Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hey DAP you are like flogging a dead horse!?

You are almost a cute human being when you smile Theresa!

Below is a typical statement made by a member of the Opposition, this one is by Theresa Kok, Seputeh DAP MP is no difference!

Theresa Kok we all also unreservedly condemned the remark made but for you, as it is in the nature of the beast, you want confrontation and that is wrong my dear!

So this guy Nasir Safar made what appears to be a racist remark involving the Indians and the Chinese in this country. I don't know what else Nasir said, but I was told he was referring to the hundreds of thousands of Indian and Chinese immigrants coming into Malaysia on tourist visas or visas on arrival who disappear. Many have been found doing many illegal work. Just go to any sleazy hotel downtown near Chinatown you will find prostitutes from China plying their craft.

Safar may be referring to this category of non-Malaysian Indian and Chinese citizens who have found Malaysia to be a safe haven as illegal immigrants. As for the revoking of Malaysian citizenship from Malaysians of Indian or Chinese origins, I do not know under what circumstances that he said that, but Nasir has no locus standi or any given rights to say what he said.

Well, a lesson has been learnt and this guy took it upon himself to correct the situation by resigning to prevent further awkwardness and embarrasment and as for any peace loving Malaysians, I am not talking about billigefrent DAP members like Theresa Kok, we must move on. Forgive and forget!

So a statement by Seputeh MP Theresa Kok to chastise the prime minister for keeping people like Nasir, I am sure he never thought in a millioin years that this episode, one that could mar race relations, could happen. Unfortunate incidents do happen. No one would expect very private nude pictures of Elizabeth Wong to be circulated via the internet, which I also found to be deplorable.

So Theresa Kok, a harsh press statement about Najib Tun Razak is like floggng a dead horse. Enough already, the guy Nasir is guilty of something and resigned. I am sure Najib has nothing to do with his racist remarks. Below is that harsh Press Statement by Theresa Kok on the unforunate episode, so you decide:-


Press Statement

3rd February 2010
Demand that Najib Razak apologise for and condemn Nasir Safar’s racist remarks and sack Nasir Safar for insubordination
I wish to unreservedly condemn the incendiary, inflammatory and outright racist remarks made by Nasir Safar, political aide to Najib Razak, when he more or less called Indians beggars and Chinese women prostitutes and threatened to revoke citizenships. Source:
To add fuel to the flames, Nasir Safar had the gall to spout his racist spiel in his official capacity at a 1Malaysia seminar of all places. His actions made a complete mockery of 1Malaysia and revealed his utter ignorance, or more likely total contempt, for the 1Malaysia which his superior Najib has been trying so hard to sell.
The fact that Najib’s own political aide could harbour such venom brings to question the integrity of the company that Najib keeps and creates serious doubts of Najib’s own character. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.”
If Najib wants to bring any credibility to himself and 1Malaysia, I urge Najib to apologise for Nasir’s remarks, condemn the remarks in no uncertain terms and sack him Nasir Safar for insubordination. To let Nasir Safar off with a resignation letter makes light of the gravity of his offence.
As for Nasir Safar, I demand that he make a public apology for causing such offence to all Malaysians and bringing disrepute to our nation’s international image as a peaceful multi-ethnic country.

Teresa Kok
Selangor State Senior EXCO
MP for Seputeh

Sekretariat Akhbar Kerajaan Negeri Selangor


kokyepun said...

bro, teresa ni kan amalkan konsep satu malaysia. Sebab pakwe dier pun bangsa lain. boleh main amek2 gambar lagi!

Shamsul Yunos said...

I do wonder why Anwar thinks the 'fabricated' evidence would embarrass him or his family

since when is a lie told about you embarrassing

read it

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just go Cheras or Brickfields. There are many Malay Low Class Whore. For RM30.00 you can get a fuck and a blow job.

A.John said...

Being politicians, they wil not resist the temptation to extract their ounce of gratification even from flogging a dead horse ! Likewise ibrahim ali's persistence in teresa's "azan call " episode is similar. And that's why these politicians make me sick! They tend to create a ruckus out of nothing!

Anonymous said...

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Gosh full of perverts surfing the web

Anonymous said...

eh..kawan kokyepun. You sudah 'mix up' dengan si Yang Boleh dari Bukit Lanchiau.

Oopppes, sorry.

I meant Bukit Lanjan


Anonymous said...

Similarly you can also find Indian or Chinese whore.... but whats the point...??? that industry is truly 1Malaysia, any race can **** the other race woman.... he he

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where does this culture comes from?


Anonymous said...

Theresa, can i fuck you today?


Anonymous said...

So Pasquale, what's your point?

That you can blurt racist remarks if you are referring to a group of people entering the country illegally to beg for money or sell themselves as whores?

Even if he was referring to that, what was that doing in a seminar discussing 1Malaysia? Should it not be discussed at an Immigration forum?


Pasquale said...

T"hat you can blurt racist remarks if you are referring to a group of people entering the country illegally to beg for money or sell themselves as whores?
Even if he was referring to that, what was that doing in a seminar discussing 1Malaysia? Should it not be discussed at an Immigration forum?

No NAP, it so happens that he was talking about Indians from India and Chinese from China that went begging around and prostituting around, and as opposed to a bunch of South American stealing, conning people and African their black moiney scam and Indonesian snatching handbags, and the forum was to instill this sense of propriety among Malaysians as not to be too readily accommodating with foreigners coming in taking advantage of our generosity, but this guy Nasir has no business talking about revoking citizenship, that we wen draw the line! So NAP go take a nap, eh, if you persist on walking this road further and for flogging a dead horse on the issue! Let it go and be a one Malaysian, that is unless if you are a Singaporean blogging from across to create disunity among us eh!

FreedomFighter said...

moron. what 'disunity' are you talking about? who ever said Malaysia was united in the first place? do i need further proof other than yourself and certain "respectable bloggers" forever blabbering along racial lines?

btw, mr. 1malaysia, why hasn't najib come forward with any statement regarding this issue? why is najib not taking action on his OWN aide? does the opposition have to call for action to be taken? answer me that.

Anonymous said...

Freedom Fighter you must call yourself Freedom must be an idiot he has done it and has told the guy to quit so what more you want you idiot!


Anonymous said...

12inch. Please do not allow your education to go to waste.In the event you do not alreay know, education is what is left in you after you have forgotten what you have learnt.Ramalx

FreedomFighter said...

Jon, you've just proven my theory that cornered people always resort to personal attacks. so by your logic, quitting will solve everything? no further action for insulting two classes of people here? another ahmad said case of 'appeasement'? its not about what i want. its about justice here. you have idiots like ibrahim ali blabbering about malay this and malay that and protection of malay race. protection from what? beggars and prostitutes? don't make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Ooi Kok! SHUT UP! look at youself in the mirror first...BLOODY DAP!!

Anonymous said...

Can we do this instead:

We re-install Datuk Nasir Safar, elevate him to a Tan Sri, and make him head Perkasa or something. While we are at it, double his pay. I mean, patriotism should be recognised and rewarded.

I say enough of this kowtowing to those who try to play the mental games. Let's just do this and do not fear. It's not like we are going to have another May 13 over just a simple statement. Statements worth than this have been uttered by the CIFUT followers before.

Sasir Nafar

Anonymous said...

Ms Kock. Just enjoy your stay.

Say anything you want. You can say anything, anything at all about Malay and Islam.
Propose anything... even just implement anything to guard yr chauvinist stand.

When the time comes, I hope you and your circle know haw to go about it.