Friday, January 08, 2010

They Shoot Horses Don't They!

Sometimes it is humane to put an injured horse to sleep!

Let me ask you this: If you want to commit an act adultery or buggery would you want four witnesses to witness your act, I wouldn't, if I were to do it, that is.
If it serves his purposes he will use the Civil court or if he wants to deceive more people he will sing the Syariah court tune.
I am talking about BABI on how he wants his accuser in a buggery case to be put on trial since the accuser failed to provide four male witnesses to witness the act. So therefore the accuser is then lying.
Well and fine, for a man who does not have any faith in the Malaysian judicial system but still use the system to sue people millions of ringgit. His so called "untrustworthy" judicial system made him richer when he was awarded a large sum over a case that he won against the NST much for an untrustworthy and biased system, eh!
Back to his buggery case, he accused his accuser of qazaf or false accusation.
Frankly am sure we are all fed up with his antic and manipulation and I am pretty sure he will be found guilty as charged and sentenced once and for all.
BABI has become a destructive and deadly virus that is slowly eating this country apart and after all as they say in English: "They shoot horses don't they"? For this country to bounce back "a horse with a broken leg" has to be put down to put it out of its misery so we can get back to normal!


Anonymous said...

This is a case of guilty as sin. A silly attempt to get away from the truth.

Everyone have different sexual fantasies, including the drama king himself.

To restore his dignity, just admit this strange fetish and push for a law to legalise it rather than find 4 spectators to watch your prowess.

At this rate, the Rapists' Union Of Malaysia will draw up a new set of rules. To rape legally, find three or less spectators to watch.

Well done, and that's PKR justice.


straycat's strut said...

His antics, theatrics and tactics do not surprise me anymore after all these years. He would manipulate anything to get away with murder; his race, his country and his religion included. But it boggles my mind how some still believe in him and demonized those who doubted him without the slightest hesitation. Mesemerized? Kena pukau? Taksub? You tell me. Kata sekolah tinggi-tinggi dia orang nih tapi still failed to put 2 and 2 together. With his track-records, boleh jadi Penasihat Ekonomi lagi! Go figure.

Methink, the faster we get over the Anwar factor, the faster we could move forward. Enough is enough lah. I don't see in what way we are going to lose if he is not a PM.

I wish he could just retire, move to San Fransisco and marry Azmin. Leave us alone.

Pasquale said...

straycat's strut I am sure those who appear to support BABI are not all Malays who are mesmerized by this animal, but they are, I am sure, non-Malays who would wish for a country without their Malay domination, as they would like to have, but not on my watch! They can see or they thought they can see a crack in Malay unity and can be further cracked via this BABI and this is why BABI is being supported not so much by Melayus but by the non-Malay opposition members and yet many Malays are dumb enough not to realise this!

FreedomFighter said...

tsk tsk tsk. back to your racist ways, i see. it is quite hypocritical that you say Anwar draws cracks in unity when its really people like you who should be blamed.
oh, and if its not on your watch that we rid ourselves of Malay dominance, then you can jolly well get out of this country. we proper Malaysians would rather you keep your 'watch' in a more uncivilised country. i hear Zimbabwe's nice and warm this time of year.

Pasquale said...

FreedomFighter a.k.a Nada!
If being a realist Malay who loves his country is a racist than I am one and you can jolly ask Anvar Ibrahim to fuck your Indian backside again!

Anonymous said...

I remember BABI humiliating the Indian students in MU during his time by calling them as those orang puteh wannabes with black backside. Maybe dia sudah cuba kot...hitam, hitam -lah.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the horse? Why shoot horse, is the wrong target. This is what the racist UMNO did to the churches that Chinese uses, the Chinese never need to use the word Allah as they have 5000 years of deep culture and language than even Jesus Christ wasn't even born then. Is the Dayaks and Kandazan that the racist UMNO should target, they are the one using 'Allah'.

So the racist UMNO are just what you pointed out 'shooting horse', wrong target and show how stupid they are.

Anonymous said...

wow u look as though ur ass is on fire kahkahkahkahkah.

Anonymous said...

Magpie you make more sense than compared to the Pakatan morons (permission to use the word)who cannot seem to see Anwar Ibrahim's manipulation and double talk. Anwar is tearing this country apart how I wish someone really strong to just deal with the problem once and for all!

Retired Indian-Malaysian physician!

Pasquale said...

FreedomFighter just to let you know your too racist comments will not see the light of day in my blogsite, so do not bother again SVP.

Anonymous said...

This the only time you should tie the horse where your boss wants you to tie it even if you know that it will die there. At other times we should ask the question.Ralalx