Friday, October 15, 2010

A few good men.... and a traitor!

Anifah of the few good men...thus far one unique Umno leader that I have identified to be sincerely fighting for the interest of Malaysia ...he is daring, fresh and will say it as it be lauded!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, as far as I can see is a traitor to the country of his birth and should, in all fairness, be put away for a long time and to have his titles stripped! While the PM is trying to better the economy he goes around negating Malaysia's potential! He is to be condemned!

I like Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, thus far our most vocal, energised and daring foreign minister, he will say it as it is!
He recently critically commented on how Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) condemning Malaysia on Indonesian television during an interview...which was, and is, out of sync with being a patriotic Malaysian and BABI is far from being that!!
While the country is trying to get direct foreign investment into the country, BABI negates the efforts by condemning his Malaysia as a bad place to spend money. Now you tell me if that is in good form!!
If Rais Yatim can freely chastised bloggers for being a good sentinel. and critical of the country's well being..he should make a recommendation to strip BABI off his titles such as "Datuk Seri" and the many "Datuks" that the federal government and the state that have conferred to him.
The government should quietly asked the states government to take away any title bestowed to BABI for being a traitor...its not that hard....Rais why don't you initiate this! Instead of making unnecessary enemies from within your own group!!


Anonymous said...

The real traitors of this country are those corrupt UMNO leaders and their goons

Anonymous said...


I agree 101%.Hidup Malaysia.


airman_1 said...

at last everybody is babi

Ahirudin Bin Attan said...

Steady, Anifah Aman! I've written on this Sabahan politician a couple of times on my blog. My favorite is when he decided to engage the Malaysian demonstrators in London. WIsh I was there!


Berita dari gunung said...

Anwar is as shrewd as ever. He is too cheap as a Prime Minister material. Let him howl to the last breath.

Anonymous said...

Kenapa berdendam dengan Anwar Ibrahim sebegitu rupa? Whats your take on Ibrahim Ali being stripped of his Kelantan datukship? You setuju?

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...


Just came back from Sabah over the weekend. I am glad they are getting their infrastructure budget. Its about time and long overdue. Federal should start respecting our brothers and sisters in Sabah as they have so much potential to grow and contribute.

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Anonymous said...

bro, i totally disagree with you on this.if you say that ai is a traitor, where does this hero of yours stand.let me refresh your memory, leading to the period of absolute uncertainty the so called "change of government...september 16" this "good guy" of yours was leading the charge to join saudara ai to form the new government.this man spat at the idea of only becoming a "deputy minister"... the real reason he is now a federal minister was to prevent him from jumping this not a traitor in a real sense....check your facts bro...what poor judgement, find a different hero we can all look up too man

Anak Limau said...

Anon 4.03'

I'm afraid you've got it wrong. Anifa Aman was approached by AI who thought that by getting the chief minister's brother he would be taking Sabah as well. That was why Anwar promised him the DPM post. But some things money cannot buy la bro, you and you master DSAI should know.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anak Limau Hurrah!

Anak Jambu!