Monday, February 08, 2010

Why the prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim matters to the West?

Darth Vader, the personification of the US empire, once it was a good Jedi that has gone bad today!

Why!? Because for a Malay Studies graduate, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), who does not understand the essence of Real politics of the world, will make a good puppet for the West!
Let me explain. This winter alone, a lot of European and North Americans suffered from the harsh winter, but many survived because massive fossil fuel reserves are still abundant to heat up homes and apartments.
In order for the western hemisphere to survive the proverbial winter, which is getting harsher and harsher every year, fossil fuel has to be gathered and stored in safe places. Where do they gathered the fuel from? Well, we have Nigeria, Iraq, Indonesia, the middle-eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, and many many more places where fossil fuel can be found...even in Malaysia where we have in abundance.
Why the West wants BABI to be acquitted so badly is because the Americans can deal with him better than any other leader of Malaysia, the ones with more than a Malay Studies to his credit. The web of the world politics is still not only about people like BABI, but about the heating of your homes and to keep your cars running.
History has shown that the United States especially, will either deal with its equal (the former Soviet Union) or with some easily blackmailed leaders from the Third World, or it will simply invade by popular demand.
I firmly believe that the American administration has something against the prosecution of BABI, so to support him is to make the job of controlling Malaysia and its natural resources a lot easier.
Yes sodomy is a crime in Malaysia, and if BABI is found guilty he must be punished according to the law. But no amount of pressure from the US via its skewed Washington Post editorial can make Malaysia shiver from the threat!
As a citizen of the world I have now formally withdrawn my undying support of President Barack Obama, and it is true that he is just a puppet in a regime that is steeped with white man's traditions.
Meanwhile we in Malaysia have always been solidly in the sphere of the western hemisphere in our culture, thoughts and doings; in order to continue with that tradition, the US must give us some leeway as to how we should conduct our judicial system.
If BABI is found guilty he will be punished and America must accept this, or otherwise some of us will view your foreign policy is as evil as the next evil empire!


Pemerhati said...

As usual the main thing is OIL.
Since M'sia has a supply of oil, USA wants its share.
Sadam Hussein was killed because USA wants its oil.
Anwar is supported because of M'sia's oil!

Ampatuan Jr said...

I dont give a damn about what the racist Washington Post think about our judiciary system since it already made up its mind that we are bad if our court finds Anwar guilty as charged.Im more concern about how our voters vote in the next General Election.Malaysia is not beholden to America as America is to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Please refine the reading of the situation. Foreign countries interfere in the internal affairs of Malaysia and other countries because we are unable to keep our house in order.We have opend the door for them to comment our problems caused by the systematic emasculatuion of our istitutions of government. Never forget that Malaysia is the only country in the world that has oil under the ground and oil above the ground. We have no business to be where we are today or be beholden to any power in the world.We should have reached a per capita income level comparable to the more developed parts of the world. Never mind Singapore. But we are now stuck in the grove and we will muddle along the middle so long as we are deceived, like the main-stream-media, by our own deception.

I pray to my GOD that HE will give the widom to my leader to do at the beginning what he will be forced to do unsuccessfuly in the end.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

I dont think our fossil fuel makes a whole lot of difference. Its small, if the americans want oil, they'll just stay in iraq.

Furthermore, they have a huge reserve in alaska, and off the gulf coast. i believe our reserves in the country can only last 10-12 yrs or so, and it is only economical to develop at a price of $50-60 p/barrel.

Some say that u advise the PM. Better check your facst. The Americans do not like when the state apparatus is used to secure a conviction. It goes against the laws of fair play, something America is dead against. Their constitution enshrines the rights of man in that aspect and they have a beacon of light to the world for the last 2 centuries. The Americans also would not like the country they had invested billions of dollars in to turn out to be run in this manner.

thats just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Perancangan DAP disebalik pembelaan Anwar oleh Karpal Singh ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And if it was Nik Aziz or LGE, whom the US guys want to deal with, what will be your 'wise' interpretation?


Anonymous said...

Tonggeng Jangan Tak Tonggeng!
Nabi SAW tak mengaku umat woi!

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Uncle Sam is afraid because Petronas may get the oil from Iraq as well!

But the rakyat, especially the Malay Muslims, do not want BABI.

Kak Yong