Friday, March 19, 2010

Both Christian Science Monitor and The Economist wrote favourably of Najib's administration!

Eat your heart out Anwar, Najib is not all that bad after all!

And both Christian Science Moinitor (CSM) and The Economist article have indirectly admonished Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's for being a rabble rousing and bitter politician using tactics best described as counter productive to peace and stability.
Both have indirectly acknowledged that Anwar's obsession with trying to be a prime minister and along the way disrupt multi-racial Malaysia, as frivolous and dangerous

The myth of Anwar controlling the western media and having strong political connections, namely in the West, has been beautifully busted. His attempt to derail a closed-door seminar in Washington recently in which Malaysian politicians had a chance to meet with about 50 American decision makers to discuss bilateral issues, failed.

He even tried to used his paid American spin-doctor including a former American diplomat once served Malaysia, to blatantly disregard American freedom of expression by disrupting that meeting. For the record the organiser of that meeting, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), told Anwar's cohort "no can do (read fuck off)! This is America".

Another blow came to crack the myth of Anwar's political invincibility was when two very influential western media organisation -- the CSM and The Economist read here and here-- wrote quite favourably of Najib Tun Razak's administration.

So it is fair to say that the Western media is not as gullible as Anwar would like to think. For like they say you can only fool some people some of the time, eh!


Anonymous said...

Hey BM

They are not gullible at all. This is what they do to 'deadwood'. They may have used anwar and now that anwar is losing influence by the minute, they "chop" him.

They have been suspected of "killing off" their operatives in their Standard Operating Procedures.

anwar's sponsors are really tired of waiting for him to execute his project due to his 'nafsu'.

vinnan said...

So barking racist idiot, when a goup of whiteys praise the Najis it is good but when they support Anwar Ibrahim it is bad. UMNO bastards with your double standard shit as usual.

Anonymous said...

The key paras of the two articles are:

Christian Science Monitor:

The opposition....has struggled to raise funds while refusing to hand out no-bid contracts to party insiders, as UMNO is known to do.

The Economist:

Bumiputra perks yield a stream of uncontested, negotiated contracts and other forms of patronage to UMNO politicians

I agree with you - Anwar has no control over ALL the Western media. They dont have to be as they know what is going on here in Malaysia, when under UMNO.

Not necessary for Anwar to 'instigate' as many (exccluding you) allege.


Anonymous said...

You said that the articles mentioned quite favourably about the current UMNO led administration?

Then what about the comments by readers - especially the ones posted in The Economist's article?

They do not seem to sing the same tune as you are doing?

It would have been better if these two articles were not quoted at all as you have just opened the Pandora's box for 'bold' views of 'morons' to be featured in the comments section.

Lain kali don't stir the hornet's nest. The sting is very painful - not for you but for the likes of the PM and UMNO folks who are trying very hard to douse tense situations.

Just be sincere in your desire to help UMNO and the BN. Jangan batu api like this.


Anonymous said...

"Mr Ibrahim takes the long view, arguing it might take another 100 years for Malays to catch up with other races. Few investors have as distant a horizon"

Pasquale - where in either article is the endorsement for our current PM?

First article talks about the weakness in the opposition ranks (correct analysis and I think everyone is well aware of the defections and fragmentations within the party).

Second article mentions about GNP growth but in the same breath mentions racial disharmony. Why hasn't NEP ended. Who brought about NEP. And the quote above, it will take Malays 100 years (without corruption) to reach the status of the other races in Malaysia.

But I respect your right wing opionion and if I missed something, please share it.

Signed - a non-Malay but not one of those radical PKR clowns either

Anonymous said...

Barkingmagpie is right and I agree with him or her, the western media does not fall for Anwar Ibrahim's folly and spiel on Najib or Malaysia anymore,plain and simple!

Boston Massachussett!

Anonymous said...

Are we so Desperate as to rely on Christian Evangelist Papers for Support?

Why not the Jewish Times...

Joe Black

Pasquale said...

Joe Black I am allowing both of your infantile BABI-Buggered slant of a comment to show how you have been buiggered and then become so stupid with your mush up brain! First of all CSM is not an evangelical newspaper and Rocky does not suck nor allow anyone to bugger him, unlike you! I know Rocky, he went through a lot when he was down and out and no one help him and he survives with out sucking up to anyone when he was down and out unlike many of his peers now. THe beauty of having a column and a blogsite is I can discard your next stupid comment long before yoiu can say "are you okay!" moron!

Anonymous said...


the pro-anwar supporters are really in a bind - noone else to move their political agenda against the Malays

anwar will be probed for making all those promises and declarations towards achieving the 916

heh heh