Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have an open mind ..check it out.. Malaysia Watcher.Com!

We are now being watched and be careful. While surfing in Canada recently (last week) I stumbled upon this news portal calling itself Malaysia Watcher, and it is all about us and you name it they write it. Click here to see the page. Could not ascertain for sure where it is from and who operate the portal but it sounds great reading about Malaysia in a somewhat an un-skewered manner.
The frontnpage is showing the picture above and nicely done and the caption says: " The Prime Minister and Religious co-existence in Malaysia". Thought I will let you pseudo-level headed and pseudo-liberal Malaysians know about this new news online portal and how others perceived us as a nation. I am sure this is not a Malaysian originated-portal, no way, or let alone written by Malaysians, if it is I would very much like to work for them! Cheers! Below is what is written on its front page!

"When one thinks of Malaysia and religious pluralism, the mind of the Western media consumer turns swiftly to controversies over the use of “Allah,” desecrated cow heads, and Anwar Ibrahim’s anti-Semitism. These things exist: but they are, in a real sense, no more the defining characteristics of Malaysia’s religious diversity than the fracas over the “Ground Zero mosque” is the ground truth on America’s. The fundamental reality of Malaysia is that it’s a multi-faith, majority-Muslim society that largely works, in ways that most of the rest of the Muslim world could learn from. Without denying the real challenges faced by Malaysia as it grapples with the enduring issues of identity that have been with it since before independence, it is nonetheless fair to say that the country is a more just society than most of those in the Islamic world — and in Southeast Asia.

It’s in this light that we must view the Prime Minister’s recent endorsement of the work of the Inter-faith Relations Working Committee:

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants Malaysia to remain a peaceful nation where the spirit of unity is strong and steadfast among the races.

The Prime Minister said the setting up of the Inter-faith Relations Working Committee – aimed at promoting understanding and harmony – was in line with the 1Malaysia concept to enhance further unity among Malaysians.

Committee co-ordinator Datuk Ilani Isahak said this was what the Prime Minister relayed to members of the Inter-faith Relations Working Committee during a meeting at his office on Tuesday.

It’s significant that the Inter-faith Relations Working Committee falls under the supervision of the Ministry of National Unity and Social Development — and not the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The Prime Minister quite deliberately situated the Committee there: it sends a message that Malaysia’s religious diversity is a source of strength and cohesion, and it buttresses the 1Malaysia campaign that was launched under his aegis for the purpose of deepening Malaysians’ self-identification with their country.

There will be more on this topic to come. The Prime Minister appears to understand quite well that the direction of religious coexistence in Malaysia is in large part set by acts such as this — the demonstration of official favor — and he won’t be passive in the face of that reality."

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