Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Hilary Clinton: Malaysia is no Myanmar and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) is no Aung San Suu Kyi!

He Ain't Mandela nor Ang San Suu Kyii, not by a long shot!

Malaysia is on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s agenda this week as she swings through Asia. When she visits with Malaysian leaders, she might meet with Anwar Ibrahim, a supposed democracy and reform leader who, it is said, has been unfairly maligned by an overbearing government. Clinton shouldn’t, as Malaysia is no Myanmar and Ibrahim is no Aung San Suu Kyi. Read More Here Please!


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itu gamba aljubkah atau palanivel??Ammmmmmaaah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Burungmurai I was told not many attended Anwar Ibrahim's speech at Galas, I am a bank manager an orNg asli from Galas and my source say BN will win!


Ir.Malaysian 2020 said...

Y is it that,u GUYs are so upTIGHT against dia main belakang as the claim or charges goes...but so are so many others(as claim..!)
like the Bayee (Singhs) or some Indians and now the Mat Sallehs all over the world...!!(just click
Hardcore Sex @ Google,& u know what i mean..!!)

THE ISSUE here is that there is a creation of the FEAR FACTOR in he minds of Malaysians against the rise of PAKATAN RAKYAT,the TWO PARTY SYSTEM in Malaysia,and thus the EMERGENCE or real DEMOCRACY in

Come on folks,dont be NARROW-MINDED
about DEMOCRACY...

u might have a 1st class facilities
here in Malaysia,but folks,your mind and mentality are clearly 3rd Class...!!

Anonymous said...

Ir.Malaysian 2020!

Don't get it wrong we are not against gay people, Malaysia is known throughout the world for being tolerant! Yes we are aware there are many homosexual acts being committed throughout the world, and yes including here in this country.
Bur what we are upholding is to try people who have committed an act of forced sexual intercourse, and it is is called rape!
Some one lodge a police report against Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and the law says that someone has the right to be heard. We are also against leaders who are hypocrite, who showed he is a picture perfect husband and a father yet on the dark side he is a sodomite, I just hope Malaysian can see this serious anomaly in a man who claims to be a perfect candidate for a leader!

Dr Sidhu (former psychiatrist)

Anonymous said...

that's right Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will always remain a BABI!

Anak Limau said...

Thanks for the link to DeVore's article. Notice how the Opposition machais have gone in even there to beat up anyone who exposes Saudara Anwar Ibrahim (SAI). Tsk tsk.

Bekah Pah... said...

In Islam the law is clear about homosexual, what more sodomy. BABI tries to portray himself is a pious muslim, founded Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) and going around the world projecting himself as a Muslim leader. Only lately he drop his pious Muslim image to adopt Liberal leader. He is a hypocrite to the core. A chameleon of the best order of nature. Malaysia do not need such leader. We do not need to sacrifice our beloved country. He would bring disaster to this nation. Remember, Dr.Chandra Muzaffar, President Just International, Ex-Vice President PKR, Ex-President Aliran, we have to sop Anwar from becoming the PM at all cost. It's not Mahathir, nor Najib nor UMNO leaders who says that. I would believe Dr.Chandra anytime. Yes, we want a democratic government, but not a leader such as BABI and racist DAPigs, or N.Ajis the clown.

Anonymous said...

Yes confirmed BABI and many Umno Youth boys who have since followed him to Pakatan Rakyat, were in Libya in the 80's to do some desert armed training under George Habash Palestinian Front!

Ex-PKR Youth!

Anonymous said...

Out of 10 comments only one wrote something different from the others (Ir.Malaysian 2020). Are you afraid of the comeback of Anwar?

Pasquale said...

"Out of 10 comments only one wrote something different from the others (Ir.Malaysian 2020). Are you afraid of the comeback of Anwar?"

Let establish something will be cold in Hades or hell and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will still not be making a comeback. We, or I am, are not afraid of his comeback...BTW it is an an oxymoron...i.e Anwar and making a comeback! Those who do not know this man, let me tell you that he is a dangerous person acting as a politician...if only we can really tell what he has done for his own benefit you will either shock or express disbelief...chances are are you will you will emotionally opted for the latter! Why because you and many many more with a limited capacity to express logic are all in love with this man who is not what you think he is!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasquale,
Now you are revealing the true color of an emotionally disturbed person who is too obsessed with the idea of how dangerous Anwar could be. You should dig more the bright history of Anwar, then you will be sorry for your prevous postings of Anwar!

Pasquale said...

"Dear Pasquale,
Now you are revealing the true color of an emotionally disturbed person who is too obsessed with the idea of how dangerous Anwar could be. You should dig more the bright history of Anwar, then you will be sorry for your prevous postings of Anwar!"

An Anonymous wrote the above, and I am sorry to disappoint you but I dig further and found out Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is just a Malay Studies graduate not even a first class degree, not an economist, nor is he a political scientist. In both disciplines, or in any discipline, you are taught the basic rudimentary of the subject you take. In his case he most certainly thought he understood the Malay minds better in view of his meagre academic qualification. But he forgets that the Malays as he was taught the subject in university are not the same Malays of the yesteryear, easily manipulated. Today's Malays are more thinking.
Had he studied Political Science majoring in International Relations and Foreign Policy he would have also surely understood about the terms world corporate actors, multi-national corporation, colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and neo-imperialism etc!
I couldn't careless if he fuck a chicken or a cow for that matter, but had he supported Tun M during our darkest hour of the currency crisis tsunami years back I would still as a non-active participant of Malaysian would still in my mind support him. But instead he wanted to sell Malaysia to the highest bidder, namely the World Bank and the IMF to "save" our economic woe and at the same time tried to oust Tun M as the Prime Minister! Tun M later was even praised by former World Bank and IMF presidents and chairman for being bold and the chutzpah of steering Malaysia to economic safety! So there! BABI is a faker and hypocrite and I and many more like me does not like his political chicanery and his willingness to sell his soul to the devil so that he could be the next leader of Malaysia, no sir!

Ir.MALAYSIAN 2020 said...

Pasquale,the fact that u have coined the synonym of Anwar as BABI is already deMEANING,just becoz Anwar can make a comeback and fight back an institution like
UMNO and QUESTIONING many issues that most of us dare not..!!(Lest nak kena sumbat under ISA).

What if we nicknamed u,Pasquale as PAS-KUEH-BUAH-PELEH..?? or PIS-KUEH
no-TELOR?? Surely u will JUMP man!!

Even in the US,OBAMA was called Black man,Terrorist,Racist just because the Whites doesnt like a BLACK to become the 1st President of the United States or that his middle name is HUSSEIN,the same like SADDAM HUSSEIN(that the US attacked and finally killed..!!)or that OBAMA might be a MUSLIM,etc, if Anwar can FORMED an entity called PAKATAN that can be a strong CHALLENGE to BARISAN(BN),
for Malaysia,WHATS WRONG with that? or WHY NOT??

Even Mahathir was VOCAL and labelled as an ULTRA,
who CHALLENGED TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN and UMNO in the 1970s,so WHY cant someone like Anwar become the CHALLENGER to the NOT-so-PERFECT political system of 2010s???? and who knows after 2020s,Anwar and PAKATAN will be challenged by a new ENTITY of YOUNG and UP-COMING politicians of the 2020s....????

WE have to face CHANGE,to accept CHANGE and to embrace CHANGE as we progress in Malaysia towards 2020.

Anonymous said...


anwar does not have the credentials to be a good leader let alone a leader in the first place. I think his sponsors are betrayed by the fact that he is more interested in satisfying his physical desires instead of working towards the political goals.

He is already a HAS-BEEN. Those who support him are desperate to split the malay votes. PR is a marriage of convenience. Their political platforms are not only different, they are in direct conflict of one another.

One fights for an islamic state, the other fights for "meritocracy" that challenges the constitution; and of course the last merely fights for one man to be the prime minister.

He is not likely to achieve his ambition. Some people believe that he was a highly paid puppet by elements out there to turn Malaysia into a bigger red dot.

Dr. ZTM said...


LAWAN to XPOSE : 1)Any ABUSE of POWER by BN or PR in the running of our beloved country,MALAYSIA, so we certainly cannot afford to have our REPRESENTATIVE in Parliment to be JOKERS but MP WORKERS,of the PEOPLE,by the PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE...!!!!!!

among the office bearers running the country (either BN or PR)that are eating into the PEOPLE's money,the PEOPLE benefits,the PEOPLE's properties,etc,etc

LAWAN to XPOSE : Any ABUSE of the
PEOPLE's ENVIRONMENTs,GREEN ENVIRONMENTs of our BEAUTIFUL country;the rivers,countrysides, beaches,forests,hills &mountains.,

LAWAN to XPOSE : Any ABUSE to the
PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC RIGHTs (as spelt out in the Constitution)now or in the FUTURE.....the FUTURE of our children...

LAWAN to XPOSE : Any INCREASE in CRIME and CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES to hurt,affect and cause losses to our
PEOPLE.We,the PEOPLE needed to be PROTECTED against CRIMEs all our LIVES....all of the TIME..,

brought about to the PEOPLE in the form of DRUG addictions among our youth,illegal SEX trades, phonography and HUMAN trafficking..


Zorro Team Malaysia