Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26th January 2010: Rebuttal for Anwar Ibrahim Opinion Article in Wall Street Journal Asia

The following are points for rebuttal within Anwar Ibrahim’s opinion article in the January 26thedition of The Wall Street Journal Asia: Read here for the full text of his skewered opinion according to him....

1) Mr. Anwar Ibrahim has stated that there have been conflicting statements from government regarding the church attacks and that Malaysia frequently fails to offer a safe and secure environment that accommodates its minority communities. He goes further to allege that tensions are “largely due to incitement by a few reckless politicians, the mainstream media and a handful of nongovernmental organizations linked by membership and leadership to the United Malays National Organization”.

Rebuttal: This is cynical politics at its worst. By politicising these events, Mr. Ibrahim is fanning the flames of division and attempting to erase the progress we have made over the last year. Malaysian’s interest continues to move beyond divisiveness politics and into strengthening their communities and families. We encourage Mr. Ibrahim to do the same.

· THE GOVERNMENT CONDEMNS VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND. The government and the people of Malaysia have spoken with a unified voice in condemning the despicable acts of a few. People have joined as one to assert that violence is never an acceptable way to express views or resolve differences. Muslim and Christian groups are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure all people can worship safely and free of fear as is guaranteed under the Malaysian Constitution.

· THE GOVERNMENT IS FULLY COMMITMED TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. While buildings have been damaged, the values all Malaysians share - religious freedom, tolerance, peace and fairness - remain the cornerstones of our communities. Malaysia has a history of respecting the expression and practice of all religions. In Malaysia, people are free to celebrate religious holidays including Christmas and Thaipusam; and, religious expression in schools, such as wearing a headscarf, a cross or a bindi, is guaranteed.

· GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FOR SAFETY AND REBUILDING. During a visit to one of the most badly damaged churches, the Prime Minister pledged resources to rebuild and emphasised that all Malaysians can attend their places of worship free of fear. While thankfully nobody has been hurt in these attacks, the police are enhancing security and intensifying their investigation to track down the perpetrators and have made several arrests.

· INTENSIFYING EFFORTS TO BRING THE CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE. The Prime Minister and Home Minister have called on the police to leave no stone unturned in this investigation so that those responsible can be brought to justice. The Home Ministry is in regular contact with those leading the investigation and will ensure full communication and transparency to the people on this issue.

· AS THE PRIME MINISTER STATED IN AN OPINION ARTICLE IN THE JANUARY 26TH EDITION OF THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ASIA: “Many Malaysians have been appalled by the irresponsible and dangerous finger-pointing of a few politicians who put personal political interests before Malaysia's national interest. They try to score political points by hammering on sensitive issues. My government chooses a different path. We will reach out to all parts of Malaysian society in the coming days to foster open dialogue and work to resolve sensitive issues together.”

2) Mr. Anwar Ibrahim says that recent attacks exemplify what’s wrong with the way Malaysia regards its non-Muslim citizens.

Rebuttal: This sceptical view of Malaysia and Malaysians is directly contradicted by the reaction of ordinary Malaysians of all religions following the attacks.

· THE REACTIONS OF ORDINARY MALAYSIANS HAS SHOWN THEY REJECT VIOLENCE: The reaction of ordinary Malaysians to the Church attacks shows that Malaysians do not accept or tolerate acts of vandalism or intimidation against any religion. This is the true spirit of 1Malaysia.

· AS THE PRIME MINISTERS STATED IN AN OPINION ARTICLE IN THE JANUARY 26TH EDITION OF THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ASIA: “Many measures have been taken to counter this violence. Muslim groups volunteered to safeguard churches in their towns. Muslim social activists have written petitions to oppose these senseless acts of vandalism. Muslim civic groups are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Christians, Hindus and Buddhists to ensure that all people can freely worship as they wish. Christian and civic leaders have urged calm and interfaith dialogue; they are fully aware that those who perpetrated these acts do not represent the Muslim majority in Malaysia.”

3) Mr. Anwar Ibrahim says recent incidents raise doubts as to the course of the country under the Prime Minister’s leadership and that the “vision of Malaysia as a peaceful and stable location for investment, tourism and migration is now in peril”.

Rebuttal: Malaysia’s overwhelming embrace of the respect, tolerance and community participation outlined in the 1Malaysia initiative prove Mr. Ibrahim wrong. A few despicable acts of cowardice can not derail our efforts, and the vision of Malaysia, and the social and economic progress it supports, remains sound.

· STRENGTHENING THE CONCEPT OF 1MALAYSIA. Over the past year, the government has implemented a number of reforms to increase opportunities for all Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity, including establishing scholarships and other programs to support Malaysia’s ethnic communities. Some have attacked 1Malaysia in the wake of these attacks, but the vast majority of Malaysians will continue to foster unity, tolerance, and understanding because of the shared belief that we are stronger together, and weaker divided.


Anonymous said...

he attacks his own country just to gain political mileage

Malaysians ask what has he done to improve lives except to raise controversial issues to be politicised for the benefit of some quarters

Armster said...


LAWAN TETAP LAWAN...against this Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)

Inilah orang yang sanggup mempolitikkan Islam.

Inilah orang yang mempelacurkan diri untuk kuasa

Inilah orang yang terang-terang jadi penjenayah tapi masih diangkat sebagai pemimpin

Inilah orangnya MELAYU..isk..isk..

Anonymous said...


glassman said...

Sometimes.. I wished he'd tried to screw me,, then Malaysian would have been ridded of this monster in muslim robes

Anonymous said...

Your words are so contradictory. As a Malaysian, I certainly do not share your view that government actually practice the concept of 1Malaysia. When is the meritocracy, equalism and respect for me, a minority? Your article hurts me more than convincing me of the 1Malaysia concept. Stop preaching it!!

pakteh adam said...

Let see what this SHiite PR politicians recite and preach their Holy Books to the Middle Finger Malaysian :-

Khalid Gagap- apa dia kata tentang ITM dialih ke Melaka

Holy Man Nikajis - His Holy advice kepada 70 PKR indian,official visit to Holy State Klantan.

Little Phroah of PKR Zaid - When not ALL want to listen to his shit.

and coming soon :- Zulkifli and Khalid Samd akan berpeluk dan menangis dan membuat statement ulang tayang mereka.

Anonymous said...

To ANON 28-1-10 12.23am

Wherever you go, you will be a minority...don't expect to achieve 100% of your wish.

Life is short - be grateful! & grow up bro!

Zul Noordin = Democracy said...

What I can’t UNDERSTAND is that why is PAKATAN RAKYAT playing the same tune as BN?


(1) When CHURCHES & GUDWHARAS was attacked, PAKATAN RAKYAT & its’ supporters pointed fingers at UMNO (BN). When SURAUS & MASJIDS was thrown BOAR HEADS, the same group of people pointed their fingers at UMNO (BN). Instead of pointing their fingers here & there, why can’t PAKATAN RAKYAT be more INNOVATIVE & CREATIVE by coming-up with something more CONSTRUCTIVE with their WILD ACCUSATIONS??? Finger pointing is NOT the way to defeat BN. If PAKATAN RAKYAT have the HOTS for finger pointing, I reckon they take their fingers & shuff it up their own ARSE (or atleast Anwar Ibrahim’s arse).

(2) When other component party leaders within BN (MIC, MCA, PPP, etc) followed PROTOCOLS by keeping their MOUTH SHUT regardless whether they are HAPPY with an issue or not…..PAKATAN RAKYAT constantly come attacking saying it’s “STRING PUPPET ethics”. However, when the notorious ZULKIFLI NOORDIN comes out saying what he felt sincerely inside his heart regarding an issue, PAKATAN RAKYAT says he should follow PROTOCOL by keeping his mouth shut!!! PAKATAN RAKYAT frequently preaches DEMOCRACY but when ZUL NOORDIN practices it, he gets a “Shut the FARK UP memo”.

Ain’t PAKATAN RAKYAT the same with UMNO??? You answer it yaself.

Anonymous said...

The Eastern European countries fell one by one because the government while telling everyone including themselves that they were turning left and bound by leftist policies in suppot of the working class were actually going right by accumulating all the perks of power which made the capitalist in Western Europe look like Primary one kids.Unbeknown to the masses and aided by the main-stream media the Communist leaders built luxury homes for themselves and had holiday resorts at the expense of the state.They became the largest importers of that German car Benz, and not just any Banz but only the S Class for their use on the pretext that they did most of their work while going from their home to their office and that the Benz S Class provided that stability for them to do their work while on the move. Some even established specialised shops the had all the branded items from Western Europe displayed for their pleasure. In short they were living the dream of the Owellian Animal Farm. So 'cacap ta sama dengan bikin' is not a new thing in politics nad does not only affect Asian politicians.We have to constantly look in the mirror and fine tune our policies so that we do not become deceived by our own deception.

Many of us are guilty of having an agreeable sensation from the misfortunes of Tiger Woods. But none of us have stopped to think why want happened to him did happen to him. He be came so powerful and important to other people who were all making momey out of him that they were willing to play along with his storyline and even help him to hide it from the main-stream-media. Even his caddy said that he did not know what Tiger was doing in his free time.His behaviour at best could be described as hubiristic which led him to deceived by his own deception. But unfortunately for him he hit the very tree that he was trying to avoid all his golfing life.In that tree he met his Waterloo.

I pray everday that my God that He will give the wisdom to my leaders to avoid that tree and do at the beginninmg what they will be forced to do unsuccessfuly in the end.Ramlax

Anonymous said...

I am of the view that you should only delete comments that are offensive and personal in nature all others should be allowed to appear. Anyway this blog belongs to you and you have the right to do as you please. Regards .Ramlax