Sunday, September 19, 2010

There is nothing wrong with BN government under Najib..let us be clear on this!

Traitors and conspirators!

But there is something wrong with a Malay-led opposition parties supported by a Chinese chauvinist led opposition party trying all sorts of tricks to destroy something that has been working for at least 53 years.
I am going to say this very clearly and I am not going to repeat it again! There is nothing wrong with Malaysia under a Malay Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, leading the country with his majority Umno-led coalition ruling the country.
However, there is something wrong with the opposition, led by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, trying to change the scheme of things in this multi-racial soceity where everyone is equal under the sun except when they want to be the Paramount Ruler and in their attempt to abolish the constitutional monarchical system, this is simply cannot happens. Sadly enough, the opposition is on a perpetual onslaught against the ruling party, the BN, until hell breaks loose. Hell is not what we want!!
As an example, if you believe the prime minister and his wife are involved in a gruesome murder then there is something with your ability to rationalise situatioins. If you believe that is true well then you have made your choice to believe, when deep inside you know how ridiculous it is.
For your simplicity in assuming the man and his wife are stupid enough to commit such heinous crime, well what can I say, but only you are forgiven.

On this matter I think the authorities should concentrate on investigating whether the opposition was the one involved in committing the grisly murder. We know for a fact that a foreign national was blown up with C4, but I think even many of the most gullible ones still cannot believe Najib and his wife have anything to do with it.
I would put my money on someone within the opposition responsible for the murder and tried to pin it on Najib via a series of loosely fabricated circumstantial connection, such as the victim once worked as a translator for a man many believe to be Najib "close friend". Najib has many "close friends", always remember this!
The opposition will not let up in its attack on trying to make Najib guilty, because the opposition believe this is the only way to destroy a Malay led coalition led by a Malay-dominated Umno, is to inflict the greatest lies that will make everyone believes, well apparently now not everyone think so .
Well good luck to them! Meanwhile, if we care for Malaysia just reject Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and his notion of one day to lead a country that has been conclusively proven to be working under the present government!
On other note I, and the rest of Malaysia would like the judicial system of this country to hasten the sodomy trial of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and to find him guilty or innocent.
If he is innocent set him free and if he is found guilty of all charges put him away and throw the keys to the bottom of the nearest bottomless pit!


Anonymous said...

Dear BM,

With all due respect may I point out to you that "my country right or wrong is a good umbralla but makes a poor roof. I hope that in the greater interest of the State you would revisit the subject you have blogged on because you blog is read by many people and it is important that whatever influence you have on them must be for the common good of all of us who have made Malaysia our home.

Yes, this is your blog and you can say what you like. But please also remember that with the readership you have this blog has also become our blog.

Anonymous said...

u say this just to keep your job, nothing else.


Pasquale said...

"u say this just to keep your job, nothing else. Pathetic. September 20, 2010 10:44 AM"

Moron Pathetic, I do not work for anybody including Najib, I am saying this because I am a Malay and believe what I say is happening to this country. By the Way, very tolerant and liberal Malay like me is very much capable of defending his rights in this country once called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu! Everyone can be as equally racist as the others, always remember this!

Anonymous said...

bugger u stupid or wat??? living in denial... yeah yeah the country has been darn great in the past 53 yrs even with slumber jack being the PM.. bonggok

Pasquale said...

"bugger u stupid or wat??? living in denial... yeah yeah the country has been darn great in the past 53 yrs even with slumber jack being the PM.. bonggok

September 21, 2010 5:28 PM'

He is trying to repair what slumber jack did to the country and Malay,or rather a bleeding heart liberal Malay, like you should stop getting emotional and help Najib at least giving him a moral support for the daunting task ahead that he had to inherit!

Anonymous said...

The non-Malays can do anything they like to the Malays, like desecrating mosque, but the Malays remain calm, sound pathetic! Malays are not calm they are bunch of cowards!

Very calm Malay!

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Great share, thanks for your time