Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We all know what Allah actually means in this country!

A Mosque, a Coptic church side by side in Lebanon!

And for which religion does the word Allah is referring to!
But suddenly Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) the most self-appointed rhetorical and semantically capable person on this planet earth, who uses Islam to pursue his political ambition, suddenly became so stupid as not to be able to explain to the international community why Malay-Muslim reject Catholic or any other Christian sect from using the word Allah to refer to their god.

We all know what Allah means but for the purpose of distinguishing between religious beliefs that only Muslim-Malay in this country can exclusively use the word Allah as in reference to their god.

For a quick social and political take: Malaysia has decided a long time ago to be a multi-racial country where all races of all creed, colour and religion can co-exist in peace. We have done so well until BABI decided to become stupid as not to understand why Malay-Muslims, including from his own Justice Party have protested and protested hard for the Catholic not to use Allah in their religion.

Why? This is my take. In a multi-racial conditions such as Malaysia we have to have a set of rules and in fact in any society there must be rules or there will be chaos.

In this instance and via a conventional wisdom we have already decided that Chinese is allowed to practice their custom and religion without hindrance and they can eat pork in a country of a majority Malay-Muslim, and Indian can also practice their custom and beliefs and Malays-Muslim can also practice their culture and religion and we all respect these luxuries where people from other countries can only dream of what we have.

In this country it has been conventionally decided that Allah is referred only to the Muslim-Malay god just to avoid confusion and this has been accepted so well by everyone until now?

BABI is out to create some no good notion saying that Malays have no exclusive rights to the word Allah. Maybe he is right to say so but there was no need for this issue to be allowed to become an issue. For BABI he has in the past been an ardent Muslim right winger in his belief of his religion. He has been known to vehemently defended the religion against anyone appears to besmirch the good name of Islam as we know it in this country.

What BABI said is right Muslim have no right over the word Allah, yes but as I said in this multi-racial dimension of multi-racial Malaysia we have accepted many conventional wisdom affecting the good standing of other races. One is for the Muslim-Malays to be allowed to use Allah as a reference to their god in Islam!

In Lebanon the Maronite Christian and their brother Muslim Lebanese both refer to Allah in reference to God Almighty, Christian Lebanese will say "Inshallah" for almost every second word in any normal conversation.

But then in Lebanon, unlike multi-racial Malaysia, all Lebanese, Muslim or Christian, are Arabs. The Christian Maronite for example have their sermon in Arabic. In Lebanon they are only one race people inhabiting the country THE Arabs. Unlike Malays, Chinese, Indians or Iban or others in this country! So there must be rules!

But suddenly out of the blue the Catholic decided to use Allah in their Malay version of their newsletter Herald!?! Come on man we are not stupid! If thing is done with malice intended then those affected have the right to get pissed off.

I am not even a great Muslim but I do know that simple decorum that we the people of Malaysia have been practising until one pig decided to pit us against one another, no way I will just sit back and watch. I urge the government to throw any dangerous rabble rouser in the dungeon and to throw away the key for the sake of peace for all!


Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid. There is only one God for all mankind regardless of religion. There isn't such thing as your God is different from my God.

The fact remains clear that all religion are wrong in one way or the other, people who believe in religion are simply stupid and not accepting a simple reasoning that God created the world the human without differentiate colour of your skin or your religion.

So don't waste your time arguing something which is so obvious. You can call God in any other name so long as you respect him, he is for all regardless of race, language or religion. So don't waste your time but instead do something more useful for yourself and your country.

Anonymous said...

But then in Lebanon, unlike multi-racial Malaysia, all Lebanese, Muslim or Christian, are Arabs

Tolonglah, not all Lebanese are Arabs, idiot!

Anonymous said...

All human beings are created by God and Allah is referred to the same one and only God. No race issue here, idiot!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10.38am

Granted not all Lebanese are of Arab descent, but small, very small percentages are of Armenian, Greek and many more non-Arabic descent but the point is they all speak Arabic in general, and you are missing the point her of what Pasquale is trying to say!

Sparrow Cat!

Anonymous said...

Tah la, kalo aku nak convert ke mana2 pun you bet it wont be to Xristianity. Bosan la dgn benda2 Abrahamic ni semua - bahasa dia, cara dia pakai baju, cara dorang itu ini, semua rituals entah ye entah tidak garanti dah berkurun-kurun di ubai suai.Tuhan yg mencipta kesemuanya is certainly bigger than all this.

Am a lover not a fighter.