Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Admit being a persecuted as a gay person, any Western country will let you in!

Say good-bye to fake asylum seekers!

I was told of a case of one Malaysian man who was granted a political asylum by telling the Canadian authority that he was a persecuted gay person in Malaysia.
Based on that he was allowed to stay in Canada as a permanent resident. But guess what, a couple of years after being granted an asylum and allowed to stay in that country, he "changed" his sexual preference and "became" a hetero-sexual and then brought his entire family to the country that believed his story in the first place.
Today, the Canadian government is not all that gullible anymore of such a scam.
But the thing is, bleeding heart liberal societies, such the United Kingdom, is also so gullible about stories of so called "brutality" being committed by countries like us, that they are willing to grant permanent stay to these people alled "asylum seekers".
The fact of the matter is Malaysia does not persecuted persons of gay persuasion. Come here an find out for yourself. Although Malaysia has a strict laws on rape, such statutory rape, sex without consent between sexes or otherwise. If you commit any of this and get caught you will be charged. But if you keep you sexual preference a secret and have a consensual sex between sexes or otherwise nobody gives a damn in Malaysia.
And Malaysia also does not commit ethnic cleansing on any group as claimed by one Malaysian-Indian lawyer, who had initially used ethnic persecution to apply for an asylumn in the UK, he was turned down.
This happened years ago when a couple of -Malaysian-Indian lawyers, actually two, whose case became a case celebre when they made statement saying being Malaysian of and Indian origin in Malaysia means being persecuted by the "Malay" government.
He also wrote to the Queen of England that his "people" is being systematically being ethnically cleansed by the Malay government.
I believe one of the two lawyers was given an asylum. There are many more such cases of Malaysians citing brutality committed by the Malaysian government and thus requires an asylum. They just want to live in what they perceived as a better society, going to the greener pasture so to speak.
Sources at the British High Commission said, quote: "We are not as gullible as you may want to think we are." Well said.


Anonymous said...

I think thg etime is right for Anwar to try political asylum under the category of repressed homo!

Very Hetero from Permatamg Pauh!

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Yes agree, and you pasqual should also go back to anywhere you came from!

A homo!