Thursday, March 25, 2010

Once upon a time, a very beautiful woman was murdered........!

I don't believe our First Couple IS a murderer, but if you do that is your own mental problem!

I saw this comment in Rockybru (below) by an anonymous and I though I would re-publish with or without permission, and I thought when you read this you must use your God-given ability to think, to really think!

"Once upon a time, a very beautiful woman was murdered and since then PM has been implicated to her death.

But does everyone stop to think that, this is not the case. Let me just share my version of the story...While Pak Lah was still the PM, there were many who had anticipated that the next person in line would be PM ( My comment: I presume he meant Najib. )

There was this particular group of people who knew PM must be overthrown in order to take over the country. So, the plan was set in motion. The ploy was simple, to disgrace PM and his wife. So, they tracked Najib every moves, possibly looking for ways to topple him before he even made it to the PM position.

Until one day, they found out about Altantuya (My comment: Altantuya, who knew Razak Baginda, whom everybody also knows he is/was a friend of Najib) and this would be a perfect bait to incriminate PM. And so, Altantuya was lured to Malaysia, killed, and this group of people made sure that PM would be linked to her."

So that is how the anonymous commented in Rockybru that I used without permission! Just think about it!


AntiKJ said...

Salam bro,

A conspiracy by black monkey and al juburi I pressume?

sejarah hitam sekor beruk

Anonymous said...

aku rasa org dalam umno jugak yang merancang ini semua berdasar kepada toyol code yang dibongkar YB Ruhanie Ahmad tahun 2006 dahulu..

House PK said...

Dear Brother,

It is Kitol and his friends!

Anonymous said...

But the plot has thickened when PM went on record to say that he does not know the pretty woman. Now if , as you claim - 'Everyone knew she was a friend of his' , why would he swear upon the Holy Book that he does not know of this person?

-Yet Another Anon-

Anonymous said...

Not impossible. The desperados are capable of anything, being experts in the science of deceit.


Pasquale said...

"But the plot has thickened when PM went on record to say that he does not know the pretty woman. Now if , as you claim - 'Everyone knew she was a friend of his' , why would he swear upon the Holy Book that he does not know of this person?

-Yet Another Anon-

March 25, 2010 11:31 PM"

I said everyone knew he, Razak that is, is/was a friend of Najib, no where did I say "she was a friend of his" implying she was a friend of Najib! This is a perfect example of how stupid people like you who want to see what you want to see because you are just plain stupid!

Anonymous said...

I have doubted the murder story from the beginning. This is what I think.

First it was said that their (Altantuya and her friends/cousin) entry record was erased. Question is who was then the Minister in charge of immigration department?

Secondly the other 2 accused were policemen and one of them was even escorting the then PM overseas. Who was the Minister in charge of police at that time?

I am tired of thinking ... but the plot certainly thickens

Pasquale said...

Anonymous at 1:43PM....I am glad you are thinking,that is a start. I presume you are a Melayu because they, especially, get tired easily when they got into their thinking mode and they gave up and that is why they gave in easily to cheats and charlatans like BABI! But I must say you must exercise your brain like anything else needs exercise, well done keep it up!

trackers said...

to anon 1.43..

better read posting to enlighten ur mind about altantuya issues..
but b4 that put aside ur political views..

Anonymous said...

Could this be the smaller version of 911...typical zionist or zionist like people. If they can kill 5000 and demolish the WTC before your very eyes (the whole world's), what is one Altantunya...piece of cake ;)

Oh's water over the bridge in 911's case...look at the damage done to Iraq/Afghanistan. Alhamdulillah, Malaysia's save. =)

FreedomFighter said...

uhh. if you want to single out Anwar Ibrahim, then just say it on record. no need for all this redundant rhetoric. i suggest you take your theory to the nearest police station.

Anonymous said...

Wow real life is more interesting than reel life

If the gain is great enough they will try every means

Truth is stranger than fiction and it will prevail

Let's watch anwar answer all the reporters' questions rationally

heh heh

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale

I am the Anon @ 1.43. Yes I am a Melayu and am very proud of my race.

As much as I like to delve into conspiracy theories, I am nonetheless tired of thinking (not because the mind stops working at that) because I won't be able to do anything even if I find the answer.

I am unsure which particular article in JMD are you referring to, but my mind is directed to the possibility of this poor woman (or her bank account) being used as a stakeholder to enormous sums of money without being told of the amount. Perhaps she was promised some percentage as a commission for her kindness in holding the money.

I surmise that she blew her top upon knowing the commission being paid is inadequate when the actual amount was discovered.

I confess that I read with an open mind at all times but I will not hide the fact that I despise BABI.

BTW JMD has always been brilliant in his analysis.

Anonymous said...

parpu n anti kj did it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 29, 2010 3:13 PM said...
parpu n anti kj did it.


heh heh, the retard has written

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, your next entry can you write on the conspiracy of the missing RM52 Billion in shares that is suppose to be owned by Malays?

I am beginning to be interested in conspiracy stories, is all your fault.