Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Australian High Commission only responded to Makkal Sakti?

Penny Williams

The Star reported: "Shah Alam: The Australian government does not intend to prejudge the legal proceedings in the sodomy trial involving Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia Penny Williams said.........Williams was responding to a memorandum submitted by Makkal Sakti to the Australian Embassy on Feb 17 to protest against the call made by more than 50 Australian lawmakers urging Malaysia to drop the charge against Anwar."

Good news from our Asian neighbour Australia about not interfering with our business. My question is why did Penny Williams responded with an explanation only to Makkal Sakti? My other question is did Williams also responded to memos submitted by the Umno Youth movement and the National Alloiance of Bloggers (All-Blogs)? If not, why? Is she snubbing these other two organisations? If she did reply to them, then I apologise! If not we would like an answer!


antusonglap said...

Rasanya ada terbaca yang memo dari blogger tak kesampaian apabila kj songlap tunjuk perasaan tersebut.

kj sampaikan ke memo Pemuda, atau drama lagi?

Tak sure la, Pemuda ni ada memo ke tak, tapi blogger mmg dah rancang benda ni dari awal lagi siap dgn memorandum, cuma memorandum tu saja tak kesampaian apabila kj songlap last minute..

rasanya begitu la citernya kut..

Anonymous said...

Please try not to engage foreigners into our politics. Some groups have engaged foreign consultants at great cost so that they could put the 'right spin'on local issuues. This is all a waste of time and money. We have a constitution and all we need is for those who are in power to use their wisdon and run this country in accordance with the constitution without having to amend it everytime some one comes up with a brain wave.

We are laready fifty years old and will soon reach retirement age. So we should have more stability and the developement process should be more steady with each yers adding to the value of the Malaysian name.

Time and tide waits for no man. And believe me it will not wait for Malaysia. Just look at Sri Lanka they will give anything to just get back to 1982 when the present crisis exploded. But seeing what the leadership is trying to do by changing the constitution they will have to wait for along time to begin even that process.
As His Royal Highness of Kedeh so eloquently put it recently we must learn from what is happening to our neighbours so that we do not rpeat the mistakes of them.Ramalx