appears to be two sets of rules in prosecution in Malaysia: One for the very rich with money (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim fits the category), then there is another set for the poor like Saiful, the victim!
I think both the AG or the CJ have to catch the bull by the horns, then conquer the fear and live like a warrior and put this man in jail for the good of mankind, and for Malaysians and Indonesians both!

Enought already!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A short note on Anwar Ibrahim by a commenter using the handle "Deacon1957".

Flanked by former US President George Bush's most right wing Jewish-Zionist American cabinet members (Cohen and Wolfowitz), and the man in the middle will sell his soul (or already sold) to the Devil, and already betrayed the Malays and will betrayed his mother, and at all cost, even destroying the country just he thinks he can be the next PM! This picture was taken in 1997 in Penang.

Below is a short comment sent by a commenter "Deacon1957", and I thought I publish it in its entirety, it is interesting!

"Anwar's biggest problem is that he is hooked on public attention. The real reason why he is really pissed off and wanted to take revenge against Umno is because Tun put him in prison..

He loved every minute of reformasi because he was at the centre of attention but away in prison, he was dying from public attention deficit and that really made his anger grow

Even his CIA handlers are starting to find this trait annoying you see he is not the only one they have lined up for Malaysia, he has a British counterpart that is working for the same agenda, to de-stabilise the most prosperous and forward looking Muslim state on the planet, Malaysia.

In fact Sept 16 was self sabotaged by Anwar because he realized he could not be in full control due to strong resistance from within his coalition.
Remember the Indonesian Karate man who was arrested in Malaysia for solicting prostitues?

His friend is sponsoring the Indon riots Karate man was arrested here and the official line is that he was looking for girls, the real story is that he was looking for young boys, Anwar may want to deny this link but these two boy lovers are linked by fate, their insatiable love for men have made them kindred spirit.

Anwar uses his Indonesian network to generate the current hatred for Malaysia, as part of his global assignment. Anwar's links in Indonesia goes to the same operatives in Indonesia where the CIA is known to be very active.
Anwar is part of the machinery that have been feeding hate messages into Indonesian Media, every maid brutality case is meticulously and religiously forwarded to the Indonesians to be played up by the Media.

If there is no good news then bad news is the only news, that is Anwar's operating tactic in Malaysia, the same approach is being used by the CIA in Indonesia to damage Malaysia's reputation and the bond between two well known and resolute Islamic countries.

The long term strategy is to discredit traditional Islam and plant one of two of America's version of Islam in all Islamic states, the hate-propelled Islam of Ben Laden and the Wahabbi movement and the Orientalist Islam, which is the same as the agnostic movement in the Christian Church where God is just a discussion point, a focal point for their logic driven moral compass."

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wonder if he would have invited a PAP founding member, Pak Samad Ismail, for the photo sessions!

Pak Samad

Lee Kuan Yew

I doubt it very much, he could easily "forgiven" the non-Malays like Dominic Putucheary or the late Devan Nair or other non-once PAP members, but I don't think he would have invited the late Tan Sri A. SAmad Ismail (Pak Samad) to a reunion at Singapore parliament recently.
You see Pak Samad was ahead of his time he trusted a Chinese (LKY) to be a leader of a real multi-racial Singapura, but LKY was only using him to garner support for his (LKY) grand plan. Well he succeeded in forming a Chinese republic only for the Chinese, and Pak Samad was exiled.
Other weak Malays in PAP, like Yusoff Ishak his brother Rahim Ishak and many more cowered under LKY and his PAP and they were told "if you want to stay be quiet.....or else threat".
Pak Samad saw the chicanery and voiced it and he was kicked out to Jakarta and then was kicked out to Malaya!
Now you see more weak and nincompoop Malays are again following the footsteps of those weak Malays in Singapore and history might repeat itself again if we do not rise from our slumber to stop it! Below is an excerpt from Singapore Straits Times!

"SINGAPORE, Sept 9 — It was a historic moment with friends and foes gathered together under the same roof where they last met more than four decades ago — at the Old Parliament House.

The occasion was the launch of a new book on the People’s Action Party (PAP), which brought together Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and his former political rivals...Read more here at your own peril!

Of a sly and seasoned Chinese chauvinist and a Malay nincompoop!

Three Chinese chauvinists and one very immature Malay nincompoop!

For what said about DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang (LKS), he is a season and mature politician (in his own way). No doubt he is Singapore PAP's "Fifth Column" (DAP being the same party as PAP when the latter was asked to get out of Malaysia, and Lee Kuan Yew told LKS to stay back and fight just change the logo and name of PAP to DAP).

IN his interview by Sin Chew Daily he said Pakatan Rakyat as a coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS is just not working, especially when there is so much immaturity with the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) headed by none other than the traitor Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Belwo is an excerpt from the interview between the Chinese daily and LKS.

"Lim told Sin Chew Daily that Pakatan Rakyat, formed by DAP, PKR and PAS, has failed to achieve maturity since its formation one and a half year ago. He was “very stressful” and worried as it has also not yet completed its promises to the people.

“The people have not yet seen Pakatan's maturity, particularly with Pakatan's problems in recent months, their confidence started to falter. They hesitate and even wonder whether they should pin their hopes in Pakatan,” said Lim.

He admitted that Pakatan is currently facing the most severe challenge and crisis.

“There were internal conflicts and a series of incidents over the past few months, not only the people have started to wonder whether they have made a wrong decision to support Pakatan, I myself am disappointed, too,” he added." Read more here...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

"Rehab" Tamil Tigers child soldiers to work or already working in Malaysia?!

Yes unfortunately they were children before they were kidnapped to be turned into killers, but this is not our concern to be that neighbourly by taking them in, send them to India Tamil Nadu State for rehabilitation we already have enough problems here!

They have tasted blood and now we, a do gooder, are taking them as construction workers and WILL be keeping an eye for them?? I doubt it!

The article below is from AFP, and if it is true than the government is either stupid or desperate to take in child soldiers from Sri Lanka to work here, we have enough problem already. To these child soldiers killing is a normal behaviour!! Can some one explain this to me please! BTW one cannot retrain serial killers!


''Sri Lankan child soldiers get jobs in Malaysia: govt

A group of former child soldiers from Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels have won jobs on construction sites in Malaysia after undergoing re-training, the government here said Thursday.

The seven men were among hundreds of former child soldiers who surrendered in the months before government troops finally defeated the Tigers in May at the end of decades of ethnic warfare.

Now aged between 19 and 21, the seven joined the Tigers' ranks as children and fought with the rebels in their unsuccessful and bloody campaign for an independent Tamil state.

Some former fighters are not charged over their involvement with the rebels and instead undergo one-year vocational training in plumbing, masonry, carpentry and electrical work at state-run welfare centres.

The government, which has often been accused of mistreating the large Tamil minority in Sri Lanka, says it helps the child soldiers secure jobs overseas or return to their villages in the north and east of the island. AFP

"This is the first batch of former child soldiers for whom we have been able to find jobs in Malaysia," Cyril Jayawardene, a senior executive of the government's rehabilitation bureau, said.

The Justice Ministry is in the process of rehabilitating some 3,000 fighters.''

Remember the book or a movie 'Pelican Brief'?

Remember the movie based on a book "Pelican Brief" ? Anyway the story begins with the assassination of two philosophically divergent Supreme Court Justices. Liberal Justice Rosenberg is killed at his home, while the conservative Justice Jenson is killed inside a porn theatre. The circumstances surrounding their deaths, as well as the deaths themselves, shock and confuse a politically divided nation. Read more here if you want....

Any way I cannot help but to think about our nine, yes nine, lawmakers from members of parliament to members of the legislative assemblies who died this year, from mostly of "heart attacks" and other strange malady, and the thing was they were not quite that old either.

What if the nine were victims of "extreme prejudice" ordered by one obsessive politician that wants to be the leader of the country at all cost?!! The deaths have brought nine by-elections and the opposition parties somehow won and took over the respective constituencies!

Also what the government did not do is to actually find out what if the opposition parties which won five states had stuffed their own ballot boxes to make them win? Nobody thought of doing so. In the past only the ruling party has been accused of stuffing the ballot boxes, but what IF this time it was the opposition who had done it!

To hasten or quicken the dream of ruling the country, what if the opposition had murdered the nine to force by-elections?? Just a food for thought for you morons who are not capable of thinking out of your square boxes?

Like the judges in Pelican Brief their murder benefited certain person and a particular race of people!?

Where's the beef Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?!

American Gangster!

The article below was sent to me by one "PJ Moorthy from Washington" to be reproduced, after reading it I obliged, why not!


"Where’s the beef?

So when will Malaysians actually grow up and see the shenanigans of PR?

In the past week alone, different groups have jumped on each other’s back to have their say.

There was the ‘cow’ incident, the nutmeg (Buah Pala) village, and the EGM issue (not to mention the illegal assembly sitting at the Heritage hotel). It seems, the opposition are always in the limelight.

Whenever something happens, it is Barisan’s fault. The Cow? Barisan was at fault. The PKFZ, Barisan. EGM, Barisan. What else?

The same chorus being drummed out each time, and there are news portals who are eager to play this up. One such portal champions the opposition to a point that any and all articles by lawmakers from PR are churned out.

It seems, Malaysia has no place for Malay voices no more. If indeed Malaysians are calling for equality amongst the races, why then would more opposition parties be formed for Malaysian Indians? In the past year alone, 3 have sprouted up. Aren’t they playing the racist cards? And what about PAS’s wish of wedging its muslim brethren?

The opposition has been exploiting the issue of race since their rebranding as Pakatan. The fact remains that DAP is an ultra Chinese party (remodeled PAP), PAS is an ultra Islamic party, and PKR, the one man fighting machine bent on destroying the party that brought him a career.

Barisan has never steered from its strong sense of responsibility for its own. Each component party has always looked out for its own contribution to nation building.

Hence, for 51 years, Malaysia resisted all the challenges that multi ethnicity brought along with it. And in the year that saw ‘tsunami of politics’, Malaysia has not enjoyed a long period of near peace that it enjoyed before.

In simple analysis, since Anwar Ibrahim reemerged, he has managed to consistently fan the winds of ethnicity to incite racial differences as he pushes to become Malaysia’s seventh Prime Minister. This brought about the Hindraf’s and the likes of it.

It is no coincidence that Malaysia is tearing at the seams on these very grounds that its fore fathers brought her together.

And it certainly is no coincidence of the emergence of coordinated media attacks on her that was never seen in Tun Mahathir’s era. Seeing Anwar in countless videos giving interviews abroad, it is clear as day that this man so hates the country that he is going on a war path of destruction to tell the world that Malaysia is not what she is, and it is he that can bring her to safety. Clearly, the only problem is him with Malaysia, and not Malaysians who want to see peace and love in the country that ‘tumpah darahku’. – PJ Moorthy from Washington"

Friday, September 04, 2009

Malaysian Insider, don't rain on our parade! You are so full of malice intended!

Yes! One of our pride! Our own submarine!

Malaysian Insider implied Malaysian government is wasting money when we could have built one with a tin drum!

A news portal, Malaysian Insider, which has been negatively slanting a report on how Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussin has been supporting the "cow-head" protester is "powered" or owned by none other than a PR company, Fox Communications, entrusted, yes entrusted, to service the image of the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM)

Rockybru wrote: "The irony? The Malaysian Insider, the said portal that's drubbing Hisham cow-cow (actually it's kow-kow, which makes the drubbing not a mere drubbing but "a really good drubbing"), is powered by an ex-Singapore journo who is a major partner in Fox Communications, which is a Malaysian PR agency run by two PRs (of Singapore and Australia, if I'm not misled) that has a RM1,000-a-day contract to service the Polis Di Raja Malaysia. The PDRM, or the Royal Malaysian Police, comes under the Home Ministry."

If this is the case than Hishamuddin as a minister in charge of the police does not deserves my sympathy for being a moron. Either he is clueless that the very PR company given a big fat contract by his ministry to enhance the police image has been maligning him via the news portal, or, yes, he should step down! If a pro-Singapore news portal is allowed to belittle the Malaysian government, or the government has no energy to reprimand these people or group then things are seriously out of control in this country!

Unlike Malaysiakini, while biased towards the opposition, appears to have more finesse as a news portal, Malaysian Insider is blatant in its anti-Malaysia, anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-the Malaysian government! Najib Tun Razak what are you going to do about this freaky anomaly which called itself a respectable news portal!

Malaysian Insider is created to be one of those evil-intended and malicious news portal!
Just look at the news on Malaysian submarine, its says while Malaysian multi-million ringgit submarine arrive at the port, a Chinese man bought a drum and some engine and built himself a much cheaper submarine!! Of course it was not written that way but that was how the pictures were meant to be depicted! Evil just plain pure evil!

This news portal will not stop, unless stopped, until Umno led BN-government is slayed and destroyed, well people, Malay people especially, wake up unless you want to live like a moron for the rest of your life being abused! Wake up for heaven sake!