Saturday, October 09, 2010

Najib's Call for Moderation Gathers Support in Europe!

By Brad Jackson of The New Ledger

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was in Europe this week for the Asia-Europe summit in Brussels. Najib’s recent call for a “global movement of the moderates” was met with warm support from many of the European leaders in attendance.

After the meeting, Najib relayed the reactions he received to a group of Malaysian journalists. “At the end of my intervention, many leaders reacted positively to my statement including heads of delegations from Denmark, Holland, France, China, Portugal, India and Latvia.”

Last week, Prime Minister Najib spoke to the United Nations, where he appealed to moderates across the globe to marginalize the extremists in their ranks and move to a more pragmatic peace. Najib’s Malaysia has become a successful and prosperous majority Muslim country that has been able to establish good relationships with the United States and other Western democracies. With his call for moderation, Najib hopes the Malaysian model can be exported to other Islamic countries where extremists have hijacked their culture and governments.

The Malaysian Prime Minister was also at the summit to raise awareness of the importance his country can play in European trade and commerce. Already Europe’s 15th biggest trading partner, Najib is seeking to bring more jobs to Malaysia by encouraging European companies to actually manufacture the base products that are now assembled in Malaysia. “We’d like to see a bigger multiplier effect, with more parts of the supply chain, and the back office operations, happening in our country,” Najib said.

Najib also told the European leaders that “Asia is the locomotive for global growth and we see Europe as a big market,” and he hoped a growing moderate Muslim nations like Malaysia can play an increased role in the European economy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey something got to give right! Frankly speaking this Anwar is beginning to sound like a broken record. Your Prime Minister is now noticed by the peace loving Israelis as a humanist not another belligerent Third World despot!

Timmy Jacobsen of Tel Aviv! Yes Tel Aviv!!

Anonymous said...

Walau-A, why this guy of chinese blood soaking with keris now suddenly become so liberal and moderate one ?!

Pasquale said...

"Walau-A, why this guy of chinese blood soaking with keris now suddenly become so liberal and moderate one ?!
October 12, 2010 8:43 AM"

Unfortunately I have to deal with stupid people like you whomever you are!
Let us get this fact straight...Najib never uttered those words and you still want to believe its true, I challenge you moron to find out whether it is true. All you have to do is go to any newspaper archive.
Just like some who like to believe, or conveniently like to believe that Najib and his wife are involved in a murder!!? If you are a member of the opposition parties or a member of a "un-Malaysian of a Chinese or Indian descent" or supporter of Anwar's Zombies, yes you will believe! the lies!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...