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He put his foot in his mouth big time so he had to apologise to his Zionist friends?!

Reproduced below without permission from this blogger, such an interesting write up and so refreshing to know to whom and to what group in the US did chameleon Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim seeks for forgiveness over his anti-Semitic remarks:

By Shukor Idrose

A New York blogger, Elaine Meinel Supkis wrote that CIA and Mossad want Anwar Ibrahim assassinated. Sounds like a movie? Think again.

Anwar has been groomed by the west to become the next puppet leader of Malaysia. Anwar was ‘designed’ to be not only a leader of Malaysia but also an influential figure in the South East Asia.

It may be news to some that Anwar is suspected to be an agent of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of America. But, for those who have been digging and reading Anwar’s background since his fall in 1998, the suspicion is really nothing new.

The thought of a ‘real-life’ CIA agent in Malaysia may seem very fiction-like, almost a wild imagination. When we mention CIA, almost automatically a character like Jason Bourne would come into the picture.

For those who are not familiar with American spy movies, would almost immediately brushed off the idea of real-life CIA agents all over the world doing spying jobs for America. A friend of mine once said that I just have a too high an imagination when I explain the modus operandi of the CIA and how our own people could be one of the agents.

I told her that imagination is the reason why America rules the world, and not us.

In the simplest words for people who aren’t very keen of spy movies, allow me to explain that Anwar’s link to CIA may not be the kind of link that ‘Jason Bourne’ may have. CIA agents don’t really need to be a real spy. They could be in the form of informers who merely inform everything that happens or puppets who would do anything for the benefit of their masters (America/Jews).

His recent apology tour raised more suspicion as Anwar’s connections with organizations which are under strong or direct influence of Zionists becomes more apparent:


20 June: Arrival at JFK Airport New York

21 June: 3.00 pm: Meeting with Malcolm Hoenlein at Third Avenue New York.
Who is Hoenlein?
1. Deputy Executive Chairman of Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
2. Executive Director of Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater New York

22 June: Light lunch Meeting with Bret Stephens, Wall Steet Journa at Avenue of the Americas, 47/48th Street.
Who is Stephens?
1. A pro-Israel Jewish columnist.
2. An ex-Editor in Chief for Jurusalem Post in 2002 – 2004.

3.00 pm: Interview with Farid Zakaria at CNN Office, Time Warner on 58th Street.
Who is Zakaria?
1. A muslim reporter married to a Jewish woman

7.00 pm: York Forum “In Pursuit of a New Economic Paradigm”.

23 June: 11.00 am: Meeting with Carl Gershman in DC
Who Is Gershman?
1. A Jew
2. President of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) since 1984. NED is a CIA sponsored organization set up to promote ‘democracy’ to the world.
Gershman is known to be in close relation with Neo-Conservative leaders such as Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, dan Elliott Abrams. During the Bush administration, Gershman was known to support Doctrin Bush to force democracy in the Middle East especially by promoting liberal reformation ideas, freedom and containing Islamization influence as it is seen as anti-democracy.

2.00 pm: Apology meeting with Howard Berman in Rayburn House of Office Building.
Who is Berman?
1. One of the most influential figure in the US’s foreign relation through Brooking Institute, a pro-Jewish organization which also acts as Anwar’s lobbyist. A close friend and lobbyist for Israel in the US.
2. Born in Israel and a supporter of Likud Party of Israel under Ariel Sharon.
3. Often seen at events organized by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), a pro-Israel Lobbyist and contributor for America’s election campaigns.

3.30 pm: Meeting with America’s Defence Secretary, William Cohen, a Jew at Daniel Piper’s office.
Who is Cohen?
1. a Pro-Zionist
2. An Obama’s advisor
3. Anwar’s Godfather who is responsible to build Anwar’s image while he was the Deputy PM and after his release from jail.

4.30 pm: Apology Meeting with Danel Mariashchin
Who is Mariashchin?
1. An Executive Vice President of B’nai Birth International, a Zionist’s organization which on the last 25th May had criticized Anwar for making anti-semitic’s statements.

6:30 pm: Meeting with Dr Jamal Barzinji and Yakub Mirza in Sterling, Virginia.
Who are they?
1. Member of Institute of International Islamic Thought (IIIT) founded by Prof. Ismail Faruqi but was ‘penetrated’ and funded by CIA. IIIT is one of Anwar’s lobbyist in America.

11.00 pm: Meeting with Muslim Leaders in Washington.

24 June 11.00 am: Meeting with Fred Hiatt of Washington Post
Who is Hiatt?
1. A Washington Post reporter. The Washington Post is owned by a Jewish family, Katherine Graham. Hiat was once a moderator in a conference organized by Foreign Policy Initiative, a Neo-Conservative’s think tank.
2. A pro-zionist reporter who once suggested and lobbied for the attack on Iran.

2.00 pm: Discussion on Islam and Democrcy in Southeast Asia at Wilson Center, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Pennsylvania Ave. near the White House.

5.30 pm: Meeting (lobbying) with Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of East Asia Relations, US State Department.

AFP then reported that Anwar told Obama to be careful with Najib. Anwar stressed that he is more pro-America than Najib is.

Who is Campbell?
1. A member of Council of Foreign Relations where Anwar was involved in the signing of Annapolis Summit which declared the state of Israel.

Anwar was also arranged by Kazi Ahmad to meet with Chuck Allers, a PhD researcher and the medias namely, Fox News, Bloomberg and Charlie Rose.

9.00 pm Depart from Washington via Qatar Airways.

The itinerary shows that Anwar’s involvement with the Zionists are serious and Anwar may be having a hard time convincing them that he really is a loyal puppet and never in his life an anti-semitic. Anwar’s desperation is obvious when he had to pay the CNN to grant him an interview in order to ‘clear’ his name in the US, as exposed by President of Trevino Strategies and Media Inc., Joshua Trevino.

But I guess, a spy movie is not a good movie unless there’s a twist here and there.

We have reasons to be worried with the word assassination used by the blogger and with Wolfowitz’s words when he came to Anwar’s defence, saying that Anwar’s life, physically and politically is in danger. The blogger warned that Anwar is under threat of being assassinated by the Mossad and CIA, but Wolfowitz's words almost suggested that Anwar’s life maybe under threat by the Malaysian government.

May I remind our government, especially our PM to catch up with the imagination of the CIA and be prepared for any twists and turns in their plans.

Again, this may sound like a movie but movies are made from imagination and imagination is what makes things happen.

The Hollywood spy movies show us how spies are recruited and how puppet leaders are selected all over the world and how they are eliminated when they are no longer needed, but we failed to see that it is all true. We failed because we have such limited imagination. We looked at all the hi-tech gadgets in the movies in awe but that’s just it. We thought of them as only exist in movies or may not even have any thought about them at all.

Remember how our people who were caught by the Zionists while on aid-mission to Gaza on Mavi Marmara? Remember how the activists were surprised that the Zionists knew in detail the background of each and everybody on board? Even if you are not a big reader of Zionism but if you are a spy movie fan, you would not be surprised at all at the level of intelligence and information that the Zionists are able to access.

For the Jews or the Americans, nothing is impossible, a characteristic that we don’t really have much thought about. This is why we are thousands of steps behind the Jews whom the Quran had long warned us about. For the Quran had also reminded us that the most important thing in life is to read and to learn from the universe. The Jews did just that and that is why they are the Khalifahs of the world, (admit it or not), and not us Muslims.

Whatever it is, what is more important now is that if this agent thing is true, then Anwar could not be the only agent in Malaysia. The only way to expose these enemies is to think like them. Therefore, never hesitate to use imagination in order to expose the highest CIA conspiracy of all time.

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Anonymous said...

Walau-A, this script will certainly win you an Oscar Best Script Writing Award.


Anonymous said...

some of Malaysia people went to Israel without government relies, there are using special pass/passport from 3rd country to pass to Israel.

Anonymous said...

I concur with your observation.

Perhaps you should elaborate more on the role of spies for the benefit of your readers.

To some people, spies must be those who have been militarily trained, which of course is not necessarily true.

I strongly recommend your readers to get a copy of "Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of The Mossad" by Gordon Thomas to have a better understanding of intelligence activities.

Since CIA and Mossad may share the same modus operandi, then another book may be useful too. "Confessions of An Economic Hitman" by John Perkins may yet be an eye opener.

Thank you.

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