Thursday, January 28, 2010

Umno Youth head, Khairy Jamaluddin, told to step down!

KJ told to step down for lacklustre leadership!

Mohd Hishamuddin, or fondly known as Yeop, who told KJ to scuttle!

Khairy Jamaluddin, or commonly known as KJ, was told by an Umno Youth executive council (exco) member from Putrajaya Umno youth to step down as an Umno Youth head and to make way for others, if he cannot effectively lead the movement.
At a four-hour Umno Youth meeting held at the 38th floor of the PWTC today, disgruntled exco members, among others, voiced out their dissatisfaction over KJ's nine month lacklustre leadership.
Mohd Hushamuddin Yahaya, Putrajaya Umno Youth vice-head said the movement feels that nothing is moving under KJ's leadership.
Other exco members also voiced out the inability for the exco members to have excess or to see even Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak for a meaningful dialogue due to KJ's vanity and pride.
Some, at the meeting, also feel that KJ as the Umno Youth leader did not seem to support Najib policies such as the One Malaysia concept.
Others blamed KJ's choice of state Umno youth heads as being those who are non performer and were chosen without consulting other youth members. "Some of those elected have no credibility to begin with and yet KJ chose them," sources said.
Well KJ buck-up or get out of the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

KJ always a destroyer & a BABI/ Sinkpork worshipper..he 'beriman' with them all forever

Anonymous said...

And replace him with whom?

Khir Toyo?

And why should the Exco want to meet the PM? Ask for project is it? The Exco has a leader who was elected and thats the bottom line.

KJ is perhaps the only reason young people may even consider to vote the Government.

Thats why at the time when almost everybody is perplexed with certain developments of the Government, KJFC on the other hand attracts members and at latest count there are over 7,300 members.

Face the facts and stop parroting what your boss Parpukari asks you do.


genesispassion said...

seemed teh sword is out on kj,,,,,next would be rais yatim ..nazri aziz? let put a bet?

Anonymous said...

Elok la tu, eden setuju sangat..tak nampak apa2 pun yang menyerlah dia buat..pemuda macam dah hilang taring..kenyataan dia pun hambar tak bersemangat..mcm pak mertua juga


Anonymous said...

Dah takde pak mentua nak back-up ke?
Lari pi PKR ler... AnWar dok tunggu tu!

Anonymous said...

"KJFC on the other hand attracts members and at latest count there are over 7,300 members."

wow wee, and they are the country's decision makers huh??

big deal, heh heh

Wenger Khairy said...

better than being stuck with Jom Pi Jerlun for vision or a scandal tainted ex MB who cannot even retain his state. To me those who oppose KJ fall into either one of 3 categories
a) Jealous
b) Stupid
c) All of the above.

I have yet to meet a single above average intellect anti Khairy. All are stupid or jealous beyond measure.

jonas said...


so yes...people deserve the leaders they choose/elect.

KJ represents the young (Malaysians)? this is pathetic.

Have people forgotten that this --- yes, articulate, smart -- boy was the face of BN abuse, corruption and the worst brand of nepotism -- under Pak Lah's regime?

you mean young malaysians are ok with corrupt leaders as long as these leaders pandai cakap orang putih, urbane, and smart? yep, leave it to KJ, and he'll know how to do things.....

wake up, man!

benedict said...


dah agak dah...

tunggu masa aje. kalau dah di tabalkan cara tidak "sah", pasti ketidakbolehan sebagai pemimpin akan terserlah.

lambat laun orang akan tahu kelemahan.

padan muka pemuda gah sangat sokong perlantikan KJ.

sekarang, tahu padah nya!

Pasquale said...

Personally I think KJ suffers from an acute case of a personality bypass, he has to deal with this problem seriously!

Wenger Khairy said...

That is your opinion, but even without a position in cabinet more than 7,400 have joined up to become his friend in KJFC. As to those who say KJ is the face of corruption, pls get your facts right. The economy under Pak Lah was much more resilient that it had ever been under TDM, so where is this huge corruption one is talking about. I personally confronted Tun on this matter, I even gave facts to back up my case, so cut the guy some slack or forever be condemned as suffering from dengki hasaditus

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... what about penyakit mata buta-nus and hati buta-nus.... but still.... KJ is not the only one tat raise curiosities... Mokhzani Mahathir is listed as top 20 richest man in Malaysia.... wonder if he can achieve that without being PM son for 23 years...