Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just like Martin Luther and Joan of Arc, these two are also blessed and pre-ordained by God to rule and to save the the country!?

Martin Luther (10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546) was a German priest and professor of theology who initiated the Protestant Reformation. Like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), Luther was also "pre-ordained" by God to "lead".

Like Wan Azizah, Joan of Arc was also pre ordained to saved France!

Like Martin Luther and Joan of Arc, these are new members of pre-ordained and blessed by God people!!??

A remark by PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail that the notion of Malay rights should be scrapped, was seen as an attempt to save the party from sinking , alluding to the slow deterioration of the opposition party due to corruption and abuse of power!
By getting rid of Malay rights, as stipulated in the Constitution, is at the the same time asking to get rid of the system of Constitutional Monarchy?! By asking to get rid of the Malay special rights, Wan Azizah is also clearly asking that monarchy be abolished!!
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin described the remark by Wan Azizah Wan Ismail yesterday as an attempt "to salvage a sinking ship." In her keynote address at the PKR congress, Wan Azizah said the notions of "ketuanan Melayu" (Malay supremacy) should be abandoned so that the younger generation would grow up with the vision of "dignified race" or "dignified Malay."
Muhyiddin said the statement was made in an attempt to win the support of the people at a time when the party was in disarray following a divisive party election.
He also said PKR leaders should respect Article 153 of the Federal Constitution which provides a safeguard for the special position of the Malays and Bumiputera as well as the interests of other communities.This provision should serve as a guiding principle in championing the cause of the people, he said.
He was also quoted as saying:"However, it seems that this is not the case with PKR."
To add further to the insult by Wan Azizah, she was also smug in expressing her feeling and opinion by that her husband Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) as being bestowed and pre-ordained by God to be the leader for all??!!


Bekah Pah said...

Anwar is in a desperate situation. He's creating scenes everywhere? Why? The one and only reason is his Sodomy II court case. He is at the dead end. The only way is to Sungai Buloh. All evidences thus far are all pointing him towards that. Karpal knows his stewarding a sinking kapal. So what else is left for Anwar. Creating scenes making provocative speeches, shouting in the court in order to derail the court proceeding. For him nothing is worst than what he's been going thru. The only hope for him now is for him to be ISAed. Then he'll be the Mandela or Aun Sang Sung Kyi of Malaysia...

To the Mother Azizah Teresa or Joan of Arc, let me tell you, everyone on this earth, is god sent. Don't worry, even when the day Anwar will be sent to Sungai Buloh, god will accompany him to ensure he'll be there. Sai Baba will send Anwar to Sungai Buloh...

Anonymous said...

They are now contesting PAS for sole rights to be God's messenger.

Somehow PKR and PAS have psychic powers that stretch all the way to seventh heaven.

How much more delusional can anyone be?? Or is it they still think that the rakyat will believe in them.

Anonymous said...

Agaknya, mereka fikir negara ini tidak bertuan sebelum ini, jika demikian, bagaimana boleh Melayu memberikan status warganegara kepada kaum lain, tanpa banyak soal. Wahai saudara-saudari PKR, LU PIKIR LA SENDIRI!!!

Anonymous said...

Apa mereka fikir negara ini tidak bertuan, jika tidak Melayu, bagaimana kaum lain mendapat taraf kerakyatan dinegara ini tanpa banyak soal. Wahai saudara-saudari PKR, LU PIKIR LAH SENDIRI!!! Bukan kah itu nama nya KETUANAN MELAYU.

PKR.. Porah..Keadilan..Retorik

Anonymous said...

Evidence given by a wife is inadmissible in the court of Public Opinion. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

hey anon @ November 30, 2010 9:17 PM

unless the wife make a police report against the husband for abuse - case of back and front

heh heh