Sunday, August 22, 2010

My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist!

The descendant of Kit Siang and Ngeh were granted citizenship after Independence now they want to be Sultan and Agong!

The Chauvinist DAP Chinese would not rest in peace until a Chines opposition member were to become a Sultan or an Agong!!

Although I have not seen the movie and I am sure it is about misconception of being a Muslim or a name sounding like Muslim or Arab.
Shah Rukh Khan was acting in this movie "My name is Khan" and on how this man went to Washington and was mistaken for being a terrorist just because of his name.
Well yeah! If you are an American of an Arab-descent with a "Muslim-sounding name" do not criticised the US government terribly hard or just your luck one night some one from the Homeland Security will come and pick you up and detained you under the homeland security ordnance.
As it is now Muslim-American are now living in fear in the US, the land of the free where freedom of expression is the fundamental way of life there, among other things.
The controversy over the building a multi-purpose Muslim centre where a prayer room is also provided has already gone awry. The thing is it is not even at ground zero but away from it and in spite of this fact racist white American political leaders such as Newt Gingrich are already whipping up the jingoistic anti-Muslim fervor that is now dividing Americans.
The Muslim-multi purpose is for everyone not only Muslim. So why the brouhaha and uproar?! Just plain anti-Muslim persons sentiment, I am sad.
Back to us the same thing is happening. The chauvinist Chinese led by Kit Siang and his just as his chauvinist Bai cohort has been going around making people believe that Malays are a bunch of racist. No sir I shall not keep my mouth shut if you think by voicing our our Malay rights that we are now considered as racist so be it.
The sad fact is even some Malays believe in the lies concocted by Kit Siang and his cohorts
You Chauvinist non-Malay opposition poetical leaders you cannot make us believe that by uttering our Malay right in public or otherwise that we are considered racist?? no sir!
We are not going to fall into the trap as one set by the American administration that Muslim-American had better keep their mouth shut about their rights as American to voice their objections just like any other American, and their rights to condemn a bad US administration or otherwise be labeled a terrorist.
As for you Malays out there do not fall into the same trap laid by these Chauvinist non-Malay politician from the opposition into making us Malay believe that if we voice out our concern over our infringed Malay rights that we are racists?!
The way it is now, no Malays dare to come out to condemn the opposition for showing their disrespect to the Malays rulers and the King, for fear of being labeled a Malay racist, don't be a moron you Melayu bodoh express yourselves this is your country!


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with that...

Anonymous said...

Yes I also agree with the fact Malays are simpleminded sometime simpleton, first they believe lies told by Anwar Ibrahim and now they believe lies told by the DAP Chinese from Penang.
What's happening in Penang now happened to Malays in Singapore, yes I concur Malays are stupid, they can only survive if they are being ruled by others! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

S'pore Malay!

Anonymous said...

How do tell a magpie from a dog? If they both bark?

Anonymous said...

S'pore Malay

I also noticed that the Malays serve non-Malays better and ignore their own people.

I don't understand this mentality - they tolerate being bullied by the other races.

When I act to counter this discrimination, they told me to "bersabar, ada hikmah disebalik semua ni".

Huh?? what hikmah? when even your freehold land was "robbed" in broad daylight right in front of your own eyes. Landowners got turned into a 99 year pigeon-hole flat owners.

Sad isn't it, they still think the red dot is good for Malays.

Let's all pray in this month of Ramadan for enlightenment for ALL Malay Muslims especially in Malaysia so that this Tanah Melayu reamins in the hands of the Malays forever.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia won 2 silver in the on going Youth Olympic in Singapore but unfortunately both are won by a non-Malay. If it is won by a Malay it would truly make us proud but sad to say they are not to be. I really can't understand why being the biggest race in this country we did so poorly, we have NEP to help us but as soon as the shares are in our hand we sold it off. When we get a contract from the government we sold it off for a quick profit, sad to say Malays after 53 years of independents are not improving. I know some says it all because of those rich UMNO zealots taking advantage of all the other Malays, I am beginning to think it is true.

i use to agree with some Malays that the non-Malays are taking advantage of us but really is this true? Now I don't think so, they are taking advantage of every opportunities to do better and they deserve the reward of their hard work, just like the silver medalist who do proud for our country. So now I beginning to blame on our Malays, they are given all the opportunities but they never make full use of it and there isn't anything to blame on others when the fault lies on us. I am beginning to blame UMNO and Tun Dr M.

Anonymous said...

"Chauvinist non-Malay opposition poetical leaders you cannot make us believe that by uttering our Malay right in public or otherwise that we are considered racist??"

Fuhhhh...what a quote!!

You forgot:

a. The problem lies in the Constitution that defined a Malay. No wonder Indians of Muslim faith quickly become Malays and rob the rightful opportunities for actual Malays and orang Aslis. After formation of Malaysia, these buggers also stretched further to impact the bumiputers in Sabah and Sarawak. You do not see this at all?

b. An Indian who did his MBBS in the red dot, later reclassified himself as Malay and 'cheated' the actual Malays for 23 years?

c. He was still very Indian (or 'Mamak' to be exact) and ensured that 'prized' aspects of Malaysia were controlled or manipulated by mamaks?

d. The fiasco about the foreign exchange trading that burnt a deep hole in the nation's coffers, all because of a mamak entrusted by the other mamak?

e. The same mamak who did havoc with our currency reserves also 'dished' out Money Changer operating licences to his own kind rampantly?

f. These money changers speak fluently in an Indian language (their mother tongue)? And they are Malays too?

g. This same Indian who turned Malay is still hoodwinking the simple Malays to focus on other Malaysians like Lims, Ngehs, Tians and Singhs who care very much to place this nation as one that shows respect for the Constitution, its terms, its promise to all Malaysians?

Get your facts right little bird.
Don't bark at the wrong tree like your canine friend.


Anonymous said...

Malaysian malays can only progress and civilise when TDM and his goons rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

He registered as an Indian when he signed up for MBBS studies in Singapore.

After graduating, he saw the opportunity to change his ethnicity to Malay - because the constitution of Malaya (before 16 sept 1963) allowed one to be a Malay if one was a Muslim, spoke the Malay Language and followed Malay customs.

And he had to utter very 'ultra' Malay views just to be in the good books of the original Malays so much so he could become Prime Minister.

But at the back of his 'thinking matter' he was very 'Indian' still, or perhaps aptly said, very 'Indian Muslim' or 'mamak' as they call in Malaysia.

Thats why he allowed another 'mamak' to do havoc to the country's foreign exchange reserves and go unpunished, and also allowed that same 'mamak' to issue money changer licences to mainly the 'mamak' community all over Malaysia.

See for yoursleves how the 'mamak' gang is monopolising this trade in Malaysia.

Another mamak was given the auto trade business on a platter - and he had not even listed his 'successful' business on teh stock exchange to give opportunity for Malays to invest and become richer.

The Hypermarket owner whose HQ is in Subang Jaya, competing with a Giant, is no better.

The original Malays do not realise this ex-PM mamak's trick even till today.

They are still naive and think that because the Mamaks are Muslims, they are one of their own kind.

This is why, evil values like cheating, corrupting, stifling legal action against wrong doers is becoming a permanent disease in Malaysia and the Malays in Malaysia are thinking that this is the only way to move forward - thanks to the foundations laid by him.

So, before you whack the Lims and Ngehs, check out the damage by the mamaks to the real Malays. Be honest about it lah. No need to beat around the bush and hide again behind the veils of a noble religion.


Anonymous said...


You have my salute. Thank for clarification. The Mamak of All Racism & Tongkat has continuously bastardised and opiumised malays metatality until they're so much cacak today kept looking for opium (tongkat) to make them stand up and walk!

Ah Bull

Anonymous said...


u must be high on drugs or been smoking too much pipe to utter such nonsense!

who the hell is kit siang, guan eng, kapal sinking and gobind? what sort of contribution have they given to the country? the ngehs?

who are they even to be considered worthy of having contributed to the country? please, please do use ur brain will ya!

tokpapa said...

Bro, I quote you blog in my blog : Hope you dont mind.