Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim...you can lie most of the time ....but!

Suave and articulate Nazri Aziz manage to get the message across to the Americans!

Ernest Bower, CSIS's Senior Adviser and Director South East Asia Program.

It does not matter where you are nowadays, Uruguay, Chile or the USA, news on anything will reach you in such a jiffy that anything happening in this world will and can inform you in relatively real time.

Immediately after a seminar organised by the Center or International and International Studies (CSIS) titled “On Governance & Rule of Law in Malaysia & Malaysian Legislative Initiatives”, held in Washington DC, the United States on 24th February, 2010, I received an e-mail summary of the conference and I pretty much understood the ramifications of the respectable CSIS sponsored seminar attended by Malaysian politicians from both the opposition and the ruling parties members of parliament.

The communication I received via e-mail stated that the conference, chaired by a respectable no-nonsense CSIS’ Southeast Asian studies director Ernest Bower, was a meeting described as a window of opportunity for at least 50 influential Americans to hear information on Malaysia’s legal reform programs, the Rule of Law in Malaysia and on how the Malaysian government is combating corruption and graft, and the method used to counter this scourge.

Unfortunately for me, I noticed a name that leaves a bad taste in my mouth; the name is Malott, John Malott. He was one cantankerous and one of the most un-diplomatic US Ambassador to Malaysia, under the Bill Clinton administration, tha I have ever met. I had the misfortune to attend one of his press conferences at the US Embassy in which he lambasted the Malaysian government under Tun Mahathir without compunction.

He accused the Mahathir administration of trying to victimize former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and also claimed a “Malaysian citizen “ sent a bomb threats to the US Embassy, to which I asked: “How did you know that they were Malaysian, sir?” To which he replied: “By his accent.” And I said: “You are kidding me right, because anybody can fake an accent!” and to which he relented by saying “I supposed you are right….” Malott was so anti-Malaysia I was wondering why he was even an ambassador to Malaysia with his belligerent stance and all.

On February 24th 2010, in Washington DC this moron was at it again defending a man who was charged with sodomy that has nothing to do with the government. I was told a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz handled the event impressively and did not lose his head with irrelevant questions about the issue of the word “Allah” by Catholics, and comparisons between Anwar Ibrahim and Ang Sang Syu Kyi?? No sir there is no any comparison to be made.

Anwar Ibrahim is being charged with sodomy, a charge brought about by another private citizen and thus the due process of the law has to take over. If it didn’t, that would be corrupt. Syu Kyi IS a political prisoner in her own country! Apart from Malott, other hostile questions also came from representatives of Amnesty International, but Nazri took them on with a stride and finesse.

An example of Nazri’s responses to hostile questions was when he stated the fact of the matter in Anwar’s case was no one from the government was looking forward to it, or desired or needed to prosecute his case was in response to a complaint brought by a victim, thus setting into motion a process that had to be respected.

In answering on the “Allah” issue, Nazri described the background history of the Malays and their relationship with Islam and logically brought the argument forward to the current insistence of the Catholics use of the word Allah in its newsletter, and the reasons for the government’s appeal on the usage of the word. I was also told that a Malaysiakini reporter was at the meeting and took photographs and then was told the conference was off the record, but the story came out in another news portal namely Malaysia Today.

The Malaysian Ambassador to the US Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis also took the opportunity to say that the conference was a fantastic opportunity for the American audience to hear Malaysian officials’ point of view, for far too long many have heard half truths or lies told about Malaysia. It was also mentioned that the seminar was a testament to the fact of strong bilateral relations between the US and Malaysia, that have been in existence in recent history, and no lies and misinformation can change that fact.

I was informed that there were no rebuttals or criticisms from the presentation made by Nazi, except one participant asked whether the Malaysian government would prosecute UMNO leaders for corruption; however the MACC commissioner furnished the participant with numbers of UMNO related prosecutions in 2009, the enquirer was stumped by the figures.

On the sidelines and prior to the conference, Malott wanted to have the event cancelled arguing the representatives of the government weren’t legitimate, but was shot down by CSIS as improper for they concluded that Americans have the right to be exposed to alternative views from Malaysia, and not just from the opposition.

It was widely believed that attempt to cancel the event was the result of a request from the “leader of the opposition”, which fears that Washington policy makers should not to be directly exposed to alternative views, or THE real view borne out by those from the Malaysian government officials.

It was also agreed that continuing high-level government officials meetings such as this one must be made more frequent between the two countries in order to reduce unnecessary misunderstanding.


Anonymous said...

John Mallot's daughter was being screwed by one of Anwar's recent foremost supporter and conman in town.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the International views that the man most suitable to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia is Anwar Ibrahim.

Why Not?

He is very polite. When he wanted to "do the act" with Saiful, he asked permission first. "Can I fuck you today?".

Now tell me which country can deny such a man, so polite, so respectful, so considerate, so modest .... so fucking faggot?

Marking Bagpie

Anonymous said...

I agree that Anwar should be the next PM of Malaysia because he can treat men and women equally!

Anonymous said...

nazri suave n articulate r u retarted.

anak permatang pauh said...

Anon, March 03, 2010 9:51 AM
You hate to hear Truth! That's your kind.

Anonymous said...

All over the Third World we are telling lies. And if you do not tell lies you may not work and you may not live very long.We are in a sense afraid of the truth and more afraid of the naked truth. That is why we spend so much money and time to dress it by emascualting the institutions of government. Many of us will find it difficult to live in open societies where, generally, people are not afraid of the truth. When you lie all the time and you know that everyone around you is telling lies to survive you do not trust anyone.

We have to be transparent in all what we do. But what I see is that that the Third World has become transparent in the manner the state funds are lifted out of the Treasury. That is not the transparency that Transparency International wanted from the the Third World.When the father starts telling the truth the chuildren will have no choice but to follow.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

I still believe in Anwar because he's destined to be our next PM. That's all!

Ikan Buaya

Anonymous said...

Ikan Buaya just by your handle you are confused...if you think Anwar is destined to be the next PM...yu must haveb you head check and yu mus be one of those stupid really stupid Malay followers of him!

Buaya Besar

Anonymous said...

Ikan buaya---what are you talking about destine----if he really destine to become the PM, it should have happened long time ago. But it didn't----twice now. So what gives?

buaya croc

Anonymous said...

Sure, BABI will soon be proven as a PM- Pengkhianat Melayu

Pembuat HandBag Kulit Buaya

Anonymous said...

could it be that ikan buaya has invested too much in anwar

don want the expensive project to fail huh?

Anonymous said...

If its true that Anwar is bad mouthing Malaysia overseas, undermining our judicial system etc, which he was part of the goverment as 2nd man for a numbers of year, he is not fit to be a Malysia PM... He is not a guys of intergrity, we should never shit in our own plate and eat from it again....

Anonymous said...

Nadzri said the right thing? Yes if it is true, we should admit it, at least tak la dia mengabihkan boreh jo !!!!

Anonymous said...

Tak paham betul la... apa yang orang nampak pada Anwar... memburukkan negara sendiri kat orang luar, buat imaginasi palsu macam Sept 16... dah tu nak ngamuk plak bila Perak jatuh kat BN.... dia sendiri tak tau mana yang betul dan mana yang tidak.... camana nak jadi PM?????

Anonymous said...

Mallot dah kena sontot kot dek AI, tu beria2 beno nak side dengan AI