Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Special officer to the prime minister, Datuk Nasir Safar, must resign for racist remarks!

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He Resigned!!


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The remarks allegedly made by Datuk Nasir Safar, Special Officer to the Prime Minister, in Melaka today does not in any way reflect the views of the Prime Minister.

Datuk Nasir never intended to make any derogatory remarks. He spoke at length on the contributions made by all races in developing the country. Nevertheless, Datuk Nasir apologises for any offence caused.

In light of this, Datuk Nasir will tender his resignation.

2 February 2010

If it is true that he allegedly said "Indians come to this country to be beggars and Chinese, especially women, came to prostitute themselves," then he said it on his own accord and he does not represent his boss, Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak!
If it is true, then Special Officer to Najib, Datuk Nasir Safar, must resign on his own accord and reflect on the fact that he has no right to say, if it is true, what he said especially if he is representing the prime minister. And no special officers serving the prime minister have a God-given right to just shoot off their mouths and hope to get away with it. I hope the prime minister is taking serious note of the erratic behaviour of one of his many special officers, for a leader is as good as the men surrounding him and representing him!
I was made to understand he spoke in front of a multi-racial audience including civil servants and politicians. It was bad manners for a man to have the gall to say things that could bring disrepute to the country and unnecessary anguish to Malaysians! Nasir, before he resigns, must also make a public apology for his totally uncalled for remarks!
While we are on the subject, I must also remind the prime minister that if one of his political secretaries , Datuk Shafie Abdullah, who is being investigated by a special parliamentary committee on charges of disturbing a due process of the autonomy of the country's parliament, is found guilty as charged he should also resign of his own accord, or the prime minister will definitely find his situation of trying to steer this country to a united One Malaysia to be politically untenable and a joke! Yes I am angry!


1Toilet said...

aiyah balik lah.

GoD said...

Apology is not enough. Not accepted.

Anonymous said...

Was he talking about current new-comers to Malysia that got Visa-On-Arrival ?

Or was he referring to those brought in by the British ?

Definitely, he was not referring to those came trading and as friends of the Melaka Sultanate.

His reply to explain is required here.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in a coincidence that this guys actually said stuff like that when he knew his boss, the PM, will be visiting Malacca. I do believe he has been bought by DSAI and unfortunately for everyone they will do it if the price is right. I think Nasir Safar was paid by DSAI to say what he said! He is a thorn in a flesh!

A Watcher!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh - He is bought by DSAI..??
Aiyoh DSAI manyak kuat oh. Whilst he's body is covered by ants in the assh0le case with is spermatozoa being debtaed in court - he also find resource to script this guy into saying somethng stupid with the PM/

Aiyohh you must work for Chris Carter in XFILES.

Anonymous said...

I like this guy. He's delivered more votes to opposition. Good job!

Anonymous said...

How does UMNO employ clowns like this to talk in public forums..

Anonymous said...

I am with A Watcher, he is most definitely been bought by DSAI! How can he not realise what he said was counter-productive for his boss especially when his boss will be visiting Malacca on Thursday?
He can apologise but the serious damage has been done! Yes I am convinced he was a thorn in Najib's outfit, and DSAI paid him to say what he said about non-Malays!


Hantu Laut said...


Too smart for his own good.I agree with you that the man should go.Keeping him would be a chink in Najib's armour and his 1Malaysia.

I really can't believe a man of his stature could say such thing.Either he is angry with Najib and decided to hit back and sabotage him or he is a total idiot or worst still he is working for the other side.

He should resign or be sacked.

JH said...

It must be true since he resigned. anyway I had an unpleasant encounter with a few of PM's officers at a function. they definitely didn't practised 'rakyat didahulukan...', yang didahulukan ialah VVIP. kita pun dapat jemputan bukan 'gate- crash'.
sometimes the officers yang nak tunjuk kuasa lebih dari PM. these officers should learn good etiquette from the razak & rahah family.

Homophobic said...

Ni kes SPM failed subject Sejarah ni.. Orang suruh baca buku, dia baca Gila-Gila..


Anonymous said...

I agree with Hantu Laut totally!


Anonymous said...

The man is history.

Besides, there are many other 'sleeping' agents that DSAI has working in the government.

This guy is obviously a thorn in PM's organisation, wouldn't surprise me if he had been bought.

Think of the two very prominent 'media' men who is no longer in the game....think BP and KH.

PJ Moorthy

Anonymous said...

This Nasir Safar must detained under ISA and pullout Dato ship from him which he not qualified to get it because he is a culprit for our mix race country.
Why the goverment never take serious action against him and just ask him to resign only. It is any top post ministers also support the statement released by this ruskle.

Regred 1Malaysians

MANTOL said...

Datuk Nasir Sapar dipaksa oleh MIC, MCA supaya letak jawatan. Laporan polis akan dibuat terhadap Datuk Nasir Sapar.

Knowing Datuk Nasir Sapar, I can say only this.

This is what the Malays get when they give the political power to the Indians and Chinese without merit. Every election year, more Malay seats were given to Indian and Chinese for the sake of unity.

Looking back over 400 years under Portugese, Dutch, British and Japan; Tanah Melayu is Tanah Melayu and never a Chinese or an Indian become a YB.

A sad day indeed.

Bravo Najib... Dont forget you are there because of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia needs competent leaders to raise the country to new heights. It is true that we will never have another brilliant mind like Mahathir's, but we need to find new visionaries and those with foresight and wisdom. Najib is good, but it is unfortunate that some of the people he has surrounded himself with are not very good.

Anonymous said...

For Malaysia to move forward and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, communalism has no place at all in today's Malaysia.

Forget about living in the past - Tanah Melayu, Mara scholarship, bumiputra this bumiputra that - unless we want a country with no cohesion at all in every aspect of our lives. A chaotic Malaysia. Everything that we hae today will be down in the drain. Who will suffer? Our children and grandchildren.

By then we will be in six feet underground.

Anonymous said...

All government activity that runs on the money of the taxpayer must reflect the racial composition of the country in the same ratio the Malaysian Cabinet reflects the racial composition of the nation. That is why the BN coalition has ramained united and if our leaders want the country to be one Malaysia then they should begin to think along those line.

I pray to my GOD that He will give our leaders the wisdom to do at the beginning what they will be forced to do at the end unsuccessfully.

No justice no peace no peace no justice.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

aiyoo what la malaysians

indians and chinese can say bad things about malays
and they have democracy and freedom of speech to protect them

while all malays are expected to do is to share whatever they have for bangsa malaysia
but chinese and indians can take all for them

Sapinakoko said...


Amran said...

Datuk Nasir made a commendable speech. All these while the immigrant population has been questioning our rights and we did nothing. Few years ago this Tan lady from BN questioned about Malay rights and the BN did nothing. What a shame! She should be put on the first boat ride back to China as the way her ancestors came to Malaya.
Datuk Nasir SHOULD NOT RESIGN. He is doing his job the right way!

1Malay for Malaysia

FreedomFighter said...

@PJ Moorthy: you must be another one of those MIC clowns..kowtowing to your 'masters' as usual.

FreedomFighter said...

@PJ Moorthy: you must be another one of those MIC clowns..kowtowing to your 'masters' as usual.

Anonymous said...

Amran, I agree with you so we too should send Tun M back to Karala.

Anonymous said...

don't need to wait for the time when non-malays control the political power for us to suffer,
I work as an operator in a famous Japanese company firm in 1989 which is located in MALAYSIA with 90% employee (mostly operator of course) is Malay but the morning speech is conducted in Mandarin.... so... no surprise for me when penang street name started to be written in chinese... who knows we might sing negaraku in Mandarin one day,,,,

Anonymous said...

perasan tak... kat mana ceruk kampung Melayu, apa bangsa pun boleh masuk... dari aku kecik... arab, pakistan, cina, india... apa2pun la.... tapi kalau kawasan majority bukan melayu, kekadang polis sendiri pun takut nak masuk...maklumlah, orang melayu nie terlalu suka jaga hati orang... sampai dgan orang baru jumpa pun mengaku hamba... cthnya... "boleh kah TUAN HAMBA(awak) tolong tunjukkan HAMBA(saya) jalan?"

Amran said...

You are wrong. Dr. M do not only assimilate, but he champion the Malay rights. That is why he is respected, held to a high esteem and awarded the highest title in the land.

GK said...

Nasir deserve isa detention. he is creating another racial controversial to cover the political issues. So it will be forgetten. Unfortunately none will be forgetten and forgived....