Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim you must repent and to seek forgiveness!

You are untrustworthy and have oversell your self sir!

The time has come for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) to repent and then to disappear into the political oblivion so this country can again prosper without his annoying evil megalomaniac, self aggrandizing and rabble rousing irritation in disrupting this country's stability.
It is sad to see very many of his so called strong supporters are now making public statements for him to step down as the leader of the opposition. We also know that his strongest supporter, the US administration and many US congressmen and senators that have now decided to distance themselves from this dangerous chameleon of a man.
All of his American friends, the Clinton included, now know that BABI is not to be trusted. No existing US administration can run a risk of being denied Jewish voters for any election.
Take the B'nai Brith, the worldwide Jewish community service organization that is the US national and global leader in the fight against antisemitism and anti-Israel bias, for example that have accused BABI, with pr0of, that he is a man with many faces.
While on the one hand he supports human rights abuses around the world, BABI on the other hand also condemns the Jews as being the world's trouble makers.
While he wined, yes wine, and dined with many prominent Jewish leaders in cities like New York showing his liberalism as a persecuted Malaysian politician, he will switch his stance when he met with his strong allies, like Islamist and anti-Western, Dr. Hassan al-Turabi of Sudan, and together they will planned the destruction of the "loathsome American Imperialism".
Clearly a man that is now being shown to be cunning, evil and untrustworthy, a man that no one wants to be associated with and a man no none wants to touch not even even with a ten-foot pole.
For a man who will go to the extend of tearing the sacred social fabrics of our society and institutions for his own personal agenda and ambition, including trying to sell Malaysia to the World Bank and to the International Monetary Fund, during our darkest hour of recent world currency crisis, I think Malaysians have to reject such man.
He is now slowly wilting and sucked away into the abyss of the international and national political black hole and hope he will never come out or be rescued. I just hope that he is aware of these facts, so he can still repent and to try to make good for the remaining of his pathetic life.


Anonymous said...

This guy's fighting a losing battle. And in desperation, he will create chaos and make empty promises.

It is becoming clearer and clearer about his 5 F Policy. Find them, Freind them, Fondle them, Fornicate them and Forget them.


Anonymous said...


Latif Loya

Anonymous said...

Pembunub sabenar nya bukan najib atau orang najib, patut Tanya Anwar!

Joe black

Anonymous said...

I had always known that his days are gone...washed out...ah well..some people just never know how to read the writing on the wall...

Keturunan Jebat

Anonymous said...

Forget all that.

He's a big pussy.

Anonymous said...

You cannot blame a man for fighting tooth and nails to clear his name especially to his family! In many ways I pity him as a politician and a bisexual, you are right he is pathetic!

Sleepless in Denver!

Anonymous said...

In Jakarta he condemmed and instigate hatred to his own country and his own people, when he took up oath as MP wasnt that he is supposed to upheld!!!

Anonymous said...

What name does he want to clear. If he is serious he will first of all provide answers to the questions raised by Dato' Murad, Deputy Governor of Bank Negara in his SD a decade ago. He cannot claim to be clean but only cleaner than others.

Anonymous said...

Keturunan Jebat is bunch of monarchial loyalists but democracy betrayal

Anonymous said...

Yeah time for this man to go I am bore with him also...trying to create a dynasty?

Sleepless in Pantai Hill!

Isaac said...

Anwar Ibrahim - A man whose centre of gravity in life is the word “conspiracy” is irretrievably entangled in his own conniving, double-faced web of deception. He is slowly sinking in the quicksand of his own making. To borrow the Malay nursery rhyme: “ How clever can a squirrel jump from tree to tree; Fall to the ground he will eventually be!”

Anonymous said...

The only correct conclusion to draw from the Wikileaks document leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald is that it is objectively likely that Anwar Ibrahim did engage in an unlawful act of sodomy in Malaysia for which he was charged.

The leaked document says nothing about whether the allegation applies to the current charge or the previous one for which he was convicted.

The evidence is based on a confidential document from Lee Kuan Yew to Australia and its intelligence apparatus the Office of National Assessment (ONA) based on communications intercepts by Singapore's intelligence apparatus of official Malaysian government communication traffic.

There is more to be said of that leaked document. Singapore actively spys on Malaysia's government. It is an admission of illegal conduct against a friendly country.

Additionally one has to remember that Lee Kuan Yew was a spy for the Japanese during World War 2 even though the Kepmpetai murdered many of his Chinese colleagues in Singapore and in Nanjing China.

The third and most potent point raised by this leaked document and why it must be used against Anwar Ibrahim is that Anwar was so ready to use the Lingham tape to hang Lingham and the then Chief Justice Fairuz without giving either of them the benefit of a response and before the tape itself could be authenticated.

The evidence of Lee Kuan Yew and Australian intelligence is far more credible than a thousand Anwar Ibrahims.

What's needed now to be determined is whether his daughter and wife can be trusted.

It is going to be difficult for a woman who claimed such intimate and passionate knowledge about this man (a chameleon) a spouse and father when something as intimate as his alleged bi sexuality was always an issue. Anwar and Pakatan have been screwed forever.

Gopal Raj Kumar did an analysis of the Lingham tape in which it warned on the reliance of such leaked documents. Anwar did not listen. It has now come to bite him in his behind.

Anwar's wife was the subject of a blurry film posted once on the internet where she was secretly filmed being intimate with a white journalist. Now whether that was genuine a document of her infidelity or not is debatable because the veracity of the document was not openly tested. The same with the Lingham tapes which Anwar released first then sought to be tested.

We have to ask therefore who ordered or influenced the judges in Malaysia's Federal Courts to overturn the Anwar sodomy conviction number 1. What is the impact on all of this on Raja Petra Kamaruddin the blogger who swears to what is clearly now a pack of lies. Should he be extradited to face trial for incitement, criminal defamation, treason and other criminal breaches?
Gopal Raj Kumar