Friday, August 06, 2010

People In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones!

Wolfowitz?....What can I say!

Scary weirdo sex-addict Al Gore, a good friend of Anwar Ibrahim!

Pathetic little man asking a sex addict and a two-timing philanderer to save his backside! (Pun intended)

By Roy Thinnes (Writing for Malaysia In Focus)

For Malaysia-watchers who saw a recent defence in The Wall Street Journal of Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, penned by the dubious duo of Al Gore (sexual assault investigation underway after accusations against the former vice-president by a massage therapist) and Paul Wolfowitz (forced to resign in disgrace from World Bank after accusations of conflict of interest in promoting girlfriend, who was paid more than Condoleeza Rice to work at Foundation chaired by Anwar Ibrahim), here is some background on the deep ties that link Wolfowitz and Ibrahim.
This is the part Paul Wolfowitz would prefer not to highlight when he defends Anwar Ibrahim.
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Anonymous said...

Look at their eyes a mark of a serial sex addict, hetero or homo!

Dr Temperance Brennan