Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DAP = Middle Malaysia = Middle Kingdom = Chinese Domination!

Emperor Lim Guan Eng of Malaysia who will replace the Yang Di Periuan Agung!!

And yet again the Malays, under the influence of BABI and PAS, are still so stupid as not to see i
this coming their way!!
I happen to agree with the "Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit Guy" who started his blog with this statement: "It seems that the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is changing its tone of ’Malaysian, Malaysia’ to woo the ’silent majority’ for votes, which rest in the hands of the Malay majority. They are now promoting ‘Middle Malaysia’, as a new battle-cry in the hope that the Malays are now felt being championed by the Chinese Chauvinist DAP, which in the over 40 years tried very hard to undermine the needs of the majority." Read more here if you want!!! I fully agree with him, and all like minded Malays should too!

It appears the Malays of this great country are easily taken in by such great foibles and lies and history has shown how they were easily cheated by con-men such as Stanford Raffles, Birch many others British spies-cum-missionaries who came to colonise, as the famous regret among the South Pacific islander, Hawaii included, that " we got their religion and they got our country" .
Not only that, the once exotic islanders now have to make do with the proverbial "missionary position" when the priest taught the "semi naked" native women on how to fu*k the Christian way!

Well, again the Malays, with the help of BABI and other pseudo ulamak and part time sarong clad paedophile Pas leaders, agreed with the DAP's "Middle Malaysia" concept and here is what is baffling, the DAP spoke as though the Chinese are the majority of this country! They are not!

When another of the DAP's lies, the Malaysian Malaysia concept, faltered these chauvinist Chinese based party again came out with another "humdinger" of a concept to "unite" the country, that is by propagating its Middle Malaysia concept or what ever that means.
I can just see these DAP leaders who will be speaking Bahasa Melayu at a press conference to convince Malays the new concept will be good for the country and Malay's ought to support the party and the idea. DAP is actually trying to con Malays into thinking that they are actually good Chinese-Malaysian that they can rule the majority Malays better than Umno+BN under Najib Tun Razak?!
There is this very funny Lat's cartoon showing a cartoon likeness of Ustaz Hadi, Nik Aziz, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and potential Malay leader Lim Guan Eng eating Duck Shit Cookie, or in Malay, Kuih Tahi Itek! So people of this great country, the Malays especially, just go figure!

BTW the term Middle as in reference to the Middle Kingdom has always been fondly used by the Chinese Empire, Middle Kingdom according to the Wikipedia is a term "referred to the Chinese name for China. It dates from c.1000 B.C., when it designated the Chou empire situated on the North China Plain. The Chou people, unaware of high civilizations in the West, believed their empire occupied the middle of the earth, surrounded by barbarians. Since 1949, when the Communists took power, the official name for China has been Zhonghua renmin gongheguo [middle glorious people's republican country] or, in English, the People's Republic of China. !

So I believe DAP is cunningly aware that the only way to achieve Middle Malaysia is to use Morons like those from PAS and Pakatan Rakyat under BABI! To this I will say good luck!

Middle Malaysians are not easily taken in by ruse and trickery!


Anonymous said...

wa looks like putting the brakes on guys who are riding the gravy train,fat boy included.

FreedomFighter said...

haha. another amusing post, pasquale. the lack of ethics and logic in most of your articles is astounding. are you sure you're malaysian?

Anonymous said...

Look at what Bapak of all Racism splitted-tougue forking and talking about Avatar vs 9/11 vs Holocaust. This senile snake blames everything on Jews like you blame everything on Anwar. Why?

Malaysian FU

UMNO Cawangan Gombak Selatan said...

Salam Perjuangan,

Kami dari UMNO CAWANGAN GOMBAK SELATAN amat terpegun dan meminati penghasilan blog anda yang amat berani mengutarakan isu2 berkaitan politik tanah air..

Semoga kita dapat bekerjasama dalam menjawab segala dakyah dan fitnah pembangkang.

Kami telah link blog anda di blog kami.



Abu Samad said...

What is wrong if the Chinese can con the Malays? The Malays are better off when the British rule this land, look at Penang Free School. The British build it up to be the best school in South East Asia but sadly it was ruined by mamak is sheep (Malays) skin. The fortune of Singapore would not have achieved 5 times more per capital income than Bolehland if not for the Chinese. So the fortune of us Malays can only turn better in the hands of others.

Is only for better if we can sink UMNO earlier, lets do it.

Anonymous said...

Memang nasib Melayu bodoh yang senang di perlembukan oleh apek dan achong, kalau Malaysia d perintah oleh DAP padan muka kita kerana kita tidak pandai dan peka untuk mempertahankan maruah dan negara kita ia itu Persekutuan Tanah Melayu! Anwar Ibrahim kaki liwat harus di hapuskan kerana bersekongkol dengan Cina DAP untuk menjahanamkan perkauman di negara ini!

Jutawan Melayu Jati!

Anonymous said...


Abu Samad is Malay meh???

Seems like a retard who thinks that he can CON the Malays into wiping off UMNO for him.

singapore just lost billions in bad investments, has started using their precious reserves and even built the CASINO using Malaysian sand

also being investigated for bank SECRECY laws that may just reveal an interesting drama soon

heh heh Abu Samad konon, sshheeesh

Anonymous said...

Amboi ape ni. Kenapa you hentam so teruk your brothers in PAS and that wonderful man Anwar? Semua ini aall good people and Melayu yg patriot dan wira. Are them not Malay like yourself and begitulah you are all brothers.

I nasihatkan kau pi memohon ampun from them all. Pergilah hug them and kiss them, terutama D.Seri Anwar (janganlah call him bad names fahamkah) then tell them how sory you are for all your perkataan kasar toward they.


Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 9:25
Look like the Bapak of all Racism is interested in the job of Osama as he claim indirectly that he got better idea how to do those dirty job. Real sick with this expired fool.

Samad, you are right.
Malays are like tea bag and cold water, they are much better when under the hot water prepared by others.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I like to read stories like that. By the way add some pics :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:21 am

Fresh rubbish is fit to be thrown away to rot.

Whereas VINTAGE wine is priceless and sought after.

Wanna guess which group you and Abu belongs to??

The Jewish lobby and DAP just LOVE to love gullible people like you.

Anonymous said...

DAP can stop dreaming of ruling the country as long the majority malays respect their sultan.

Lim Guan Eng can make himself emperor of whatever kingdom in Penang.That is the furthest any chinese leader could go.Just be contented with that...HEHE HEHE

satD said...

weh pasquale

kue taik itek mung jange kaca ...tu hok paling sedak lepas kue akok....

hok menate tokpek ambo tok caro

Anonymous said...

Ini semua angan cucu cicit baka lembek...

yg ingin menebus maruah pengkhianatan orang2 tua mereka dulu yang bertempiaran lari keluar dari Negara asal sendiri kerana tak sanggup dengan keperitan hidup dan berjuang diTanah Air sendiri.

If you have these kind of generations ruling this country, tak ubah macam Singapore.. Malaysia akan sedadar menjadi tempat membiak manusia sahaja..


Anonymous said...

salam bro,

keep it up bro.. teruskan penulisan2 yang macam ini..

- parti jahat, kato eh -

Anonymous said...

"Zhonghua renmin gongheguo [middle glorious people's republican country] or, in English, the People's Republic of China.."

alamak...wak tak erti Cina ka? patutlah...

Your translation is not even correct..."Zhong" = shortform for CHINA in Chinese, "Hua" is Chinese, Direct translation for th whole sentence is "China Chinese Citizen Country"..not "middle" are really retarded man...go back to school and learn please...

The middle malaysia suggest by DAP if proper translation should means "normative"....

Anti-UMNO dan BN yabg begitu racist...

Anonymous said...

what is so middle when Nizar was the Menteri Besar of Perak. With 999 years of leasehold given to one particular race

Anonymous said...

what is so middle about giving 999 years leasehold land to one particular race?

Raja Zurina Zaman said...


Hujah Shamsul Akmar sudah dikoyak-rabakkan secara terperinci dan satu per satu. Terbukti hujahnya itu kosong dan merupakan propaganda golongan tertentu!

Nak baca?

Ayuh, pegi sini!

Anonymous said...

"what is so middle when Nizar was the Menteri Besar of Perak. With 999 years of leasehold given to one particular race"..

Ini mesti Utusan lagi lar..

The leasehold given to all races, and 70% are MALAY VILLAGERS...!!!!

ONLY UTUSAN and UMNO will make false claim...

Tongsan said...

DAP wants to promote Middle Malaysia?

I'm very sure that most of my family, relatives, friends and colleagues,will give their answer straight away....

in form of two middle fingers!

Give A Middle Finger to Middle Malaysia


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.