Thursday, May 06, 2010

Has Zaid Ibrahim gone overboard with his comments!?

He implies we are all stupid and living in the age of feudalism!

It was reported in a Malay tabloid quoting Zaid Ibrahim saying a call by the Sultan of Selangor not to use mosques as places for politicking was not a royal decree but a personal view of a ruler of the state.
The front page of the paper gave a big headline in Malay that says "Bukan Zaman Feudal", or loosely translated "we are not living in dark ages anymore", and to me he is saying feudalism and rulers are passe and that the rulers have to channel their "decree" through a state highest religious body.
He may be right or he may be wrong but the tone of this recently defeated opposition candidate for Hulu Selangor smacks disrespect for any Malay ruler. As a Malay I am all for the system of the institutional monarchy and when I am in front of my ruler I will always put both of my hands on my forehead, a sign of respect! (Mind you I have been around the world, and have seen many rulers dethroned, but our government of a constitutional monarchy is unique, I don't want it any other way!)
It appears as though the members of the opposition, Zaid included, are set to belittle or ridicule the monarchy system of the country. We do remember when a former mentri besar of Perak who said "saya rela menderhaka terhadap sultan", or loosely translated "I am ever willing to betray the king".
And I do remember a certain leader of the opposition, who is on trial now, who refused to bow in shows of respect to the Sultan of Perak.
Ah! Well! We do know that these few disgruntled nouveau riche, new money people like Zaid Ibrahim and his esteemed leader, BABI, who will forever be trapped in the age-old adage that says: "Money alone cannot guarantee you join the club" my friend! You need good breeding to be in one (a club that is).
So Zaid you go ahead wishing and hoping this country will one day be a republic and then you will wake up one day to find you are being ruled by the chauvinist Chinese-based DAP, and like Penang and Singapore once in power the Malays, and their leaders, were slowly marginalised and shoved aside!
Think about it!


Anonymous said...

Mungkin dia dah masuk dalam golongan yang berpendirian "MONEY IS KING". Wang adalah raja segalanya bagi mereka..

Inilah gaya orang miskin yang sangkakan dia tu dah kaya sangat! Macam siTanggang, dah kena sambar petir sudah terlambat!


Anonymous said...

Can the Sultan banned him from the state, just let him stay in Bangsar lots of pubs there!

Anak PKNS!

Anonymous said...

The man has balls of steel compared to you blokes.

r0 said...

dia kan melayu juga...

Anonymous said...

Ustaz Hadi cakap orang Sarawak pakai cawat tak pandai undi! Zaid Ibrahim pulak cakap Sultan tak ada kuasa lagi! Nik Aziz pulak kata Sultan Selangor pooodah lah!! Dan Anwar Ibrahim pulak nak jadi raja daaa! Mana boleh! Kalau mamak kooty tu mamak kooty lah!

Orang Melayu Biasa tapi Gembira!

apanama said...

nasib baik lah orang ulu selangor cepat sedar akan petualang bangsa ni. kalau tidak memang dia dah dirikan tempat lumba kuda di selangor dan melancarkan kuda2nya, termasuk kuda bernama "melayu aka morino".
dah terror sangat ataupun kerana takut tertinggal dek arus politik tempatan, si baghal yg terdesak ni pun mula derhaka kepada YAM Tuanku Sultan Selangor.

p/s kalau dulu boleh hantar Pulau Jerejak.

Anonymous said...

The Kalentan Sultan is in distress now and needed your attention more. His wife the Sultanate was being drag like a cow as what she mentioned. Are we all Melayu just stand and watch? This is UMNO politics, mati lah like that. Every day play politic only.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon @ May 06, 2010 7:31 PM

"balls of steel" - only useful in machineslah

for humans no uselah, for horses also no uselah

heh heh

p.s. wife not happy how??

AntiKJ said...

Salam Bro,

Whatever the fuck it is, we want to care the constitutional monarchy.

We don't want the fucking assholes like Anwar Al Jub, Lim Kit Sial and Nicky Ajis rule Malaysia as a republic.

That would be a no no.

kalau mau negara lebur, letak beruk jadi menteri

kita anak melayu said...

GEMPAR!!!! Transkrip perbualan rahsia Anwar dan bomoh Benggali,  Pajan Singh di mahkamah

sila datang ke Melayu Bersatu untuk membaca transkrip penuh

Goh Wei Liang said...

To me, mosques churches and temples should remain as religious places. I don't know what Zaid and Nik Aziz are thinking by mixing places of worship and praying with politics.

Something must be wrong with these PR fellas. They seem to be abusing the constitutional monarch system more than anyone else.