Friday, April 16, 2010

Yes! Here is everything you wanted to know about APCO but too stupid to ask!

Here is everything you want to know about APCO but you are either afraid to ask or you would rather believe the lies spread by Opposition leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.
Here is one of the stark naked facts to show that he was indeed lying through his teeth. On Tuesday of last week when challenged to identify a link between APCO, 1Malaysia and 1Israel, he failed to answer, why because such links do not exist. Let us begin with some facts, and the government is assured that:

- APCO does not work for the government of Israel;

- APCO had nothing to do with One Israel;

- APCO was not responsible for 1Malaysia;

- APCO is not part of any country's security services;

- APCO does not work for dictators;

- The security company in which APCO has an investment is not involved, and has never been involved, in Malaysia.

First and foremost, APCO is a communications company – nothing more and nothing less – the only information or facts to which they have access are those the Government wants to make public. Apco works with multiple ministers of the government.
Anyone who knows this government knows it will never compromise our national interest or our national security. There is no hanky panky about hiring APCO to help the government.
he information disclosed about APCO's work globally is publicly available and can be found on the Internet. Far from being secret or sinister, the details of APCO’s work are on the internet for the entire world to see.
APCO helps the government communicate with the people of Malaysia more effectively so that the people understand how the reforms we are making will benefit them – from the New Economic Model to the 10th Malaysia Plan; how together these reforms will help to deliver a better life for themselves, their families and their country.
Consistency and clarity in the government’s communication activities – from community messages to major policy initiatives and crisis response – is not something that happens overnight. And the systems providing this clarity will belong to the people of Malaysia through the civil service and not any one government.
APCO's international experts are delivering world class training and introducing global best practices to help the Malaysian civil service understand the value of and practice effective communications. Walls are being broken down to improve efficiency and cooperation within and between ministries.
By communicating better at home we can also improve how we communicate abroad so that we can attract the future international investment our country needs. How we respond to issues, define policy and demonstrate accountability, directly shapes the way the country’s modernity, investment stability and security are evaluated.
It is vital to improve our communications capacity because the opposition has consistently maligned Malaysia’s reputation abroad, which in turn threatens our ability to attract key sources of revenue through foreign direct investment and tourism.
Hiring international experts allows us to implement best practices in communications and cross ministry coordination, saving time and money to avoid costly errors. Most importantly, the international experts we have hired are helping to build up our domestic communications capacity to a world class standard so there is a lasting, long-term legacy for our country.
Why has the Opposition chosen to focus on the international experts we have hired and made outrageous allegations about their work, their association and their motivation? I do not believe that these allegations are about the PR agencies we have hired to improve communications about the government's reforms.
They are instead an attempt to undermine the government's reform programme and the success of 1Malaysia. The opposition do not have any practical alternatives to the reform programme we are delivering they are trying instead to throw up this smokescreen.
They cannot debate alternative policy so they are focussing on attacking the process; they cannot address the positive benefits this government is bringing – on crime and corruption, education, anti-poverty, jobs and economic growth – and instead they are focusing their energy on negative campaigning.
The opposition do not want Malaysia to move forward; they do not want our people better engaged with our government; they do not want our country to take our rightful place amongst the growth economies of the world; they do not want us to look and learn from the mistakes of other countries' governments in the past and not have Malaysia repeat those mistakes in the future.
Instead, the Opposition will peddle any allegation, no matter how outrageous or offensive, no matter at what cost to our country, to play their political games. Their objective is to generate unfounded fears rather than improve our international reputation.
Their agenda is about creating national division rather than building 1Malaysia. But in fact, many great national movements have begun from simple ideas that bring people together. 1Malaysia offers the same hope for our country.
On Tuesday the PM received the New Economic Model report that lays out a positive agenda for economic progress. We will remain committed to this reform agenda. Let us be absolutely clear: this government will not be intimidated by Opposition’s campaign of distortion.
Whilst they continue their efforts to misled our parliament, we will continue our mission to lead the country. Malaysians have the national confidence to define what we stand for and how we will build respect with other countries.
We are at a unique crossroads in our history where we can shrink back to the politics of hate, the politics of insecurity and doubt, the politics of factionalism; or we can be bold enough to experiment with new ideas and seek guidance necessary to attract greater investment and streamline the way our government does business.
Now is the time for us to engage with the world, to draw inspiration and energy from the best practices available. The opposition has not provided any substance to their rhetoric.
They have instead called for government stagnation. To stick with the status quo. Our job, of leaders, is to follow a path for government transformation. That is what we are doing through the difficult process of reform. That is what we are doing by establishing greater trade routes. And that is what we are doing by engaging the world’s experts to help us become more effective on the global stage. If you want to know more as to why Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is against APCO please read here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

On behalf of UPCO we thank you for your Ardent Support...

We are truly a Multinational Company, our Staff are manned by very clever Locals who knows the local ropes and political sensitivities...

We are overwhelmed by the Support given by your leaders and for this reason feels that Malaysia is a Great Place to do Business. We have no doubt that our standing will continue to rise as more of your leaders support and bat for us.

The way things are going we might make Malaysia our Global Headquarters.

In this respect, we might consider offering to you the position of Independent Director in view of your unbending support.

Thank you again...

Management of UPCO

Anonymous said...

No one will admit to this, there's someone within the Najibs close circle that looks after the cause and struggles of Mr anwar ibrahim and his former apprentice Mr khairy jamaluddin.
I refer to this guy as Mr APCO"(Anwar's Public Conspirator Officer). It may just be his recommendation to the prime minister that led APCO being appointed by the malaysia government which was designed to explode as a public relations nightmare for the Prime Minister.

Ex4th Floor Wannabe

1Anwar-'Road To Putrajaya'
Penipuan Didahulukan, Kuasa Diutamakan

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Agreed, still having to pay a PR consultancy RM77m just to secure a 20 minute meeting with President Obama is a little too much, isnt it ? Perhaps that could be spent on a think tank in order to streamline and come out with a proper foreign policy and position for Malaysia in world affairs.

SiPM (M) doesnt agree with Anwar's allegations, but Najib's folk do have to answer for the cost involved in APCO's appointment.

drrita said...

bos..translate bahasa melayu..
orang2 MELAYU PAS/PKR bodoh haprak..tah pernah pegi sekolah..tak tau english.

sebab tu la senang kena kencing dengan Anwar dan DAP..

Anonymous said...


This has should not been an issue at all, its a company that deals with public affairs and strategic communications firm. Not even based in Israel. But these stupid/dumb-dumb/asshole/faggot pakatan(read: fuckatan) shit stirrers are such ignorant bastards. Refusal to read and understand has lead them to trust whatever coming out from BABI. SICKNESS.

These bastards should stop insulting the Rakyat intelligent!


Anonymous said...

Two-head-tougue-forking snake,

If the link is on PR side, then the following is what you will say and post:-

-APCO does work for the government of Israel;
- APCO had thing to do with One Israel;
- APCO was responsible for MiddleMalaysia;
- APCO is part of any country's security services;
- APCO does work for dictators

You moron idiot!