Sunday, August 01, 2010

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was, and will again be the next big catch!

So what is this Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim telling people that the government has got no balls and no Chutzpah (his Yiddish expression for having the balls) to catch a BIG fish of a politician for corruption and for other misdeeds?
We must again be reminded that he was arrested when he was a Deputy Prime Minister and a Minister of Finance, for abuse of power and of other misdeeds, and a BIG fish indeed! And I am sure he will be found guilty again after his ongoing sodomy trial. But unfortunately there will still be many Malaysians who will still believe his lies!


Abull Barkar said...

I dun not why but i still believe in him lor. i believe more big fish in PKFZ should be caught lor including the Mamak of all Racism (as labelled by Nazri Aziz) for his role as PM lor.

Anonymous said...

This Brother, far too many grouses that he is postponing his current case.

But today (2 Aug 2010), who requested the postponement of the case?

Is one of the big fish, the one who was accused of having an affair with the guy (or gay) who complained about the Brother?

Getting interesting ah?

At least fodder for more barking!

Lets hear more of the canine sound.


Anonymous said...

Heck, there are many big fish still swimming freely in Selangor. One sided justice?

As chief if Pakatan Ruckus, the brudder should accept responsibility for the misdeeds of his cronies and resign. But instead of that, he goes around barking at the wrong tree.


Anonymous said...

barking magpie, you can go to hell.Bila pakatan berjaya menawan putrajaya. kami rakyat akan cari kamu hingga ke lubang cacing.