Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Birds of a feather stick together!

Or like sticks with like! Or it does not matter what you are as long as you have one goal and one goal only, that is to condemn, to say bad thing about your country and to actually believe that one day you will rule the Malaysia?

Seeing a picture sent to me of a motley crew of people that have been so cocksure about trying to defeat the government of the day and I just want to tell them good luck, it is not as easy as you think.

By dear boy Zaid Ibrahim, as for you money alone cannot guarantee you to join the "club" youtried your best but you simply cannot fit in. As for you RPK my friend you have yet to convince me of all the stuff you have been writing about our prime minister.

As for you my ex-private investigator friend I hope you have a clear conscience about your admission, and that you will one day tell your children what you did was for patriotism or for money?


Anonymous said...

They condemn the government then toldtheBritishgovernment they were being presecuted then they will ask for refugee status then they will stay enjoying their lives. This is what Hindraf leaders tried to do when one apply for refugee status the British givernment is smart enough to say "your lives cannnot be in danger as we know the Malaysian government is not that repressive"!

Fed-Up-In-Hulu Klang!

Anonymous said...

Those in the pictures are heroes of the nation, the truly one malaysia concept.

arcadia said...