Sunday, October 03, 2010

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is abroad again...?!! telling lies to the whole wide world..about his country!!!?

Liar, liar pants on fire!?

An article by a news portal MALAYSIA WATCHER
Keeping a Close Eye on Malaysia:

The public career of Anwar Ibrahim is a strange one. At home he’s the longstanding leader of the opposition, a major public figure who leads rallies of thousands and commands tremendous press attention. Abroad, he’s the lonely defender of democracy in a repressive southeast Asian autocracy: threatened by dark machinations, a corrupt judiciary, and the unceasing persecution of his foes. About the only consistency between Anwar’s domestic and foreign rhetoric is his insistence that Malaysia, his country, is a troubled, repressive, and doomed so long as he is not in charge.

Anwar is circulating this theme internationally again as he goes on his second international tour of the past 90 days. The first was prompted by the worldwide backlash over his invocation of anti-Semitic tropes within Malaysia; this one is a public-relations tour preparatory to the imminent resumption of his controversial sodomy trial. He just finished up in Germany, where he told audiences and press, among other things, that “corruption … is getting to be so endemic in Malaysia,” and that the Malaysian “judiciary is not independent and is clearly working under the thumbs of the executive.”

The latter comment was naturally meant to delegitimize the prosecution’s case against him, but it’s difficult for an informed observer to take it seriously. Whereas politicization of the Malaysian judiciary was indeed a serious problem during the Prime Ministerial regime of Mahathir Mohamad, who successfully had Anwar prosecuted and jailed a decade ago (thereby turning him into a surprise Western media darling), there are many signs that Mahathir’s successors have followed through on promises to restore judicial independence.

Chief among them must be the current ruling party’s evident wish that Anwar, his trial, and everything associated with it would simply go away. Prime Minister Najib Razak recently noted the electoral troubles he suffered as a parliamentarian during Anwar’s first trial; and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin last week publicly spoke about the damage that Anwar’s current trial is doing to Malaysia’s image abroad. Not least important, Prime Minister Najib spoke to Malaysia Watcher this week of his dismay at unrelated cases in which “activist judges” took actions that reflected poorly on Malaysia and his agenda for it — with the obvious corollary that those judges were completely out of his control.

In this light — and in light of Occam’s razor — Anwar Ibrahim’s claims abroad that his nation’s judiciary is deliberately wielded against him demand rather more evidence than he has thus far presented.

Yet the most eloquent testimony against Anwar Ibrahim’s case on this international tour is nothing that anyone else has said or done. It’s his international tour itself. Anwar wishes it to be known that he comes from a place where liberties are trampled, democratic norms are scorned, and brave voices of dissent (himself chief among them) are stifled. Leave aside that Anwar is able and allowed to lead rallies of thousands in Malaysia proper at which its government and its friends — not least the United States — are denounced in the most strident terms. We must ask ourselves what sort of repressive autocracy allows its foes to lead a legal and flourishing opposition, and then repeatedly and freely travel to world capitals to denounce it.

The truth is that Anwar’s personal ambition seems to overshadow all other considerations, and while his last trip abroad before the summer was an apology tour to Washington for his anti-Semitism, this time he is focussed on trashing his own country in the hope it can buy him more sympathy in his sexual harrassment case.

This, then, is where we find Anwar Ibrahim at this stage in his career. The man who would lead his country has, in the relentless pursuit of his own ambition, made himself into his country’s chief scourge in the international arena. The conceit that “politics stops at the water’s edge” is worn thin in American public life, but it still exists, and adherence to it is a sign of a healthy civic pride in any country. The pity is that it’s entirely absent in Anwar, who now casts himself less as a Malaysian patriot than a Malaysian scold. As his international tour wends its way through world capitals — London, Barcelona, New York and Jakarta are next — he will get a lot of attention. The good news for Malaysia, and the bad news for him, is that the attention will by its very existence nullify his case.

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Anonymous said...

yeah the world starting from USA has finally seen thru anwar's lies and malicious intent

he is now seen as being definitely unpatriotic to his own country

the fact that he was allowed to lead demo after demo with thousands of gullible Malaysians throughout the streets was very much NOTICED by discerning observers who are no longer willing to be bluffed and blinded by his narrow and selfish agenda

hurray anwar has lost his spinning touch and now officially rendered HAS-BEEN

yeah yeah yeah

3-0 victory to Najib ....

Anonymous said...

And while his reformasi comrades are struggling and fighting for their political survival within their parti, PKR, Anwar is touring the world for his personal survival. I simply cannot comprehend how gullible are PKR members who doesn't seem to be bothered by such selfish leader. Anwar never fight for the nation, the rakyat, the ummah. Those are all his rhetoric. It's not too late for PKR members to abandon the sinking and stinking PKR ship. Leave Anwar with Azmin. For Azizah, may be it is dignified step to leave a `husband' who's only contribution to the family is kick-in some chromososm for Azizah to produce their children. Azizah, you have brought shame to your family, that's why all your siblings and parent disowned you. But again, it's never too late. Perhaps, you are the one who can save this nation. What are you waiting for Azizah. The ball is in your court.

Azizah, you know what your husband did last summer!

Friend of Azizah's sibling.

Anonymous said...

Seems strange, but Anwar DAP and PAS used to question why BN fellsa always travel abroad wasting public funds and all that crap.

But nowadays, it is perfectly okay for the two timing jokers to throw money overseas. PKR jokers are usually asked to go on holiday when there is a small problem at hand. DAP jokers are also abroad most of the times. Doing what?

How come these 'transparent' mouthpieces can get away from all these excessive spending abroad and none of their stupid followers bother to question?

It seems that an elephant in front of them cannot be seen but an ant miles away could.

Simply put, Anwar has never been interested in reforming the country. His agenda has always been personal to holder, so to speak. He only wants to be PM via the back door and introduce new laws to legalise rear entries. Full Stop.


Anonymous said...

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