Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am trying to understand maverick Hassan Merican and his Petronas!

Petronas Chief Executive

The country's Chief Executive!

Petronas Adviser and former PM

I am no expert on Formula One(F1) race and its benefits. But I do see, tell me if I am wrong, Malaysia wants to be known as an international player internationally, be it in diplomacy, business, and accepted as one of the more reliable and acceptable countries, unlike Cuba or Venezuela, or North Korea etc, if you get my drift.
I was invited to a recent F1 race in Singapore and there I saw the exuberance of Tun Mahathir, Tony Fernandes and other Malaysia-backed Lotus F1 personalities over the prospect of Malaysia will be competing world wide on F1 races in the world, with its own team. This mean more exposure for Malaysia as a premier global player in many things.
Then our Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak met with our F1 team drivers, including one homegrown potentially a major name as a F1 driver. The F1 team drivers met with out PM and had a photo session.
Then at the back of our minds we already know that in such an expansive undertaking and venture such as the F1 race, the Lotus team needs a lot of money. This is where Petronas comes in, right! Well we are wrong.
Instead Petronas is giving its billion ringgit a year expense to another foreign F1 team, Mercedes, to enable it to carry the Petronas logo to be seen word wide. The way I see it our Malaysian Lotus F1 team, win or lose, can also carry the Petronas logo to be seen worldwide.
Having said that I now am trying to understand Petronas under what appears to be the maverick Tan Sri Hassan Merican.
He ,who is so adamant about having his own mind, appears to be doing so by not to listen to reason and all these are being done at the expense of Najib as the country's prime minister.
There was other occasion when Hassan Merican also vehemently rejected the prime minister's request for his (the PM) choice of a director for Petronas. But this is considered as a small hiccups between the Petronas chief executive and the prime minister.
But, in the case of giving billion ringgit every year to another foreign F1 team when we have our own, well just put it this way I am rather perplex by the move to give money to a foreign team when it could have been given to ours.
As a layman, it appears as though, in his quest to have a mind of his own and to be a maverick, Hassan Merican has shoved aside two very important voices in the country: one is Petronas adviser Tun Mahathir Mohamed, and Hassan Merican own boss Najib.
As a layman, the way I see it, if I am that prime minister, I will just tell Hassan to go, or just sack him. Why? Well the way I see it he should be sacked for his wisdom of not being able to see why giving Malaysian petro-ringgit to a foreign F1 team, instead of ours, is wrong, and he shoal be sacked for not having that respect for his own boss the Prime Minister! Below is an excerpt from news report on the issue:

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 26 — The decision by state oil and gas company Petronas to sponsor the Mercedes Formula One team next season is a blow to the Malaysia-backed Lotus F1 racing team but may have political consequences for Petronas's independent chief executive.

Last month, Riad Asmat, the chief executive officer of Lotus F1 told the press that he had submitted a comprehensive sponsorship proposal to the oil firm but admitted that the well-heeled Petronas was being wooed by other international suitors.

It costs approximately RM1 billion a year to sponsor an F1 team.

Riad's statement led observers to conclude that Petronas would, indeed, be Lotus's main sponsor as the creation of the Malaysia-backed team had been announced by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak who'd said that it would be a government-backed venture. more here.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Imagine if we posses a nuclear technology?! It will be stolen in a jiffy!

*latest update*

Here is a new perspective on the case of two "stolen" jet engines written by a retired airforce officer who wrote in his blogside "mindnoevil": " I wish to share with my readers an email that I received from a friend regarding the stolen RMAF jet fighter engine; the contents of which seems to show the better side of the RMAF and the former Chief of Air Force (presently the Chief of Defence Force). The originator of the email here...... if you want to be more informed on this startling case.

Our nuclear technology then would be stolen in a jiffy and sold to a rogue country or sold to a terrorist group, the way our security lax has shown how a F-5E jet engine, no two F-5E jet engines, can be carted away from an air force base with much ease then sold to a third country.
Not only that they are being sold to another country but very senior military officials are qlso found to be involved.
Good that the Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak said there will be no cover up to the investigation, but from now on justice must really be seen and to be constantly visible and seen to be done so that those involved will be given the harsh sentences befitting traitors, and the rakyat to be made to feel safe!
The country's armed forces chief already said those involved will be considered traitors and to be charged accordingly if found guilty, and the air force brigadier-general who was sacked then reinstated, over the involvement, should also have his pension revoked. The fact of the matter is Malaysia has no security consciousness since it is noit within our culture to be so
Enough already with lax of security, graft and corruption and thievery in this country!

Friday, December 18, 2009

She supervised a murder then spent RM600,000 shopping in Dubai?

Yes I am talking about the wife of our prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor!

According to PKR MP Tian Chua, a.k.a Chicken Le Tian by Can You See It blogsite.... read here, he has information that says an unidentified individual had allegedly sent RM600,000 through an errant money changer to her when she was in Dubai in August last year for her to spend it on shopping.

That is a lot of money and the allegation made by Tian Chua must be true when there was this picture of him which appeared in website flailing a piece of "official" looking document to back his claim.
And remember prior to this Tian Chua also posted a fake composite (an oxymoron here but..) picture of Prime Minister Najib, Razak Baginda and the murdered Mongolian girl Altantuya. Well he thought Malaysians were gullible enough to believe him. He has since apologised.

The he subscribed to the allegation made that Rosmah was supervising the murder of a Mongolian girl somewhere in a jungle at a city fringe.

But here is a problem. On both counts Tian Chua were wrong, if he was an honest human being he should know or already know that on the night Rosmah was "supervising" the murder she has an iron clad and water proof alibi! On the alleged night and time of the alleged supervision she was attending an official function at Tabung Haji. Of course Tian Chua did not tell that to his "supporters!"

Also on the month and day and night in August last year, reliable sources, said she was not even anywhere near Dubai or the region.

The thing is this poor woman, a wife of the prime minister, cannot simply react to any frivolous allegation or if she does she may run a risk of becoming a dysfunctional person or a wife of the prime minister!

Watching the news on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) about how a flying school, there was failing a student from India, and the principle person of the flying school involved was accused of "swearing a false affidavit" to discredit this foreign student. The accuser was asked whether she had "swear a false affidavit" a new term that I have learn.

Just to show that anyone can swear to an affidavit, true or false, and the document on which the words of the "sworn" affidavit was typed upon will look official enough for morons out there to believe if the affidavits, true or false, were to be flailed by any one, even by a two-bit infantile wannabee-politician like Tian Chua has done.

Basically I am just plain tired having to listen to crude politician like Tian Chua and his motley crew called the PKR that is trying to destroy the harmony of this once happy and cheerful country.

While writing this I can hear the sad and desperate voice of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim making his ceramah, reads lies, nearby somewhere in a mosque in Ampang. The voice is still the same as it was when he gave his fiery speech at every National Civic Bureau (BTN) course over the wisdom of the Malay rights and how immigrants should know their station and where they stand.

Back to Rosmah, you don't have to prove anything to your detractors, just do good for your country and just help your husband. As for Tian Chua and his gang, people are already saying they are just like the proverbial bungling and inept Keystone Cops.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cuba, Venezuela and Malaysia voting against condemning Iran's nuclear capabality!

 *an update*

Malaysia recalls its UN envoy over Iran nuclear voting
 Report by Bernama December 6 2009
KUALA LUMPUR: The Foreign Ministry has recalled Malaysia's permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) in Vienna for consultations over the passing of a resolution on the Iran nuclear issue by the Board of Governors of  the international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Austria last month.
The ministry's statement here said voting on the matter was not in accordance with government procedures and that was why the representative was recalled. The IAEA Board on Governors on Nov 27 adopted a resolution tabled by Germany on the implementation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Safeguards Agreement and the relevant provisions of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions 1737 (2006); 1747 (2007); 1803 (2008) and 1835 (2008) in Iran.
Malaysia, Cuba and Venezuela voted against the resolution while six countries abstained, one was absent and 25 adopted the resolution. "Malaysia is studying the outcome of the resolution and its implications. We will endeavour to work together with the international community in moving the Iranian nuclear issue forward. "In this regard, we will consult with members of the IAEA Board of Governors and other member states of the United Nations," the statement said. - Bernama.

I say it is good that the government has taken swift in itiative to recalll our permanent reps in Vienna to find out more about how Malaysia voted the way it did on the Iran-Nuclear resolution!  If you ask me I would suspect either this Malaysian permanent representative based in Vienna is either not a learned person of his position or he is working in tandem with the opposition to tarnish the image of Malaysia and directly tarnishing the image of the Prime Minister of this country!  Either way he must be asked to reitre if he could not explain himself properly!
 Previous report
The world will now read it simply as Najib, Castro and Hugo Chavez  trio going against an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) sponsored resolution  made by Germany condemning Iran for its uranium enrichment program. 
Sources told BarkingMagpie that the United States of America was a tad confused with Malaysia's stance to vote together with Cuba and Venezuela against the condemnation of Iran nuclear technology which can lead to making nuclear bombs.
"While the USA could easily understood  Cuba's  and Venezuela's stance, but we were puzzled and we were wondering if Prime Minister Najib knew about the voting against the resolution," said this source.
As a Malaysian I would not like my prime minister to be associated with the likes of Castro or the firebrand anti-West Hugo Chavez,  We are against the proliferation of nuclear armament so therefore we must condemn countries that does not adhere to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty  in which Malaysia is a member. For another point of view on this issue please read Bigdog here... Read below:

 "Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Monday criticized the recent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolution against Iran as well as those countries who cast "unjust and discriminatory" votes against the country, the official IRNA news agency reported.
"The recent resolution issued by the IAEA against Iran has weakened the international body," Mottaki was quoted as saying.
"We hope these countries voting against Iran will review their attitude wisely," Mottaki made the remark in a press conference in Tehran.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) board of governors passed a resolution during a meeting on Friday in Vienna, calling for the "full cooperation" of Iran to clarify all outstanding issues involving its nuclear program.
It was reported that the resolution contained a strong call on Tehran to implement the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, as well as all the transparency measures the IAEA needed to restore confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program.
"We have lauded Malaysia, Cuba and Venezuela for their brave votes and will also take into consideration those which abstained in the voting," said Mottaki.
IAEA's Friday move was the first adoption of a resolution against Iran after the one adopted in February 2006. The 35-member board of governors of IAEA passed the resolution with 25 voting for, six abstentions, one absence while Cuba, Venezuela and Malaysia voting against.
"We cannot tolerate discrimination in international relations under any circumstances," he said, adding that "if there is a right for every country in an international treaty or convention, it should be applied to all."
Western powers suspected Iran of attempting to build nuclear weapons, but Tehran said its nuclear program was aimed at generating nuclear energy for civilian purposes.