Monday, February 15, 2010

Australia must stop the mass murder of Aborignal people and foreign students before interfering!

Australia High Commissioner to Malaysia, Penny William. Your Excellency, have you been doing your job?

We, the world, all know Aboriginal people of Australia have been decimated, ethnically cleansed and disfranchised and yet Australia's low-life lawmakers have the audacity to tell us how to mind our business?!!

White men of Australia still regard Aboriginal people as part of the country's wildlife!

Australian government does not care about the future of Aboriginal children like the above!

I was told that the Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia Penny William may have some aboriginal blood in her, I do not know how true that is but if it is that is great. But, even if that is true then she is one of the luckiest original people of Australia who made it into the "white man's" world.
I also remember how Evonne Goolagong the tennis player, who has since added Cawley to her name. She was one of the greatest Australia original people who was mishandled by the White racist establishment of Australia because Evonne is not white. She was only recently being recognised for her contribution to the land down under, that was once the world's biggest penal colony where convicts were sent.
Some of the descendants of these convicts are now some of Australia's lawmakers who made the news recently by going out of line having the audacity to tell Malaysia on how to conduct its judicial system.
In a special reference to BABI who is now on trial for sodomy, these descendants of Australia's first convicts trying to force en bloc the Malaysian government to drop the sodomy case against BABI, or Malaysia will suffer, sigh! Such threat can work in the past, eh, but not today mate!
How dare them! I think before these low-life lawmakers who hailed from the same convicts DNA must first create a fool proof law to protect and stop Aboriginal people of Australia from being ethnically cleansed and foreign students, especially those from India, from being stabbed and killed in public for being a foreigner.
You Australia low-life descendants of convicts have no locus standi over the executing of our judicial affairs, the same way as we do not have the locus standi to condemn you for mass murdering your original people and over the killing of foreign students in your so-called "civilised" land!
Penny William of possibly from an Aboriginal people's blood you have not done your job to explain to your government how things works around here, if that is so you have failed in your job as your country's representative. Well back to you Kevin Rudd!
BTW has anyone ever heard of Kathy Freeman the greatest Australia's first people who made a name in the last Olympic winning many gold medals? Well, the truth of the matter is she is still not being acknowledge as a great Australia by the racist people and government of Australia.


azreen said...

tgk je citer australia lakonan nicole kidman sebuah kisah benar..

Anonymous said...

Sama ajer depa depa nih.. Mat Salleh Britian..Americans..Australians..

Masters of all slavery, looters, habis harta karun colony mereka di gali korek, angkut bawa balik..

Then they rampas tanah2 locals, like the South Africans..

Songeh2 cakap banyak, kaya atas keperitan orang lain, sekarang memandai nak cry DEMOCRACY bahalol..

Ni Australians pun sama, tak tau rasa malu..


FreedomFighter said...

Funny you should criticize Nasir Safar for likening Chinese ancestors to prostitutes and Indian ancestors to beggars, but you yourself generalise Australians to being descended from convicts. tsk, be a bit congruent lah...

Pasquale said... must fight to free your frozen brain from ignorance...Nasir Safar never said the ancestors of Indian and Chinese Malaysians today were prostitutes and beggars, he was referring to those millions who came into the country lately but never in reference to your ancestor. Nasir safar made a mistake of thinking he was talking in front of a Malaysian audience but never in his mind thought the Malaysian-Indians and Malaysian-Chinese audience that were in the hall listening were still thinking they were still Chinese or Indians.
I would think Malaysians of all walk of life would have supported Nasir's concerns over illegal immigrants that have been inundating this country. FreedomFighter if you persist on writing something stupid on my blog it will not see print! You have been warned!
But yes majority of the white and old establishment of Australia are descendants of convicts thus the mentality!

antiKJ said...

Pasquale. The spin from the opposition to oust Nasir Safar should be exposed.

Next time maybe Nasir Safar should elaborate further to say that he was referring to the Chinese & Indian immigrants nowadays who comes to Malaysia from China & India to find money in whatever way that they can...

Anonymous said...

Lets get our children out of this western countries and come back to Malaysia what say you.

Anonymous said...

So Called Himself Freedom Fighter

Go and fcuk yr self.

As I told Ms Love Cock Teresa,~ say anything wild about us Malay and Islam. Anything at all, since you still got the time.

Frankly, since the last 24 months, it is crystal clear, average of you are just bloody fucking hypocrite.

Dream on thinking your kind will get us vote.

Anonymous said...

In Aussieland, to qualify as a full fledge jackaroo, one must after the apprentice period aljuburi a cow or a bull ala CIFUT BABI. That is why BABI's case is no big deal to the Aussie lawmakers. It is already inherent in their culture.

note: jackaroos are the Aussie cowboys who work in the numerous cattle station located in the outback of the country.

Anonymous said...

"BTW has anyone ever heard of Kathy Freeman the greatest Australia's first people who made a name in the last Olympic winning many gold medals? Well, the truth of the matter is she is still not being acknowledge as a great Australia by the racist people and government of Australia".

Wise thoughts!!!!

By the same token, have anyone heard that in May 1997, two Malaysians, M. Magendren and N. Mohandas made Malaysia proud by conquering Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world which stands at 29 000 feet above the sea level?

And about Azhar bin Mansor from Perlis who sailed solo round the world without engine propulsion on an east-West-route. He sat sail on 2 February, 1999. In 190 days he took the RM2 million Jalur Gemilang over 21,600 nautical miles.

And about Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abdul Kadir, a Malaysian woman solo explorer who, in 2004, became the first Asian woman to travel to the South Pole.

Azhar was given a Datuk title and Sharifah Mazlina was given a Datuk Paduka title later.

But the bloody 'pendatang' decendants Magendran (who converted to a different faith 'on the quiet') and Mohandas have not been 'acknowledged as a great Malaysia by the non-racist people and government of ....????


Pasquale only has the answer.
But do not taunt him to give the response.

For it may be intelligently reasoned that Australian aborigines are original people while Magendran (who became Mohammad Abdullah effective 11 October 2004) and Mohandas are mere decendants of 'pendatangs' and hence do not merit such 'exclusive' titles, even though one of them changed faith.

Incidentally, much to your disgust, the BABI too had commented on this Magendran guy's case. Click to read more and whack the BABI further.


Pasquale said...

PARAMESWARA I am with you on this I want to know, if it is true, why Magendran and Mohandas weren't recognised after making it to the top of the Everest for Malaysia, or did they! I have put my wheels in motion to know the answer, so The National Sports Council (MSN) must have an answer to at least satisfy my curiousity!

Pasquale said...

PARAMESWARA...I have just got the answer but first I must tell you if you want to turn anything racial on my blog from now on I will not entertain you. If you are sober in your discussion I am with you. Here goes...before you got your knickers in your racial twist I must remind you the government is not a racist one for not awarding Datukship to non-Malays. Unless if you have mush for a brain you must remember our sprinter Datuk Jega, shuttler Datuk Punch Gunalan, Datuk Marina Chin hey moron I do not have to go on..To your assertion that the two Malaysians did not get anything you are wrong. The two who made it to the top of Everest are among the ten chosen by the government in a project to conquer the mountain, well you may not want to believe this they all got their rewards in many forms: apartments, raise in salary and promotions. Datukship is the states prerogative, but all of them got other award like AMN, KMN and PJK from the government. To put it simply they were all well taken care of, so stop being a racist in you breathing and talking and be careful with your rebut or it will be thrashed!

Pasquale said...

Joe Black I accidentally pressed the reject button on your comment you can send it aqain for publication!

PARAMESWARA you are an idiot do not come back here again!

Non-UMNO racist Malay said...

Datuk Nicole David, David Lee Chong Wei and what not.What say you PARAMESWARA.Give me any malay name that is well recognized in Singapore?.Dont look far Singapore used to be Malay island now has become Chinamen Land. The chinamen never give a blink to Malaymen. Chinese will always be chinese.Your life revolves around wealth.What ever means can do as long as there is money to plunder. By the way I am a non-umno racist malay with poor English. Heheh..

Anonymous said...

Australia happy many Malaysians invest there in property market because you cannot take out that investment. Malaysia happy Australia introduce red herring so that we all take eye off the ball. You see no harm done. All is happy. And 'sindiwara' will go on. Ramlax

Anonymous said...

PARAMESWARA, I can give you a name of a Pendatang who got the highest recognition in our Bolehland.

He is our mamak ex-PM Tun Dr M whose grandfather was an Indian from Karala South India but again this mamak Tun did cut his foreskin where as the two Indian Mt.Everest conquer didn't.

Anonymous said...

Yes I get an agreeable sensation when I read all these comments on Australia. But unfortunately man does not live by agreeable senation alone. Countries are here to stay for 100years. Hence, long term trends are more important that these short term arguments. We must ask the question why so many people all over the third world are going to live in the first world. They know that their individual rights, their property rights and above all their hard work will allow them vertical mobility in the labour market. We can call Australia all the names that we want. But we must understand the people all over the Third World are annually making application to work and and live in Australia.

My country right or wrong makes good political sense in the short term. But in the long term it makes bad politics.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

Aboriginal people are very thankful to the White for making the continent such a successful and rich country, otherwise they would be still fighting war with crocodiles.

Same goes to the Kampung folks in Kampung Malayu in KL whom are excited of the RM4 million each they are going to receive for selling their Kampung. The folks are very thankful to the Chinese in particular to Kapitan Yap Ah Loy for making KL such an expensive piece of real-estate.

Anonymous said...

Yeah anon 1050 pm

The world should sue the advanced countries for leading this mission to pollute the environment.

The kampung way of life is far FRIENDLIER to mother earth than the glitzy towns.

Anonymous said...

super ..