Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Anwars.....Or from a moderate to a terrorist?

The top picture is of Anwar al Awlaki

This is a story of another Anwar, to be specific Anwar al Awlaki. He is an American-born in New Mexico of a Yemeni descent. Read more here.
He was a popular Muslim cleric who preaches moderation in Islam, then one day he disappeared and suddenly a video clips of him preaching to a bunch of fanatical Taliban that all American soldiers and Jews must be killed, appeared.
A bit extreme in his views, initially the American administration thought he was a moderate Muslim that can help the war on terror, then he did a 360 degree turn.
He started his jingoistic Jewish bashing by first saying the Jews are the cause of everything.
Just like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, whom the US State Department considered as a moderate Muslim, Anwar al Awlaki now has a price on his head dead or alive.
I guess American has to be very careful when making friend with a Muslim figure such as the Anwars. Guess what! Sources (I trust my source) told me they know each other!


Anonymous said...

My reliable source told me that you're bullshit!!!

Anonymous said...

I know this Anwar he is, like what Najb said, a real Chameleon. Remember the Sudanese Islamist Turabi who want his country free of perceived American domination, well the news are they are good friends, still!

A friend of Numeiry!

Anonymous said...

American or CIA tried to do the same for my country Indonesia when they tried to push Amien Rais as their stooge but failed. Amien Rais is a bit like Anwar Ibrahim beige cultivated by the CIA to destabilize Indonesia both got their "CIA internship" in the US before they become politicians!

Anak Indonesia Jati!