Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rockybru please do not refer to Kampung Baru as a is not....just a Malay village!

I grew up in Kampung Baru, I am actually a product of the first Malay rural-urban migration. I attended Princess Road primary school in Kampung Baru then and it is now called Sekolah Melayu Jalan Raja Muda.

I remember my house at Jalan Watson being used as a half way house for my clan to stay on until they got a job. After primary one to primary five I was then sent to a special malay class one and two to Batu road school. From there to Maxwell school for my secondary school education.

Kampung Baru will always have a special place I my heart. I think it must remain as a Malay village and I do not see how the government led by Umno cannot allocate special fund to develop this historical village.

To me this village has nothing to do with any quota or with 60/40 or 70/30 equations. Kampung Baru must remain a Malay village! It is only that the government must have a strong resolve to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants, turning the village into a congested habitat!


Anonymous said...

Saya sokong tuan 100%

Anonymous said...

No wonder maxwell sch sekolah samseng.

Anonymous said...

I am sure when you were living there, your beloved Kg. Baru was a nice and neat place, filled with Malays (locals, mostly) who - like you said - migrated from the rural areas.

In my case, I used to stay at a relative's house there quite often way back in the 1970s and yes, it was still a nice and pleasant place. And not too many people there. The Bangsawan troupe was still performing at the pasar. It was a pleasant stroll for me, my family and cousins (in our sarongs & jammies!) to the night market. Try doing that now and it's an exhausting obstacle course, if you ever reach it...

Now, it is overcrowded. Greedy landlords extend their buildings to make more rooms for rent. Most people who live there are immigrants.

It's filthy and messy. Too many foodstalls. Their kitchen rubbish go straight into the tired drains. Roaches and rats are happy!

Sadly, Kg Baru is now a slum.

Anonymous said...

Kg Baru is undeniably a city slum due to the indon pendatang and poor town planning. Second gen people have also moved out to better living environment in outskirt of KL. Let's get it developed and unlock its property value and make more Malay multi-millionaires.


Anonymous said...

I used to live in Kampong Baru in the mid 60s when I was at University of Malaysa. Ah! The good old days. I am surprised that the government was unable to slove the ploblems of Kampong Baru. They just had to locate one of their many mega projects there and amend the National Land Code. I am hurt as to waht has happened to my village. The other day I was there and it is only a matter of time before the good people leave and the migrant workers take over the village.

I have an idea. The BN government is spending so much money on projects. The government should buy the land back at current market price and develop the area for the people of One Malaysai. Hidup Malaysia. Raman

Anonymous said...

oh boy, rusdi...when was the last time you went on a jaunt through the immigrant-filled labyrinths of Kampung Baru?

I'm a resident here...just next to the mosque and I can vouch that the inner kampung of this once proud Malay settlement is, indeed, a slum!

Pasquale said...

anonymous at 9.56pm I am not rusdi but your comment is noted so i let it through this time! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

i disagree. since the notion of racial boundary is a point of disgust in modern times, i say let it be. quotas breed racism. calling for a Malay village is so 1940. i suggest you let the world take it course and let people move wherever they want.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:44PM: Don't worry, only pasquale calls it a Malay village. Obviously he thinks it still is that quaint little world he remembers from decades ago.

Pasquale, that slum you so dearly love is now filled with manual-labour people from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (hmm, some professors will insist that people from these countries are 'Malays' too), Bangladesh, Nepal and India.... and a minority of actual (Malaysian) Malays.

Forget about it, if you can and just enjoy your old age in Merual and Canada. Mazel tov!