Monday, May 03, 2010

RealClearWorld, an influential Forbes Media-owned web portal now carries story on Anwar Ibrahim's anti-semiticism!

Another web publications owned by Forbes Media!

An American web publications, The New Ledger, published a story on Anwar Ibrahim's anti-Semiticism stance and that story was carried by another influential web portal, RealClearWorld, owned by Forbes here! The story is listed under Real Clear World Saturday.
The fact that a powerful US media company find it fit to re-publish The New Ledger's story read here again ....shows Anwar Ibrahin can only fool some Jews at the time but not all the Jews at all the time (pun intended).
Al Gore you moron you better re-think your so "liberal support" for Anwar unless you want to incur the wrath of the powerful Jewish groups for supporting an anti-Semite idiot of a politician from Malaysia!
Of course Anwar's supporters can say these news portals were paid to write the story but the fact of the matter is and in a true spirit of the freedom of press and expression in America, good journalist writes because he or she sees the lies and hypocrisy expressed by politician like Anwar Ibrahim.


paktam said...

Be careful.
One can create trouble and then solve it his way, thus he has final say - ala Zionist style.
Before we can conclude anything, lets be patient, and wait their next move, until a pattern emerges.

Anonymous said...

I do not know about you but this Anwar will do anything to destroy any Malay institution! He is so bitter form being thrown out and jailed that he will do anything to get his revenge!

Sleepless in Boston, Massachusetts!

Anonymous said...

THat Anwar is no good for Islam and Malaysians is a foregone conclusion.
HOwever if these reports puts his knickers in a twist, I'm all for it.


Anonymous said...

hopefully this is the definitive start to anwar's downfall

it began when Najib had a four-eye meeting with Obama

desperado ...

Shamsul Yunos said...

Bro, sorry this is not in line with your posting but I think very current and worth looking at

Is police investigation into Aminul Rashid's death hampered by tainted statemetns

read all about it at

Anonymous said...!/profile.php?id=610186821&v=info&ref=ts

this fellow was NST team leader buat Ulu Selangor election dan dia adalah member dalam group -
Deny Barisan Nasional Majority in Next Election! Ha! Ha! Ha! Boot them Out! -

waaaaaah. liberal NST brade mamat ni bukan lifestyle reporter tapi dalam perancangan nak jadi editor. hidup nst.