Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is Tan Sri Robert Phang being disloyal for not defending the integrity of MACC when attacked by the DAP?

Tan Sri Robert Phang

The DAP organized a dinner to commemorate its 44th anniversary last Friday, 21st May, 2010. It was reported at least 1000 people attended. Among the guests was Tan Sri Robert Phang, corruption consultative and advisory panel member of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)
I was alerted by a blogger that Tan Sri Robert also donated RM50,000 towards the DAP dinner. That was not all, apparently the DAP was condemning MACC in front of him and I was told Tan Sri Robert did not even say anything to defend the organisation in which he is still a panel member.
It was reported by a blog site Unspinners that two DAP members of parliament condemned MACC for being pro Barisan Nasional (BN) in front of Tan Sri Robert and yet he did not make an attempt to rebut the condemnation.
My question is: Why did he attended the dinner and why was he appointed as member of the MACC's panel? Can somebody please enlighten me! Read more here...!


Wake UP! said...

It's either he is supporting DAP from which his action are showing just that or he is just plain stupid.

Tools of the Illuminati in Malaysia.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Gobind Singh Deo is his lawyer for his Court case and legal matters. Fill in the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

I think the government of Najib Razak should seriously consider terminating his membership in MACC, clearly the guy is pro-DAP and Chinese and definitely not supportive of the government of the day, and not supportive of the One Malaysia concept!

An Almost-an-Anti-Chinese-Person!

azreen said...

ala..senang je jawapan utk cerita ni..kita melayu je yg x sedar..org cina dah mula unite di belakang DAP sb mereka yakin DAP akan bkuasa memerintah negara..dan DAP jugak yg akan menjadi pemangkin kaum cina di malaysia..melayu je yg suka berpecah-belah..

jason said...

When a person's actions is not consistent with the position he holds then, one should have the dignity to step down and out of the positions that one has due to certain clear political considerations. Respect is earned, otherwise it is sheer hypocrisy. There are many such old people around who like to simply talk as they are attention-deficit and love the sound of their own voices.Actually they are already jurassic.

Anonymous said...

The one who appointed him as advisory panel of MACC is the most stupid of them all.

Anonymous said...

Let us get some balance. If the ruling party wins all the seats in Parliament then yes government apappointed bodies can be represented by only those who support them. In our case The Parliament has a substantial number of opposition members. This will of the people is supreme and must be reflected in all government appointed bodies. Those are the the unwritten ground rules of a Parliamentary Democracy. Ralalx