Saturday, November 06, 2010

I believe the world and Americans are bored with Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and his delusions (or illusions) of grandeur!!

By Rachel Motte of The Daily Caller

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton neatly sidestepped a messy diplomatic tangle Tuesday when she cancelled her plans to meet with Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Only time will tell whether her last-minute schedule change adequately conveyed her apparent reluctance to add status to a controversial figure, but one thing is certain — Anwar’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and ties to dangerous terrorist finance groups mean he deserves none of the status a visit would have afforded him.

Though Anwar has spent the past decade gathering respect in Washington, his ties to terrorist finance groups like the Muslim Brotherhood clearly falsify his claims to represent the sort of moderate Islam the United States has so eagerly courted. Al Gore’s defenses notwithstanding, Anwar is exactly the sort of Islamist radical in moderate’s clothing the U.S. must denounce.

Far from being the Malaysian “Voice of Democracy” his website touts, Anwar is in fact the co-founder of, and a trustee at, the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), an American front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The IIIT has a long history of proven and alleged terrorist finance ties. Just two years ago, for example, Temple University refused funding from the IIIT, citing serious concerns about the organization’s terror-financing connections.

In 1991, the Muslim Brotherhood named the IIIT in a list of 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” that aimed to destroy America and turn it into a Muslim nation.

In 2003, U.S. prosecutors submitted evidence that the IIIT had a hand in funding Sami al-Arian, the convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad fundraiser. The same document also stated that “IIIT president Taha Jaber al-Alwani once signed a copy of a fatwa declaring that jihad is the only way to liberate Palestine.”

And the United States isn’t the only nation that has noted the Virginia-based IIIT’s problematic ties; in 2007, Malaysian Muslim feminist Zainah Anwar alleged that the organization had indirectly endorsed Islamic polygamy by removing from new translations of the Quran some widely accepted notes on the supremacy of monogamous marriages.

Anwar has done little to disguise his association with the IIIT, even tweeting recently that he was visiting the organization during a trip to the United States. Despite these and other problematic ties, Anwar continues to be a well-loved figure in Washington circles — a fact that Clinton did not hesitate to point out during her tour of Malaysia.

This is surprising, given President Obama’s praise for Anwar’s political enemies at the ASEAN summit in New York last week. Obama’s enthusiastic endorsement of Prime Minister Najib’s call for a Global Movement of Moderates should leave no room for Anwar’s brand of Islamist extremism, but that hasn’t kept U.S. officials from voicing their support of Anwar’s cause.

Though she did not actually meet with Anwar as was planned this week, opting instead to visit with him by phone, Clinton admitted that officials in the U.S. are keenly interested in Anwar and his ongoing “Sodomy II” trial in Malaysia. This interest, and the fact that Clinton had initially planned to meet with Anwar, would be alarming even without B’nai B’rith’s recent warning regarding Anwar’s brazenly anti-Semitic rhetoric.

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the witch's broo said...

i was in the US some time ago. I met some Malaysians who have been in the States for a very long time.
Apparently, Dato Seri Anwar, when he was Malaysia's Finance Minister, was a very arrogant man.

Anonymous said...

In 1958 my father who was a chief- clerk in the District Office became the blue-eyed boy of the District Officer. But the DO avoided showing his sentiments in public. In fact he used to raise his voice when speaking to my father in public and later invite him over for dinner to make -up.

This is common. So there is no need for us to gloat over the fact that US Secretary of State did not meet the PKR Chief in a public meeting.

That is all about diplomacy. When you are a guest you allow your host to have your right of way.

Pasquale said...

Anonymous at 10.42pm!
You may be right in your own convoluted mind, but the thing is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) is not the host for Clinton. Plus the fact there was also no planned and scheduled meeting made between Clinton and BABI to begin with! in fact it is now becoming an urban myth about Clinton telephoning BABI, it did not happen!

rusman said...

It did happen you idiot. anwar talked about it on twitter. and he would have met her except that he was busy campaigning and doesn’t need to slavishly bend over backwards to meet with american diplomats when he has priorities to serve his party. and dont you think najib's so called chicken pox excuse was all too convenient so that he wouldn’t have to face hillary and her questions about the mongolian women najib killed? who gets chicken pox when they are 62?? i think najib must be the first head of state in history. what a joke.

Pasquale said...

Rusman, you are obviously one of BABI adoring followers who is still in a state of a denial! Your esteemed leader BABI is a compulsive liar he will lie when convenient. Clinton did call Najib to wish him well and Clinton saw no reason why she should see or call BABI! And Najib is 57 going on 58 and not 62!