Monday, June 07, 2010

There are no such things as Liberal Malays Jema! Accomodating Malays may be!

At the end of many columns by any guest writer at any media, be it on line or print, there is always this caveat by the media owners that usually say "The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist".

The caveat is only and just that. While the personal opinion may be so but the "damage" is usually done. The content of the guest writers stupid or nonsensical or confused assessment of issues have already been published. Many people, will believe the content as gospel truth.

I can probably offer to have a column written say to any anti-government news portal condemning the Malays, and their special rights, Umno or probably the constitutional monarchy, and this online website will most certainly print it but to save their backsides, they will always print that caveat.

There is this online column written by Jema Khan, a former Sabah Umno youth leader who came from a prominent family whose father was once serving under previous chief ministers of Sabah, who has the audacity to be insensitive and glib when writing about the Malays.
He wrote about Umno, the Malays and Perkasa and said:

The essence of Perkasa’s ideology, if one can even call it that, is to make the Malays feel like the master race in the country. As the master race, all that belongs to the country belongs to them. They, of course, have yet to get their just desserts." Read more here.....

What I find offensive is that the writer while a Muslim, I think, is not even a Malay and never understand the Malay psyche and problem from day one. He is one Sabahan who still believe Semananjung Malays (Peninsular Malays) are out to rule unjustly.

While I do agree with Perkasa's raison'detre I do not believe Perkasa is out to portray Malays as a master race in this country, nor does Perkasa wants to tell the rest that Malaysia belongs to the Malays only, What kind of a nonsense assessment is this Jema!

Perkasa was created after "they feel" the Malays have been pushed around politically to the corner and now a group of Malays under Perkasa is forced to "cover their heads" from the constant barrages of beating and bashing from the rest!! Let us not forget the Malays, to begin with, are not and cannot be a racist and it is in their nature not to be one. They are very accommodating.

If the non-Malays or "Liberal-Malays" like this columnist from Sabah who claimed himself to be fair, believe that the Malays as a whole are racist bunch well there is nothing much that we can do about it but rest assured there will be more group like Perkasa that will come put to fore to remind the pushers to stop pushing us to the corner!

This whole exercise, including this writer Jema Khan who has joined the bandwagon to try to convince the Malays that they are racist has got to stop.

Stop using these reverse psychological tactics to tell us the Malays that words like "Semangat Kebangsaan Melayu" are dirty words!

People like Jema Khan may think that they have achieved that proverbial "concept of self-actualisation" and that he can now look down with relative comfort and without having to worry about the state of being if the Malays in the country.

Well if he does I think he has got something else coming to him when push come to shove and when the Malays have lost relative control of this country that was once called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu! Opps! am I now being a racist for reminding people that the country's names have been changed several times just to make non-Malays comfortable in the country and still they are not comfortable?!!

"Malays"like Jema can afford to be liberal, as he probably have the resources to be one, as push comes to shove he and his family will probably move elsewhere probably Australia. But to confuse ordinary Malays to wanting to be respected is akin to wanting them to a master race in this country as he has asserted in his short and sad thesis, well Jema you are wrong! Jema Khan is confusing himself from being a "liberal" Malays and from being a detached "Malays".

While, like me with many non Malays childhood friends, I will still get angrywhen they make jokes about how privileged I am as a Malay?
Malays like me no matter how liberal my thinking may be, will always be that one Malay that will act as a sentinel against any attempt to make my race a punching bag from any chauvinist group in this country and out to confuse the rest with their shallow sense of liberalism!

Sorry Jema nothing personal about my assessment on your assessment but I don't think you are qualified to talk about how may race feel right now, but I will give you one word to describe how they do feel! BETRAYED!


sri tribuana said...


Anonymous said...

I do aggree that Malays particularly is a very accomodating race, any race can join a malay comunity and mingle freely and earn the same chances...
Just take for example working in the private sector, if the top management is Malay, everybody will have a chances to penetrate and goes up, if it Chinese, when there is no more Chinese to push up only then you might have a chance because they always believe no body can work better than the Chinese, if Indian, fat hope la brader (most of the time)pull in all his comrade and stash it there...qualified or non-qualified..
Because most Malays always think "Apa orang kata...." while most non-malays think " peduli apa orang kata..."

Anonymous said...

liberal malays who subscribe to this line of thinking should just reclassify themselves as non-malays

because that's what they are - once rich and successful, they forget their humble beginnings

the help they received were long forgotten once they are in the upper class group

perhaps they should live in the kampungs

jeevan said...

just like you are not qualified to speak about how the malays as a race feel my dear pasquale.

Anonymous said...

There is a joke I read once about a Malay Crab and Chinese Crab.
A lady go to a wet market to buy a crab, the seller ask which crab he want... Malay Crab or Chinese Crab.
The lady suprise, how come a crab also have race... so the seller explain.... The crab inside the container without cover is Malay Crab, while container with cover is Chinese Crab, because the Malay Crab, you don't worry about it getting out as whenever one of it want to get out, the others will drag it down, while the Chinese Crab if you don't cover it, it will race each other to go out....
Scholar terms it in different way, many2 malays is PHD graduate... Perangai Hasad Dengki....

MNL said...

"Khan" by itself indicates it has something to do with "Genghiz Khan", a extinct species.

Hantu Laut said...


I am on the same track with you, there is no liberal Malay, there are only accomandating and benevolent Malays.

The BN concept is testimony of the factuality and actualities of what Malays are.The sharing of political power is an accomandation rather than as of rights.

The Malays if united as one have enough political clout to go on their own but our past leaders were wise not to ignore the rights of the other races.

Haven't seen you around lately .Give me a tinkle next time you are here.

Pasquale said...

Hei HAntu Laut! How are you, I will most definitely call you when i am there, yes I have been depressed lately looking at how the Malays been behaving!

Anonymous said...

Liberal or no liberal malay is not the issue. It is all about the economy and developement that will keep us fron going at each other.The economic order governs the social order. The policies adopted by us today may not result in a sound, strong, sustainable and stable economy. But take it from me a sound, strong, stable and sustatinable economy will be able to more than facilitate the implementation of the present policies and more.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

Memang bosan dengar orang luar "menganalisis" perlakuan orang Melayu seperti bahan ujikaji. Ini bagus, ikut sini, ini tak bagus, jangan dekat, ini racist ini tak racist, ketuanan tak ketuanan entah apa-apa lagi. Dia ingat hidup kita senang setakat dapat bantuan susu sekolah, PINJAMAN untuk melanjutkan pelajaran, PINJAMAN untuk memulakan perniagaan dengan harga yang lebih mahal dari pembekal Cina? Pergi saja ke mana-mana syarikat, orang Melayu jadi kuli bawahan kerja bagai nak mampus, tapi bayar gaji ciput. Orang cina pulak bincang juta-juta dalam phone. Kalau dah berjaya, macam Zaid ok lah boleh cakap orang bawah bodoh perlukan bantuan. Liberal Malay yang aku kenal minum arak, tak sembahyang dan "makan" luar, tiada yang nak dibanggakan kalau orang Melayu "liberal" macam itu.

Bye the way, PINJAMAN, bukan-nya duit free.