Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is not what he seems to be, eh!

The author

An article by Marco Vincenzino which appeared in The Daily Caller under a title "The art of deceiving D.C." is a must read if you want to know what the United States is now saying about BABI. Below is the entire article...but if you Google "The Art of Deceiving D.C." you can get a better read! .
Winning over the Washington policy establishment is an art mastered by certain clever foreigners over the years. It requires basic charm and wit, a convincing narrative, understanding the Beltway worldview, mastering its lingo and skills to communicate it effectively.

After fulfilling their agenda in the U.S. capital, these masters often move on and evolve according to political convenience, even turning on their friends in Washington if required. An outstanding example is Ahmed Chalabi, whose influence was critical to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

He also raised millions of dollars from American taxpayers for his Iraqi National Congress. Now back in his native-Iraq, this Macchiavellian political survivor has re-invented himself as a staunch Shiite advocate and close ally of Iran.

A sense of betrayal overwhelms many of his original supporters in Washington. Another recent convert to the chameleon cause is Anwar Ibrahim. From 1993-98, Mr. Anwar served as Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

After losing a power struggle with Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad, Anwar was removed from power and imprisoned. During his years of incarceration, Anwar became a cause célèbre for human rights advocates.

After his release in 2004, Anwar hit the international circuit, which included stints at the World Bank and lecturing positions at Oxford University, Johns Hopkins and Georgetown. His official bio on one website described him as “one of the forefathers of the Asian Renaissance”, “a leading proponent of greater cooperation among civilizations” and “an authoritative voice in bridging the gap between East and West.

Anwar has returned to Malaysian politics and serves in the opposition. While the foreign policy of Malaysia’s current government is fairly in tune with U.S. and western policy, Anwar has decided that pro-Western sentiment does not serve his current political interests.

He has begun preaching a conspiratorial rhetoric of anti-American and anti-Semitic nature. Particularly since the Malaysian government hired an American communications firm, Anwar has suggested that Israeli spies are directly involved in the running of the Malaysian government
He claims that the recent meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia was arranged by the influential “Jewish-linked” company which has resulted in Malaysia subservience to the U.S. These statements will obviously shock Mr. Anwar’s supporters in the West, which include former Vice President Al Gore.

They will provoke questions: have Anwar’s words been taken out of context? Perhaps they can be subject to interpretation? Is one failing to read between the lines? Anwar’s statements are blatantly clear and direct. His rhetoric represents an unmistakable case of raw political opportunism and much more. Although opportunism is an inevitable fact of politics, it also has its limits.

Particularly when degenerating into unacceptable demagoguery with obvious racist overtones. How did Anwar’s transformation from reformer to rabble-rouse occur? The reality is that he probably always held these views. Over the years, he just simply tailored his message to different audiences according to necessity.

After all, Anwar served for five years as Deputy Prime Minister to Mahatir Mohamad, renowned for his anti-Western and anti-Semitic tirades. This alone should have immediately raised red flags and serious questions about his ideological allegiances. It is not uncommon for the Washington establishment to be ill-informed, naively overlook significant facts, or willingly brush them aside. In the international realm, the Beltway Bubble often prevails.

In future, greater caution and prudence is required when endorsing foreign champions, particularly those eagerly preaching a message favorable to Washington. Furthermore, the tendency to confer automatic sainthood and infallibility on the persecuted, or those claiming persecution, must be tempered. Pry more and do not give an easy ride. After all, Washington will inevitably see the likes of more Chalabis and Anwars.

Marco Vicenzino is director of the Global Strategy Project in Washington, D.C. He provides global political risk analysis for corporations and regular commentary on foreign affairs for publications/media outlets worldwide. He can be reached at


Anonymous said...

another idiotic article by an idiot posted by an idiot kerbau...

life is not a fairy tale dude said...

Serves him right for being double-faced. Potraying himself as a good muslim but in actually fact is a homosexual.

He will do and say anything as long as he can get the support from the Jews to be Malaysia's Prime Minister.

racist extremists in DAP is at it again

Pasquale said...

"another idiotic article by an idiot posted by an idiot kerbau...

May 15, 2010 3:05 PM"

You know the sad part about your comment is, I do know who you are!

Burung Merbok said...

1. It takes an idiot with an idiotic one-tracked mind, an idiotic simplicity of reasoning, an idiotic blind-faith and an idiotic level of intelligence to come out with such an idiotic response to an article so well written and presented, laced with matured observations and reasonings.

2. Only an idiot will fail to see the truth as revealed by the author who not only holds a position of authority but also as one who keeps track of such fiendish characters like our AI. Many articles such as this one had been written recently, all exposing the hypocrite with his double-talk and back-stabbing attributes !

3. Sadly, there are far too many 'idiots' in our country. And 'non-comprende' and most unbelievable, amongst these idiotic group of stubborn,hot-headed hooligans and near-maniac supporters are people of high standing in the academic sphere and high-end professionals who should otherwise be intelligent enough to see the trees for the forest.

4. Nowadays we don't have to go to the circus to see a clown. Just look around and be a bit observant and you'll NOT fail to meet a few amongst the so-called law-makers of our country. Plus of course a few from the hardened supporters who proudly show their sheer stupidity and childishness when they try to offer their comments here.

5. To these guys, I say," Grow up ! ".

Anonymous said...

It is sad to note how gullible Americans are they believed in Chalabis the Charlatan and went to destroy a country and kill its people, and now they going to believe Anwar the Chamaleon! When will these American ever learn!!!

Sleepless in Seattle.

paktam said...

Many things do not make sense. While being an 'anti semitic', at the same time he is called to participate, first in Oslo, then in London, by the very same group. Al Chalabi was booted out because he is no more being useful. AI is just a servant or better still a pawn or worst a slave. His actions do not have to make sense because what he did or did not do are for someone else benifit.
A man who has no credits is asked to speak in Oxford and other prestigious institution in the US? As is said things do not have to make sense. All these writings are done after PM Najib's meeting with Obama. How come?

Anonymous said...

paktam, looking at your handle you must be a simple moron Malay that sees ghost everywhere! You cannot think logically like all Malays in this country! This guy who writes has nothing to do with Najib meeting Obama and you want every one in the world o have a conspiratorial mindset like you, this guy Mario from what I have gathered he is a respectable observer!
Sorry paktam like your moronic race says "tak ada udang sebalik maggie mee"!
PS probably after Najib met Obama, the former explained logically and systematically that Anwar is indeed a charlatan!


Anonymous said...

I told u people are fed up with Tun but yet this administration is sucking up to him. Congrats on loosing to the DAP!

Anonymous said...

The sad part of all this is that we are in a State of Denial and pointing fingers at others for our problems. We remain in the grip of a denial so strong we are not addressing the real poblems faced by the nation. We are constantly looing for some outside force that is not there to blame for our problems.Take it from me this is going to destroy all that we have built over this 50 years.

Our State of Denial is so strong that we are even preaching others how to run their affairs.We do not have to worry about the US and we need not preach to them about good government.If we continue along this road we will reach a point where we will learn the hard way that our only hope will be to descover that the lessons that we are trying to teach others is the one we have to learn ourselves.Ramalx.

life is not a fairy tale dude said...

Some people like Nik Aziz is so immature. That is why he accuse of others leaving PR as just that.

Porn star at work

Jolkaq said...

Nik Aziz has been in power for too long. Before GE13, he will be 25 years in power.Mungkinkah dia minum power root?