Thursday, September 23, 2010

Malaysia and the United Nations!

Prime Minister Najib Razak will make his inaugural visit to the United Nations General Assembly this week, where he will deliver a keynote address on September 27. He will also meet with US President Barack Obama and other leaders at the second ASEAN-United States leaders meeting on the 24th. President Obama called the meeting earlier this month in an effort to reinvigorate US policy toward Southeast Asia:

This continues the President’s commitment to deepen America’s engagement with Asia more broadly. We believe that Asia is absolutely fundamental to a number of our key priorities, for instance, our commitment to double U.S. exports and to deepen our security partnerships in this important part of the world. So, building on the outreach the President did last year, he wanted to host the 10 ASEAN leaders for this luncheon and to discuss ways in which we can coordinate more closely going forward. And this focus on Asia will, of course, continue, again, in November when the President is planning to travel to Asia.

President Obama is right to think that Southeast Asia and the United States have a promising future together. There will be many opportunities for mutual assistance and benefits as the region continues to develop, and Malaysia’s unique standing as a moderate, progressive Muslim nation is particularly attractive given current global conflicts.

This is, then, an ideal time for Prime Minister Najib to address his global colleagues at the UN–and an ideal time for Western leaders to step in and join Malaysia’s efforts. By Malaysia Watcher.Com

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Anonymous said...

Kit Siang calls Dr M "No 1 racist in Malaysia"

Get rid of this "Bapak of All Racism" first before talking about your "Malaysia’s unique standing as a moderate, progressive Muslim nation".

Teoh Nia Seng