Monday, June 14, 2010

Malaysia probes British-funded animal testing lab

How would you like to be him in reverse!

"Malaysia is considering shutting down a controversial British-funded animal testing lab if there is evidence of cruelty there, the government's top veterinary official said on Sunday."
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This is the kind of news that make my day for the rest of the day. We are now finally acting like a real civilised country which we should rightly be, and should have been and should be forever and ever.

If indeed animal testing cannot be conducted in a "civilised western countries" what makes anyone think that this can be done in countries like Malaysia??!

This is just like news reports on "enemy combatants" being sent to places like Kyrgyzstan, or Bulgaria (or may be even Malaysia? ) to be "interrogated"? But not in a "civilised" countries like the US or Great Britain (what so great about Britain come to think of it).
After Iraq invasion many of these so-called enemy combatants accused of working against the US were blindfolded carted and put away in an unmarked planes taken to an unknown countries to be interrogated. But of course such "cruel" act cannot be conducted in a civilized countries like the USA??

BTW the US Army (Medical Corps) were conducting many experiments, among other things, on how to combat malaria and on how to reduce the onslaught of HIV. Such experiments were conducted since after the end of the second world war until the Malaysian government said enough.

If you ask me I think many of our leaders need a lobotomy, partial or otherwise, to reduce their incessant negative comments deemed sensitive to us voters. One such comment was made by one of the Chief Ministers of this great country, that shall remain nameless, about torturing animals.

Have a nice day to all of youse morons!


Pasquale said...

Its funny that I posted something on cruelty to animals and no one care to comment on the subkect Just to show Malaysians is just a bunch of selfish and insensitive slob and moron. We would rather maligned each other and this prove that Malaysians are not capable of expressing disgust over cruelty to animals!

Anonymous said...

Magpie i agree malaysians are a bunch of ingrates and selfish!


Anonymous said...

Yes while we are standing up for the animals of this country no one wants to take up the suffering of the people and the outflow of funds from this couuntry.