Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unfounded and baseless accusations by a desperate man!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and his buddy Al Gore, the guy who came here once as a guest and insulted the host country in front of our previous PM!!

In fact it is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who has strong connection with the Jews...he is a board member and an adviser to a US-based Israeli organisation, Greenroad....and he should be charged for treason and for conduct unbecoming of a Malaysian politician...the word to describe such treachery committed by him is TRAITOR!

And he accused Datuk Tengku Sariffudin an Israeli spy?!

First he made a very serious baseless and an unfounded accusation that a Malaysian government-hired international communications consultancy APCO Worldwide had worked for the Israeli government before being hired by Malaysia.
Then when he started naming Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak's 's press secretary, Datuk Tengku Sariffudin Ahmad, and two other person, Omar Mustapha and Khairy Jamaluddin, as Israeli spies then I am convinced opposition leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) has truly outdone himself and that he has gone totally wacko and bonkers.
I cannot vouch in all certainty about the other two names mentioned by BABI, but I know Tengku Sariffuddin, and if he is indeed an Israeli spy then I am a Jesuit working for the Vatican.
He is Najib's loyalist and one of the few prime minister's men that I can readily discuss anything sensitive and secret to without having fear of being compromised.
But what we do know is that BABI is indeed the one who has a very strong Jewish/Zionist connection read here.
APCO in a press statement issued to Bernama, said: "The allegations repeated against APCO Worldwide this morning in the Malaysian Parliament are are false. APCO Worldwide is not working for the government of Israel. We did not devise the 1 Malaysia concept."
Frankly we are all tired of writing about an ex-convict who, in his mind, thought he almost made it to becoming a prime minister of Malaysia and later jailed for serious crime committed and now going around the world saying bad and nasty things about his country?! Frankly speaking I think he is a classic case of a man with a very serious psychological problem, what he needs is a good psychiatrist.
BABI reminds me of that character in a Hollywood movie Shutter Island, about a delusional policeman who cannot tell between reality and a delusion!


genesispassion said...

hahhaha i feel sorry for u...go take my shoe !!!

Anonymous said...

m not crazy about dsai either but babes! melayu must have some class.

Anonymous said...

What is clearly obvious is that anwar is a VERY desperate man.

He is clutching at straws. He has been making a lot of empty promises in the past - he has lost TOO MUCH credibility.

He has only himself to blame - for feeling so secure that he will be saved by his sponsors/masterminds.

In honour of PERJANJIAN KERAMAT 916, we wait and watch for anwar to froggy jump back into UMNO.

He is presently partyless.

patriot jawa johor said...

tengku sharifudin an Israeli agent? then definitely i m benjamin natanyahu's son-in-law. apa le gilanya si anwar ni, kalau nak tipu rakyat pun biar lah ada logik sikit. kalau ada yg pecaya juga, tak tau le aku nak kata apa...just plain sad la this one.

Maulana said...

Meliwat dan melancap takde bezanya. Dua2 boleh buat ketagih. Bila dah lama tak meliwat, mulalah datang ilusi dalam kepala Pak Sheikh kita. Itu tanda2 nak nyanyuklah tu...

Anonymous said...

Orang ada gaut boleh jadi spy ke? Buduh punya Anwar!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you . This idiot has got a serious phychological problem . What is sad is is followers still believe him . His a a nut case , frustrated person . I think he is even willing to sell his mother tobecome a PM .


kita anak melayu said...

Pasquale, this is my analisis ringan

Rakan rakan semua, kalau nak tahu macamana rapatnya Anwar Ibnrahim dengan regim Zionis Israel sila ikut link di bawah

GEMPAR; Disini ada bukti terbaru Anwar ada rakan dalam kerajaan ZIONIS Israel

Anonymous said...

You Umno goon, no matter what happens to Anwar, PR and the gang will certainly be heading to Putrajaya after the next election. Full stop!

big cat said...

tengku sharifudin tu jadi agent amway boleh la sebab dia memang kena makan suppliment sebab sakit gaut. kalau nak jadi agent israel payah sikit sebab dia tak boleh lari. physical test mesti fail punya. lutut dia selalu jam la sebab gaut tu. anwar ni memang kuat melalut. buat cerita entah apa-apa je. tu pun geng-geng pakatan tak perasan.

Tony Yew said...


What better way to cover up your own folly than to label your enemy an Isreali agent!

Thanks for sharing those information on who the real Isreali spy is!

I am sure that you will be able to share more than this and I look forward to reading all about BABI and his racist remarks he made when he was DPM!!

I say we banish this bugger and his no good group of traitors of the country to.....Jerusalem!

Enough of jew kiss ass!

FreedomFighter said...

so? i thought islam pushed the theology of equality of all people under Allah? the jews are people as well. are we blanketing them all as pariahs of this world just because of what's happening in Gaza? or is there an underlying reason for all you haters out there? im seriusly surprised at all this anti-semtism out there.

Anak Izrail said...

Mungkinkah spy Anwar dalam pejabat PM si anak benggali bernama Hardev Kaur?

jannah said...

hahaha lawak...ada ke tengku sariffuddin bekas kapten aku dia ckp agen israel....memang lawak

jannah said...

hahah lawak ada ke dia kata bekas kapten aku ni agen yahudi lawak memang lawak