Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Special prayer for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.....Good luck!

Sources very deep inside Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's camp told me a special prayer was conducted at his house in Bukit Segambut on the 24th of January. The prayer was headed by Ustaz Shamsul, the second Imam of the Saidina Abu Bakar mosque of Bukit Damansara.
About twenty people attended this special prayer and among them were Shamsul Iskandar, Mat Zaman Mat Tasi, Nurul Ezzah and her husband, Datin Azizah and Syed Husin Ali.
The prayer was probably meant to ask Allah to keep Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim from harm's way, but knowing Allah he will have nothing to do with those who have committed a serious crime or any un-pardonable activity deems unnatural!
To this guy, I hope for his family sake will be found innocent, but with the insurmountable evidence stacked against him for his upcoming trial I think he will be found guilty as charged.


jeevan said...

what insurmountable evidence genius?
60 year old guy forcefully rapes a young tall moron?
how believable

Sumo Piar said...

Somebody said at fb if his dick prosecutes him, he will have no chance.

But if another mortal does the job in prosecuting him, he has hell of a chance .. to go to hell.

lim kit malam said...

Dia sudah gian lah, sudah jadi incredible hulk.