Friday, June 25, 2010

BABI has shown his true colour as a militant way back then!

Para-military training in the desert!

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi said recently the opposition should not manipulate the issue of mass arrest on an Islamic group believed to be linked to the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) group, and possibly directly associated to the Al Qaeda militant terrorist group, as a government ploy to deviate other issues.

Zahid was directly referring to a comment made by leader of the opposition, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim who said the mass arrest of these suspected terrorists was a ploy by the government to over up "other issues" considered by the opposition to be more serious although the opposition leader did not elaborate what the issues were.

"The esteemed leader of the opposition must also be made reminded and be made aware that the rise and threat of religious militancy in the country were more prevalent when he was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia," he said recently.

In mid-1980 a group of Umno Youth members, many have since left Umno to join the opposition, and together with Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim made a pilgrimage to the desert of Libya to do some serious para military training and most of the instructors were from Plestinian group PLFP under the late George Habash.

Sources said this group was monitored by the government to see if there was any direct co-relation between the rise of Islamic militancy and its connection with those who went to Libya with Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, for the weapon training.


yoko ono said...

in next three days,i may see you.arent we old friends?

Anonymous said...

Walau-A, so serious meh. Why make false allegation. No good to you loh.

Anonymous said...

hei anonymous moron (pasqual jangan marah guna perkataan ini)-how do you know he is making false allegation you are one of those stupid opposition supporters and BTW I was one who went to Libya in 1984 with BABI today I am more sympathetic to BN!

bekas pemuda yang dah kawin dengan orang Sarawak!

Anonymous said...

Wahhh... Your Imagination is really running wild!!

Still, if he is doing it for the good of Palestine and not intending to do Terrorist Actions why not!

They should also check up on this Pemuda Kahwin Sarawak to make sure he is not just kidding!!