Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim is the pot calling the kettle black!

Intelligent but a very sad person this Zaid that I still respect!

If there was a need to, Barisan Nasional (BN) could have also asked for the nullification's of all of the opposition won seats during the last general elections! Reasons? For one, their campaigns were using extensive and elaborate falsehoods when dissemination campaign information to voters during the campaigning period!
If the opposition accused BN of vote-buying, we can also ay the same for the opposition. Opposition gave the Chinese voters a 99-year lease on what was once a TOL land the BN did not accuse it was vote buying. When BN or the government of the day gave RM3million ringgit for school building, the opposition called it corruption and vote buying. So we all can accused each other of many "frivolous" things.
Ask anyone who have attended previous by-elections, Ijok for example, where opposition parties have even called the prime minister of Malaysia and his wife murderers for "being involved in a grisly murder". How malicious can you get than this!
And you know what? No action was taken against any members of the opposition for spreading such vicious and evil falsehoods during the campaigning periods. BN could have also taken action against the Elections Commission for allowing malicious campaign conducted by the opposition against BN!
But in the end, truth will always prevail, and it is heartening to hear that a once member of the opposition party who was asked by BABI to implicate Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife in the murder of a foreign national, in which being a good Muslim he refused! This opposition member has since become an Independent and has since abandoned BABI.
Back to Zaid Ibrahim, hey man, you are like the pot calling the kettle black and we know who you were before you came into the political limelight. My friend, a "kaki botol" implies in Malay, that is, that you drank alcohol in this case it was wine and you had drank with us at the Press Club. A "kaki botol" may not necessarily be an alcoholic.
(On the subject of alcohol abuse, many alcoholics are in a denial state. Many, in fact very many of them, do not even recognise that they are suffering from this destructive malady called Alcoholism! )
If Pakatan wants to mobilise a fresh campaign to make free and fair elections a reality in this country, Zaid you must advise your friend BABI to stop bad-mouthing our country and our prime minister, yours too, at overseas and in Malaysia, or otherwise Tun Mahathir will have no choice but to release a very damaging video tape of your esteemed leader in a very compromising and sickening sexual position taken in a hotel room in the US, courtesy of the CIA!
So my man I admire your chutzpah but don't lah mau saman saman, just live and let live, and no sour grapes! So you lost so what just fight another day and meanwhile try to make amend and may be come back to the fold I am sure you will be considered!
P.S Zaid you too should consider leaving BABI and forget about his pipe dreams, you are too smart for all this man! Cheers!


mae1000 said...

Itulah gunanya jadi peguam, kalau tak tau menyaman apa gunanya.

Anonymous said...

regarding the compromising tape, Tun M owes it to the people by releasing the tape so the people know what kind of leader he is. (Any clue about the compromising act? Kama sutra no 15, maybe?)

As to Zahid, he already owned the statement of the year with that i own a race horse but i don't gamble crap!