Saturday, March 20, 2010

Astro Awani needs to clean up its act or else......!

Astro Awani is creating a perception that Pakatan Rakyat's crossover made by Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim as a sham. It appears for the last 48 hrs the ticker continuously projecting Ku Li as saying and alleging Zahrain lied by saying he was one of the MPs joining Pakatan Rakyat. Instead Astro Awani should be exposing Anwar Ibrahim not trying to paint Zahrain as a liar.
The onus is on Anwar to prove he is not lying and not Zahrain. Zahrain may be telling the truth, and Astro Awani should get its act together or someone there has to answer to the fu*k up journalism it is practising.


Anonymous said...

Cool it Man......

They are just doing their Job without Fear or Favour.

Joe Black

Anselmo said...

Ha Ha, why Astro Awani dared enough, without did proper homework and credible reporting, put a blamed to YB Zahrin ? Because related ministry are not doing work. Or may be Astro part of Anwar regime.

Anonymous said...

jaga-jaga ASTRO Awani?Menteri Amaran beri amaran baru tau?ada agenda tersembunyi ke?

Anonymous said...

Can't you tell this dumb ass channel is run by a bunch of nincompoops. And the quality of journalism sucks... depa shok sendiri aje.

Anonymous said...

Astro Awani is filled with anchors who are pro Pakatan Rakyat.

Its an open secret.

Anonymous said...

What is the case for alarm here?

That TV channel is just quoting what an UMNO MP said about the guy who decided recently to be a fence sitter.

Is it wrong for the TV channel to feature a view of an UMNO MP for 48 hours?

I remember RTM taking more than 1 day to provide the public, UMNO's response/views to its victory in even a small by-election.

If we can endure that, we too can endure this Astro Awani thing.

Dont make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Let Zahrain fight it out with Tengku Razaleigh. He should take responsibility to prove what he said about TR intending to jump ship. Not Astro's job to get the Opposition Leader to be involved in an 'old story'.


Anonymous said...

I personally know one of the reporters. He used to work for Harakah.

KS Cheah said...

Since when is it an accuser puts the onus of proof on the accused? Has this become the norm in Malaysia. So now we change the principle behind the law too?

Isn't it supposed to be "innocent until proven guilty" as I often read you defend your heroes? I read your blog often and I think this rant of yours is a good sign that you and your ilk are beginning to get rattled. Is not the sauce for the goose also the sauce for the magpie?

So who is proselytizing now? Take a chill birdseed man!

Anonymous said...

some idiots just dont understand anything at all. what YB Zahrain said was - Anwar told him and some other PKR leaders that KuLi was among those waiting to jump ship -. Now, is that clear?
so is it not plain stupidity to say that KuLi was jumping when the issue is about Anwar's Sept 16 lies?
nst spin like awani also, damage control. damage zahrain's credibility and spin Anwar out of the issue.


Anonymous said...

Anwar's ship is sinking, so pro-pakatan get off jump into the life-buoy before you drown to oblivion

no point defending him - no amount of 'damage control' wil be able to save him

loyalties also has very little value, let alone hope, all dashed

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with astro, same goes with barking magpie who will never agree he is wrong though every one knows he spin for UMNO.

Maverick SM said...

If you would pause, just for a while, and say a word of prayer, and truthfully seek your soul to align with Allah ... you will discover yourself, in the image of Allah.

A truthful Muslim, loves Allah and mankind, and seek the truth, not id.

Anonymous said...

akhirnya ada juga orang yang berani bersuara...... memang Astro Awani alat Anwar.. bukannya lagi bias, memang dah jadi alat.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir

You were whacking Astro and now we have yet another UMNO MP whacking the fence sitter for lying. It was said in parliament today (23/3/2010)

The news report says:

Kalabakan parliamentarian Abdul Ghapur Salleh, one of the eight MPs said ready to defect to the opposition in the Sept 16 takeover, today slammed PKR-turned-Independent representative Zahrain Hashim for lying in Parliament

If Astro Awani features this also, you will still be convinced that the TV channel is working for Anwar's interest?


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that people take astro awani seriously. Seriously?!! Soft pretty men and crappy journalism.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Astro Awani is filled with anchors who are pro Pakatan Rakyat.

Its an open secret.

March 20, 2010 5:56 PM

Setuju sangat dan nampak pon macam banyak JAMBU jugakk..What do you think Anon. 5:56 PM?

Faham-faham la pasai apa depa syanag sgt kat pak sheih..


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that people take astro awani seriously. Seriously?!! Soft pretty men and crappy journalism.

March 24, 2010 11:12 AM

Setuju sgt Anon 11:12 AM, semua nampak macam JAMBU. Pak Sheih suka sgt jenis ni...


Anonymous said...

Awani 501....full of homos presenter maa...this is fact loo...

Freddie Kevin said...

The very fact that DSAI admitted writing to the YDPA confirms that he must have had verbal confirmation by MPs.

However these MPs were willing NOT to jump ship BUT to pass a vote of no confidence in the PM at that time, AAB.

The chronology of events by his own admission, in the failed 916 pustch, is proof of this.