Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lies and more lies by the desperate opposition, and weak minds will succumb!

Add ImageDr Zambry: They are a bunch of liars somebody got to stop them!

I am talking about how an opposition newspaper Suara Keadilan, lied to the readers about Perak Mentri Besar Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir being denied entry into the United States by the US homeland security for suspected of being a terrorist and told to go back to Malaysia!! If indeed that happened as claimed by Suara Keadilan then please read the report below by Bernama:-


By Kamarul Ariffin Md Yasin

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 9 (NNN-BERNAMA) — The drive by the government of the northern Malaysian state of perak to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) is being focused on two main sectors — renewable energy and biotechnology — with the aim of directing its economic activity towards high technology, says Perak Chief Minister Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

The state government was in discussion with several parties in the United States and the potential investors were being briefed on the advantages and facilities offered by Perak for foreign investors, he told journalists here following a meeting with representatives of Crosslink Capital, a venture capital company here Monday.

“We no longer want to depend on the traditional economic activities and want to move to new economic activities. We are also looking at making products not only for the Perak or the Malaysian market but for the South East Asian market which has a population of about 500 million people,” he added.

Zambry, who is on leading a state investment mission on a five-day visit to the US, said the meeting with Crosslink, a renowned venture capital company, had already brought in some investments into Malaysia, with discussions now moving into plans to bring investments in solar energy into the state via san Jose, california-based Twin Creeks Technologies Inc (TCTI).

“We have already reached the stage of memorandum of agreement (MoA) which we hope to be made into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) soon,” he said.

He said TCTI was also made aware of the state’s edge in terms of human capital and its abundant natural resources, especially forests.

“Our government is also carrying out the green technology campaign. This is the economic field of the future with the potential of generating the state’s economy which in the past depended on tin mining which no longer brings in much revenue,” he said.

Zambry said during the discussions, he had also explained the many benefits provided by Perak for potential investors.

Referring to the solar energy project, he said there were already such projects in Perak but they were small and concentrated in the interior areas especially in the villages of aborinal groups and now he wanted them to be expanded so that they could become alternative energy sources.

“That is why I have come to San Francisco to discuss solar energy as there are parties interested and many developed countries use this form of energy which brings down the cost of energy rather than when depending on a sole source,” he said. — NNN-BERNAM


I am glad Dr Zambry is suing the opposition newspaper for RM100 millions because someone from Umno has to do it to counter to lies spread by BABI and his gang of Keystone Cops led by Tian Chua..I was reported by the Malaysian Insider that Dr Zambry, and Umno man, cannot take these lies lying down anymore, kudos on him,. and Umno man, for having the chutzpah, or balls, to catch the bull by the horns and to destroy the more here if you want!


Anonymous said...

It's about time but where are they to find the money to pay? They are honest citizens living from hand to mouth. And if the court finds them guilty, they will run amok saying the judicial system is unfair.


Anonymous said...

I agree.Such terrible lies.

Anonymous said...

Surely you mean rm 100 million and not rm 100?


Yahoo said...

Same old story.Opposition will remain as opposition because their mentality never changed.They oppose for the sake of opposing.Most of the time insubstantial statements and allegations.So much for political maturity.Constructive opposition is the most welcomed but rarely found in Malaysia.I think Zulkifli Nordin is the closest example of constructive opposition.