Sunday, September 12, 2010

Najib: Blood is thicker than water!

Najib and Susilo: Blood is thicker!

At his Hari Raya open house, Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, took a break from meeting the people at his official residence, to call on Indonesia President Susilo Bambang to wish him Selamat Hari Raya., on behalf of Malaysian people.
Najib appeared to be very happy in his conversation and later he said what was believed to mean "blood is thicker than water" when describing relationships between the two countries.
I was In Jakarta from the 23rd August until 27th August and I went to Jalan Diponogoro and I did not see hostile Indonesians demonstrating.
It appears the only problems that arose between Malaysia and Indonesia is what that have been highlighted by pro-Anwar Ibrahim's Indonesian media such as the glaringly pro-Anwar Indonesia Metro TV and two other popular Indonesian tabloids.
Back home the only electronic media that have been highlighting our "problems" is what appears to be our own very private pro opposition local television station, not Bernanam TV, and KJ, whom many still believe is still a person who is still "a good friend of Anwar Ibrahim".
KJ wants Malaysia to recall our envoy from Indonesia, to which our brave, laudble, and most admired foreign minister, Anifah Aman, said KJ my be intelligent but not necessarily wise.
If I were Najib I would also ask for a special panel to be set up to investigate this private local television station which appears to be broadcasting news item with malice intended, and to purge all opposition-sympathiser personnel from that station!

Selamat Hari Raya!


Anonymous said...

Investigate and monitor kj and verify if he is an agent for a foreign country.

So far, his actions have not been perceived as pro-Malaysia or pro-UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Aiya you also know how to use Chinese saying "Blood is thicker than water".

If Ibrahim Ali read your blog he is sure to angry at you.

Anonymous said...

Dear BM,

Your approach is all based on ownership and control.The sooner we get used to the idea of winning people over by our arguments the better for our future. Never forget that big men put big screws while little men put little screws. Both are effective because in a car in you remove one small screw the car will not run.

We must stop this policies based on GO - STOP - LOOK. If you recall the right way to implememt policies is STOP - LOOK - GO. In this month of Afil-Fitri I hope that GOD will gives the wisdon to do at the beginning what we will be forced to do unsuccessfully in the end.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder what Malays are so afraid of Indons, to the extent when their faces are being thrown with human shit, masih diam-diam tetapi wet in pants. If Singapore makes one small noise, macam harimau nak makan orang.

Anonymous said...


If you were Najib!!
Hmmm Can a Snake become a Lion?

Anonymous said...

PM is the new Mr. Flip Flop as mocked by Lim Kiat Siang.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Why Malaysia so afraid of Indonesia? The Indonesian 5th Army is already in Malaysia and and I understand that in East Malaysia they may even out number the Pendatangs. They can be called to action if they are needed.After all we a paying them lowest wages which can be matched very easily. So you see you cannot argue on bended knees.