Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Najib and Obama hit it off!

The bonding was immediate!!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim eat your heart out! Now I would like to say, let's us stop the idle chatter and cut to the chase AND the truth of the matter is....Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and US President Barack Obama hit it off like two old friends and intellectuals discussing serious bi-lateral issues between the two countries! YES!!!
Najib was the only world leader that Obama gave a half-Japanese bow as a sign of respect, as the prime minister was approaching the center stage to shake hand with the US president! The body language says it all!
First and foremost on the agenda, between the two, is the straightening of the already existing strong bilateral relations between the two countries.
I was made to understand Najib never once did he denigrate anyone or any member or leader of the opposition parties in Malaysia during his meeting with Obama and he carries himself well. For that 40 minutes meeting he succeeded in telling Obama on what is really going on in Malaysia in which Obama retorted that he already knew! Phew!!
I am sure during that discussion Najib reflects that aura gentlemanly and that of a well brought up son of a prominent family whose father was the most respected second prime minister of Malaysia who brought development for the country. A well brought person never say anything bad of another person..well done Mr Prime Minister!
Najib also explain Malaysia's stance as a moderate Muslim country on our stance towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I was made to understand that Najib reiterates the fact that Malaysia has never been against the Jewish people but only critical of the Zionist expansionist policy, and would like to see an amicable solution for the Palestinian issue.
In other words Malaysia would like to be friendly with as many countries and people as possible as long as these countries' and people's aspiration is in tandem with Malaysia principle of co-existence.
I was also made to understand that Barack Obama has accepted an invitation to pay a side "official" visit to Malaysia, from his thrice postponed official visit to Indonesia.
Hey, I feel good today!


Anonymous said...

Well just out to show you can only lie so much as any time, but not all the time. Well done Mr Prime Minister! I am a US trained doctor and I am coming back for at least five years to serve the Malaysian people!

Formerly a Baba from Malacca!

anak anwar said...

i am proud to be a malaysian. Pm kita memang hebat

Anonymous said...

baru setahun jadi PM dah dpt penghormatan yg cukup besar.Apa maknanya? MUngkinkah Najib akan menjadi negarawan Malaysia yg paling hebat, lebih hebat dari Tun Dr Mahathir...

Anonymous said...

Dream on.... Pak Lah also has a chit chat with Bush... and what happen to him?

Anonymous said...


After the announcement made jointly by US and Malaysia that Iran should Tow the US line on the issue of Iran's nuclear position, one wonders if Obama entertained DS Najib just for the purpose of getting a Muslim Leader to Hit out against Iran!

Anonymous said...

Well APCOs 77 million did come in handy after all.

Anonymous said...

When Anwar will meet Obama?

Pasquale said...

"Dream on.... Pak Lah also has a chit chat with Bush... and what happen to him?
April 13, 2010 11:48 PM"

Well actually moron you are wrong Dollah kaki Tidor never met with any of the US president not even five minutes or 50 minutes, you are just one of those Pakatan idiots who spread malicious rumours! Because it is in the nature of the beast, like your master BABI!

Pasquale said...

"Well APCOs 77 million did come in handy after all.
April 14, 2010 11:14 AM"

"When Anwar will meet Obama?
April 14, 2010 12:55 PM"

Well Obama's meeting with Najib was planed way before he became PM and way before APCO into Najib's picture, and like Pakatan liars, we do not know where you got that 77 million figure, just like you leader BABI, lying has become a second nature you his moronic followers. Secondly President Barack Obama will not risk a good bilateral relationship just to accommodate BABI, no sir! That I can guarantee!

Anonymous said...

Nampaknya Obama ni cerdik jugak orangnya sebab dia pandai jaga periuk nasi politik dia dgn asean leader seperti PM Najib. Sekarang ni mana ada obama or his admin team "that want to be associated or seen with" anwar berahim, si peliwat ganas berbangsa melayu dari malaysia ni, anwar ni macam liabiliti to the new american kerana simpan kawan dgn neocon zionist paul wolfowitz.
Obama sekarang nak baik baik dgn dunia islam so PM Najib ni macam "fit in his political agenda".
Anwar Berahi cuma kena tunggu 8 tahun lagi-mungkin nanti Pompuan Sarah Palin naik jadi presiden, dapat anwar funding dari si kristian group dari republican parti.wan azizah dan nurul ezzah boleh bantu rayu nangis macam dorang buat dulu dgn gloria macapagal.

'Road To Putrajaya'
Penipuan Didahulukan, Kuasa Diutamakan

Anonymous said...

Somebody (a high ranking US state department's person) made a comment how Anwar's English has an Arabic twang, and Najib is more natural! Interesting to note!

Was in the Nuclear Summit meeting person!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... guarantee????

Use what to guarantee?? Use your magpies to guarantee is it??

Talk big who doesnt know.. Even my dog can simply bark non stop with a guarantee...

Dominic Tan said...

Interesting... As you said, and I quote "A well brought person never say anything bad of another person..", and to quote you again from your other postings,
"Listen up you moron Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim you…" and
"Frankly speaking I think he is a classic case of a man with a very serious psychological problem, what he needs is a good psychiatrist." and
"the word to describe such treachery committed by him is TRAITOR!" and
"I am convinced opposition leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) has truly outdone himself and that he has gone totally wacko and bonkers."
Actually, the list could go on and on and on... but the point I am making here is perhaps you are demonstrating the type of upbringing you had.

Bad grammar I can handle, but let's try not to be overly hypocritical here. :-)

Pasquale said...

Dominic Tan or just another of Pakatan prick nom de plume, you are just a self righteous bastard, my upbringing is fine but your boss BABI is just one of those sad parvenu of a person, you are what your upbringing is and you b oss never made the cut! BTW my bad grammar is mine you can find other site, you son of a female cow!